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  1. Bullet jumping and double jumping forces you to drop carried items (datamasses, power cells, etc.) a large percentage of the time if you are carrying a primary and melee weapon, but no sidearm. Getting downed while drawing an exalted weapon (exalted melee weapon?) breaks controls an prevents you from attacking in any form or taking any other non-movement action at least some of the time. The controls will then stay broken, preventing you from attacking enemies, reviving allies, etc. until they start working again for no apparent reason some time later. This bug seems to trigger from other things too sometimes, but I couldn't tell what did it those times. This has happened to me using both Excalibur Umbra and Wukong Prime, which are the only two warframes I have used with exalted weaponry since the update. Not a bug. Mass Vitrify's walls are not, and have never been on a timer. They remain until destroyed (either by damage or by casting your 1 into them), or until you recast the ability somewhere else. It's how the ability was designed. The only way that duration affects the ability is how long you can keep it expanding before it forces you to harden the walls, and through that the maximum radius of the area you can wall off. The "12" is the number of sides that are intact still, as each side has a separate health pool and will be destroyed by enemy fire independently from the others. 12 is the amount with no sides broken.
  2. I was just about to post a thread on this. Glad I checked to see if someone else had already mentioned it, first. Thankfully, mako's fix works. Hope they notice and fix the bug sometime soonish anyways, though.
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