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Story behind the username:

lkkie(LKKIE) uses an L rather than an uppercase "i" for availability reasons. LKKI was taken as well or was not long enough to be a username. Ikki is actually a nickname for my older username Ikaruga. Ikaruga does not refer to the villain that appears in Fairy Tail or any other manga/anime despite me being an otaku. The username is actually referring to the bullet eater hell game that was originally released on the dreamcast and later on gamecube. Ikaruga was also released on xbox live marketplace and will also be released on steam at some point. I always found this strange shoot em up game strangely beautiful. The pilot Shinra boards his ship, Ikaruga, that is capable of switching between polarities light and dark. No matter how much light is in you there is darkness. No matter how much darkness is in you there is light. People aren't one or the other. I believe this imperfection is what is so perfect about humanity.



I'm an otaku/japanophile/lolicon. I rarely leave my computer since the virtual world is essentially my last sanctuary. I spend most of my time watching anime and reading manga. After catching up on anime/manga I read translated Japanese light novels(I know only a few words of Japanese and almost no grammar. I can't read hiragana, katakana, and definitely not kanji). Occasionally I try to draw chibi pics. When I'm not at home, I usually keep to myself and fold origami swans, rabbits, and frogs(I used to fold dragons but my paper is never large and thin enough in the end and they end up failing 3-4 folds from the end).


Video Game Preferences:

I enjoy sandbox PVE role playing games. I hate PVP games like league of legends and mmo's that have a PVP directly affecting the PVE world. This is not because I hate losing or fighting opposing players is too difficult. The biggest problem I have with PVP is when I have to work with other people. In PVP games that emphasis teamwork, its usually the team that makes you feel bad about yourself rather than the opposing team. I really want to play with other people but I don't want drama. If I cause drama I remove myself. If I see drama I either try to get rid of it or leave. Perhaps this is why I only solo in multiplayer games like warframe. Even in PSOBB and PSO2(The Phantasy Star Online series) I was primarily soloing. I hate soloing though. I don't like being alone.



I'm shy unless I'm around other otaku. When around people I'm comfortable with and I'm in a confident and happy mood I tend to act very childish and can be mistaken for a girl very easily. What makes this even more silly is that I have been mistaken for a girl while playing as a male character on more than one occasion for more than one MMO. This might be a side effect from watching too much anime since most animes have more focus on female characters than on male characters(with most popular male characters being the cool and quiet type). 


When I'm not around people I'm comfortable with or in a large group I tend to feel isolated and keep quiet. When I'm angry or upset I don't really express myself. I tend to isolate myself even more by ignoring chat or logging off. I have been doing this more often lately.


If I do get angry is probably because my equipment is rebelling and won't respond correctly like both of my mice and wireless keyboard atm. My headset also has a tendency of losing sound on the left side or goes mute on that side entirely until it makes an obnoxious pop sound.

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