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  1. With True Steel getting a hefty upgrade to 120% critical chance increase, Sacrificial steel was also buffed likewise. However, there is a third mod in the steel series that was forgotten: Amalgam Ripkas True Steel. I think it was an oversight that it hasn't been buffed yet. Then again, no one probably cares because I'm probably the only person in the game that likes Ripkas
  2. This would also apply to many warframes that draw stats from melee weapons for an ability. Atlas and Gara also have a similar situation with their abilities, but DE doesn't seem to want to include separate weapon modding for their abilities. I don't know if it's a good idea myself, having more arsenal clutter to deal with.
  3. If you are holding the datamass and are killed by a lich from an assassination attempt, the datamass will disappear, rendering missions unfinishable. Can we please just get rid of the #*!%ing datamass altogether? I've lost count of how many unfinished missions related to bugs from this thing over the years and the missions would work just as fine without them.
  4. I definitely agree that it needs some changing, but not be removed entirely. It has a lot of fun potential but in the end it comes down to a boring grind, bopping slightly upgraded enemies and grinding mod cards.
  5. Maybe a selection of more visible crosshairs would help as well. Some older games I'd played would let you pick your crosshair, or even create a custom one for use.
  6. That sounds really cool. I don't care how they'd decide which player does it, but finishing moves seem like they were meant to be performed on big bosses, instead of just worthless peons.
  7. Did you read the post even? Those are valid points, and it's not necessarily an overhaul but helping things be more visible. I actually really think that would be a good idea, super simple and painless way of showing more information.
  8. This happened in a mars sabotage mission while fighting kuva thralls, solo. I encountered a double locked door that seemed to be locked from the other side, preventing my progress completely. I had to quit out of the mission.It's not locked due to lockdown, I triple and quadruple checked that there was no security lockdown.
  9. It keeps happening to me as well, I'd estimate that about 10-20% of kuva floods I do fail to reward requiem relics. It's not just localized, whenever I point it out, other members of the party say they failed to get relics as well.
  10. Toting your opinions as fact? Alright sure.
  11. Have you given any consideration to the weapon exilus mod feedback? I'm also still running into issues where I'm not awarded a requiem relic sometimes from Kuva floods.
  12. Yeah this is something I have trouble explaining. Without things like energy restores and zenurik, you're at the mercy of RNG... just like everything else in the game, I suppose. Like, I don't want to have to rely on Zenurik. I prefer playing the part of the healer.
  13. I agree with energy being a big issue for this game. It seems the assumption is that everyone will be either running Zenurik, or having a huge amount of energy efficiency. As one of the few players that chooses not to use Zenurik, all of my frames, save a few, use a high energy efficiency build. While useful, it's also a bit restrictive having to work energy efficiency into most of my builds. This is particularly highlighted when I'm playing solo, since usually in groups I can steal some energy from other's energy dashes, but while solo having to rely on energy orb drops makes me hold my breath at times. This was also brought to light, coincidentally, during Grendel's missions, where you are forced to play without any mods. Without commenting on the difficulty of the missions itself, it became staggeringly clear to myself and many players how much we all relied on energy efficiency and regeneration. Without a trinity or a limbo on your team, those energy orbs are as precious as gold! While Warframe may have started out as a game where ability casts were meant to be few and far between, things have clearly shifted by now to where gameplay demands that the players pick up the slack for demanding energy drains.
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