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  1. Gonna keep it short and sweet; (This feedback is from me doing the nodes on Venus.) I'm liking the update so far, however there is, ironically, not enough Railjack in the Railjack missions. You have a brief firefight with a couple of crewships, which you can just blast away with forward artillery, you shoot a couple of security things on the sides of the ship, enter and do something like the usual Exterminate or Defense. While I love the near-seamless transition between Railjack and normal mission gameplay, it somehow feels equally refreshing and not-refreshing. Great work on the int
  2. If someone playing Volt is the host of a mission, he cannot pick up his electric shields; They're briefly picked up then placed back down a few feet ahead of the Volt. I've run into this on numerous occasions, and on all occasions, I was the host of the mission (and, of course, playing as Volt).
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