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  1. "Cephalon Ordis has-- bEeN Getting TIErD oF wAItiNg-- waiting patiently for your return, Operator!"
  2. This wasn't on myself, but I once was doing a bounty out in the Vallis, and the assassination target was invincible for some reason. We sat there wailing on him and doing zero damage for a solid two minutes, then I got the idea to use my Operator to void-dash into him to launch him away and into a lake, where he drowned in coolant and we completed the bounty. Every time I dashed into him, he ragdolled like hell and it was quite amusing.
  3. Stalker's a joke compared to Amalgam Wolf. Also- I'm MR18 (almost MR19), definitely not new to this game by any standard. I had myself with a Tigris Prime, an excal umbra w/ his blade, and two others (Mag and someone else) firing at him with literally everything we had and couldn't scratch him.
  4. I literally just got into a game where a level 75 Wolf spawned and he was basically invulnerable. We couldn't kill him after laying gunfire into him for ten minutes, and even then, we barely took off 1% of his HP, if that. If anything's destroying the game, it's this new and improved Amalgam Wolf mfer ruining missions because he and his three convict buddies are invulnerable.
  5. Me and a squad of randoms ran into him on Heiracon, Pluto where he spawned, and was level 75. We laid gunfire into him for TEN. GOD. DAMN. MINUTES. And he lost barely 1% of his HP, if even that. He is impossible to kill, and we were forced to evac (which was almost impossible because of the convicts basically doing the equivilent of spawncamping us, and who are invincible until Wolf's dead for some f***ing reason).
  6. All of this Wolf of Saturn stuff is most likely just being tacked onto the time before the Tenno even reach Jupiter, if you consider the starchart progression as part of the "story". From a new player's perspective, the Wolf of Saturn Six might just be introducing Alad to them as the "spooky villain man" that they'd eventually fight on Jupiter, discovering Zanuka in the process. In other words- No, this isn't happening after any of the quests. New updates don't have to, and additions/changes to a story are bound to happen with a game like Warframe, whose lore is already wack as f**k.
  7. Title. I've seen people all over the community talk about how Ember could be reworked, and that solar beam thing would be a perfect ability for her. Also- Wisp's 3rd ability could probably be moved to Ember in some way, shape or form as well. While we're on the subject of Wisp's fire abilities- Why does she even have fire abilities? There are ZERO aspects about her that would suggest any sort of affinity to fire or solar flares. The only abilities that actually fit the Frame are her buff pods that she places down, and her decoy. Her 3rd could be reworked to instead pulse out the effect of whatever pods are placed (Stun pod pulsing a stun, speed pod pulsing a speed buff for teammates, and the third pod pulsing out whatever it grants- I forgot already), though I don't know what could be done to replace her 4th. Overall, I'm not excited for Wisp in the slightest. She looks incredibly boring and half of her abilities don't fit her at all.
  8. Just... Don't use Hildryn against Infested.
  9. Hildryn works best against Corpus, Corrupted and high-level Grineer. VS low-level grineer and any level of infested, she'll be basically useless. Take her into ESO and I can guarantee than you'll make it far, even against the grineer since they're high enough level for you to benefit even from the miniscule armour stripping Pillage does (Pillaging armour doesn't return as much shielding to you as pillaging shields does, but high-level grineer have enough armour for you to survive off of pillaging). Keep in mind though that pillaging even high-level infested, will yield next to nothing. (Also, until you're able to Pillage while using her 4th, that ability will be useless. Just keep pillaging with your 3 active, and use Balefire if you can spare the shields.)
  10. Three things: Serene Storm's Status Chance & activate/deactivate animation, and Desolate Hands. Serene Storm in an incredibly powerful ability, don't get me wrong. It absolutely shreds most things that you'll come across in the star chart and in sorties, but the one thing it suffers against is armour. It's status chance doesn't allow the ability to reliably proc corrosive damage on armoured targets, which leaves him suffering in high-level Grineer and Corrupted missions. Its activation and deactivation animations are also a tad slow and aren't cancellable. Desolate Hands is another great ability, but with the lack of control over where your daggers go is a problem. They attach to teammates and fly at enemies- which is fine, but when you want to keep that damage resistance, and because the fact that the explosions the daggers cause don't disarm multiple opponents in a radius, makes this quite a nuisance as well. My Proposal- Serene Storm: -Increase it's Status Chance from 10%, to 18% or even 20%. This will allow for the use of two or three dual-stat mods to bump up the status chance to a moderately high level. -Allow for it to immediately be used after activation, or for weapons to be immediately usable after deactivation. Desolate Hands: -Instead of just being able to cast the ability and have the daggers fly off towards teammates and enemies with no constraint, have the daggers stick to Baruuk no matter what. Pressing and holding the button will also cast daggers onto every ally regardless of range, and will always be a minimum set number of daggers that scales with power strength (the number of daggers a teammate gets should be equal to at least half of what Baruuk himself gets, even if he's accompanied by 3 teammates). Daggers stuck to teammates will fly off toward enemies, and the resulting burst of the enemy weapon being destroyed will also disarm enemies around it. Enemies that are CC'd by abilities should take extra damage from the daggers, with the daggers themselves having a much larger disarm/weapon destroy radius, allowing for synergy with Lull. To keep track of how many daggers are attached to a teammate, they should have a buff icon visible to Baruuk showing the number of daggers they have on them so he can recast the ability and refresh the amount of daggers when needed. Thoughts?
  11. I guess nevermind the fact that Eudico tells you about the fractures, the coolant cells, and that you should place them on the fractures and defend them. Or the fact that Zuud tells you to use Thermia on the condenser when you come across it. Or to shoot out the orb's footholds. Or destroy her vents. Or throw the condensed thermia onto the frozen vents. Or when Eudico tells you to run to the surface. Or when she tells you do not let the raknoids reach the Orb. Or when she and Zuud tells you to throw more thermia onto her. Yeah, the players truly are clueless.
  12. Just curious. I waited several weeks, hyped for this frame only to find it basically be unavailable (I don't have the money to spare on WF right now to buy her). I can understand if Exploiter just simply isn't ready to be fought yet, but then again, why ship out the update if something isn't ready?
  13. Number 10 is not clear enough. I can't find this data hash at all.
  14. Not too often but there are several times where I'd look around for her and see her head poking out from the ramp up to the nav console 😛
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