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  1. I have noticed in my 1.5 years playing that one of the biggest asks is for shield gating. While this ask is highly reasonable it is also rather hard for the devs to balance, so a different idea would be to make shields also be affected by armor but to a lesser extent than health. As they are right now shields have no damage reduction resulting in both player and Corpus shields becoming largely pointless at higher level gameplay. Thus if we give shields damage reduction that scales off the armor stat it will open more build styles and make corpus less of a joke in endgame. However to avoid a grineer type situation (Where the scaling gets out of control) there would need to be a cap on the damage reduction. As to where this cap should be would be best left to the Devs but I would think no more 70% reduction max would be somewhere to start testing at. While this won't make shields as strong as health shields can regen over time thus they should have lower stats but still need to be worth investing in.
  2. I have to say that the survival ones are too long, I had a team and we were doing fine but at the last three minutes after having to deal with the fugitives making our life support drop low a host migration happened and the two nekros lost their pool of zombies and from there we could not recover leading us to run out of life support at 59:37 and had to extract. asking for an hour mission where a host migration could spell the end of the run and a massive amount of time wasted is not something wise. I have a limited amount of time to play during the week and only a bit more on the weekends. I get wanting to throw a bone to the folks who have the time and like to do hour long mission but for many an hour is way too long to spend in a mission for a measly 5000 thousand standing. At one point when we asked for scaling rewards to give endurance runners some love you guys told us that you wanted to "Keep the game bite size." what happened to that idea? Not trying to throw too much shade but saying that then making weekly challenges that are hour+ long sends mixed signals.
  3. Thanks for some of the fixes but can we get a skip cut scene option once we have finished the bounties and hiest for the first time. The cut scenes are annoying after the first time, they are over a minute minimum and when I am trying to grind for one of the systems these cut scenes are highly annoying.
  4. So it has been DElayed, hold off till next friday if needed, just please don't release a buggy glitchy mess that was onslaught and ESO.
  5. Really a rework that would boost sales is low on the list? I really don't get DE's logic with kind of thing, Nyx should have been reworked with her unvaulting like how Nezha got a rework for his deluxe.
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