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  1. VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Deer DE could u guys please make people that go to school be able to get the TWITCH DROP beacause evey time theres a devstream at 2 pm me and many other people miss it so please give the twitch drop to everyone maybe to people who watch the youtube video if its possibole since its always on.so that we can watch it on our free times and get some twitch loot to it would be very appreciated please.
  2. Deer please reed the following - DE could you guys please make KUBROWS able to attack enemies when you are in operator mode like moa's do and make kubrows still attack enemies with hunter command wich dosent even work for some reason and a thing i found is that the mecha mod set only transmit status effect to other enemies if there is a slash status so if theres no slash status effect it wont share anything but if there is slash it will transmit slash AND the other status effects. please like so that DE can reed this
  3. is it only me or sense this update came out the voice of a different person started coming out the radio talking about us the (dreamers) aka operators which never happened to me before is this foreshadowing for the new war???
  4. Can you guys stream at 5 pm ET cause If not im goin to miss the stream and the nice twitch drop please😖
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