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  1. pandasake

    70,000 Facebook Fans, Thanks!

    Confirmed. Lotus is a super saiyan. (Look in the background)
  2. pandasake

    Warframe @ E3 Videos + Quick Update!

    Life sized Reaper Prime next? ;D
  3. pandasake

    Hotfix 8.1.0

    Loving the fixes. Not that I don't appreciate all you've done but could you please take a look at Vauban alerts?
  4. pandasake


    Hope they do something to the Dojo/RNG soon. My brother and I are pretty "Meh" right now.
  5. pandasake

    Warframe Platinum Giveaway!

    What? I couldn't eve-....
  6. pandasake

    Update 8 Related Work

    Oh forgot to mention Good luck at E3! :D I know everyone's jaw is going to drop. <:
  7. pandasake

    Update 8 Related Work

    Stats on pink shorts steve? >:D
  8. pandasake

    Update 8 Related Work

    This news made me smile :D Not to be hasty or anything but >:3 When do you think our next hotfix is?(not for anything specific just in general). / In before drop it like its hot(fix) snoop dogg voice pack
  9. pandasake

    8.0.5: It's Getting Hot(Fix) In Here

    My friend and I did 3 T3 void runs and get frost prime BP,(Eeeh?!) frost prime systems(O yay! :D ) and reaper blade (Aksdnbq <3) All we need is reciever but I'm scared to buy another void pack. I have a feeling if i buy it the RNG god will curse me with something useless ;_; ''
  10. pandasake

    Update 8: News From The Front Lines

    Thanks for the update on U8. :D Love you guys
  11. pandasake

    Livestream #5: Thanks For Watching!

    Hue Hue~ That was awesome. :D.
  12. pandasake

    Lotus Intel Received

    Do do do la la l- huh? QwQ... WHAT IS THIS?
  13. pandasake

    Looking Back: Learning From The Glaive.

    :3 I would totally buy the glaive but I like going through the challenge of earning it because that will make it sooooo much more special to me.
  14. pandasake

    Looking Back: Learning From The Glaive.

    I guess its still too early or RNG god is being a poopie head :3
  15. pandasake

    Server Status: April 28 @ 11:24 Pm Est

    Go get some sleep DE D: <3