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  1. Are you serious? Bring out Trinity, Vauban or Ash. Those are three of the longest vaulted Prime's with some excellent weapons and yet you decide to release two that were out....last summer, I think? Booooorrrring.
  2. That too, thanks for adding fuel to the potential fire. They had better get all of the S#&$ together between them and Twitch/Mixer, or there will be some major outrage. Although, did they not have this exact issue last year? I remember watching a stream where they were giving away Ash Prime(I think, ?), basically completely dropped the ball on the entire playerbase and wound up giving it to everyone that logged in within a week as a result.
  3. Don't worry, I doubt anyone has got or will get any actual resolution on the subject. This issue is constantly repeated for some reason and if it cannot be fixed then they should not offer a reward that is so important to the player base. Also, this will become an even bigger problem for them, if it continues to fail to deliver reward drops, considering that they promised a Nekros Prime drop for watching a Tennocon stream. If that drop fails, there will be an even bigger group then that would be bringing this issue up.
  4. I started a post about this. If you need to say anything else, I would encourage people to speak on it or correct me on what I said. Hopefully it will be noticed if enough people say something.
  5. I watched it on Mixer and have not received a drop yet.
  6. I look forward to seeing a Vauban rework! The last "fix" was a complete joke, coming from someone whose primary frame is Vauban.
  7. And yet the Fulmin primary fire has a 3 meter thick projectile EXACTLY like the Arca Plasmor, per the wiki. The Corinth is tied with the Hek/Vaykor Hek with the narrowest spread of its pellets. Also, the primary fire has falloff and it actually shoots two pellets (while not being considered a burst fire weapon, as the Quartakk is), also reminiscent of shotguns. What defines the primary fire as a rifle exactly?
  8. How about letting the Corinth use Point Strike just like the Fulmin shotgun mode? Why the double standard? So much for resource farming!
  9. I like how Steve made the comment about reworks. Don't make me laugh. You had the opportunity to do a full rework on Vauban when you released his Deluxe Skin, just like you are doing with Wukong, and failed to do so. That quick fix was an absolute joke. That one in particular is a bs excuse.
  10. Did you even look at this update before releasing? I understand some of the game bugs, but the back sigil for Wisp is jacked up because of her cloak-scarf thing. It was the first thing that I noticed when I was equipping the Truth Sigil for the Arbiters syndicate standing. Also, did anyone actually test that fight? Mesa with her 95% damage reduction still gets one shotted by a laser. What is the point of that? I understand getting messed up by one, but seriously. Getting grabbed back to back to back is annoying as S#&$, I did not even have time to recover before he grabbed me again. Why? Timegating? You already timegated the boss with animation clips. Here's a thought, give the boss some health or serious shields that regenerate after taking x amount of damage, like that Spider bot in Orb Vallis. If anything he is a nuisance and I feel sorry for everyone that has to fight him for parts. I feel like you made this fight like this, to push players to pay platinum for Wisp.
  11. Where is the Twitch Drop? Edit: Still have not received anything after logging out and back in. Might just have to quit watching it if all that I am going to get out of it is a waste of time watching other people play the game.
  12. I see nothing about the Fulmin shotgun mode having to use Blunderbuss yet. Any reason for that, considering that other shotguns with a decent critical chance cannot use Point Strike also?
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