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  1. usually when im lazy I just go on youtube and search "gaming music" and play whichever one ive not heard already. otherwise im listening to my spotify
  2. it does help new players though, since it means that youd have all 4 powers from the start of a forma if you are anywhere above MR 10. as for the sortie thing, I think you should be able to go into a sortie with an unmaxed frame if youre mr 30+. an MR 30 should most certainly be able to handle something as easy as a sortie mission, even if you dont have the stat increases from leveling up
  3. its probably just more likely that we are the only tenno in the system with a railjack.
  4. thats assuming I sold all the ayatans I got for plat, most of them I melted down for endo since I ran out from maxing primed mods. thanks to GI I went from having 0 reinforced orokin crate scans to having all 3, and I got them all the same day
  5. im MR 31 and I use golden instinct all the time. ive been using it to farm ayatans or rare crates, ive gotten quite a few free built forma (7 so far) and over a hundred plats worth of ayatans
  6. the other frames are like that too. notice rhino's glowing eyes, and the glowing dots all over ember's head.
  7. the element they get is based on the frame you used when you obtained the sister/lich. you can combine 2 weapons of the same type to change the element (and boost the %)
  8. its probably their solution to people storage for long space travel, just hang em up like a meat locker.
  9. raids weren't hard. not at all. the hardest part was finding a team that wasn't a toxic cesspool. make 1 mistake? people yell at you. don't know what to do? you're gonna get yelled at. someone not happy with the speed youre goin at? yup youre gonna get yelled at and then they leave. no one played raids cause they sucked.
  10. A: all the other cosmetic stuff simaris sells 50k standing. B: simaris standing is not hard to get, I can hit my daily cap in 1 mission. 50k is just as worthless as 20k. C: cosmetics that don't cost real money don't need to be cheap, that's warframes whole model, you can farm for cosmetics and decor but they won't be cheap.
  11. melee is still good, recently theyve been buffing guns to allow them to compete with melee
  12. whips havent been used since maiming strike was nerfed.
  13. it might be an annoying policy, but its not that far off from the real world. If I sell something to someone and they pay me in counterfeit money and I try to buy something with it and they find out its fake then you are out the money, they won't compensate you.
  14. I actually find the ability reset helpful.... since it means I can remove active powers to recast them, such as to recast them with the buff from fissure missions, or if I wanted a stronger crit buff with harrows 4, or if I did a support AoE and not every squad member got effected.
  15. the trick is, you get someone to bring a defence frame like limbo or gara or keep them from scoring. the defence frame doesnt collect any points so they dont lose energy. I do this challenge all the time with randos, its really not that hard.
  16. Very rarely do mods actually delete threads, most of the time they get merged with other already existing threads of the same theme. As for the "don't have permission" error, its just a generic error. You can't access the thread since it doesn't exist anymore not because it was locked or deleted.
  17. Often times people don't bother to color mastery fodder
  18. except that capture targets dont scream when shot. so this has to be much worse
  19. judging by the fact that the capture targets scream in agony, its probably not something youd do to an ally
  20. theyre not meant to be active 100% of the time. you are meant to use them in times of emergency
  21. last we saw of hunhow his mind that he uploaded to suda was destroyed. I suspect that even if hes alive hes a mindless shell.
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