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  1. So basically loot boxes? Bad idea mate.
  2. Instead of doing this S#&$, why not buff/fix #*!%ing exalted weapons. Like dude it's been month since melee "3.0" dropped, and exalted weapons are still worse than REGUALR MELEE WEAPONS. Why can't exalted weapons equip BR or WW? Why the do you keep nerfing cool S#&$ and killing your player base? Why should i grind for new weapons, if they are gonna get nerfed? Why? Idk if you've been checking steam charts, but player average is at 35.000, like wtf? are we back to 2015 or something? is it because DE has been up to no good and making shady moves? Idk, who cares. Stop nerfing fun stuf and calling it "fixing".
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. Disconnected from the conversation you are.
  5. If im not mistaken, you can recast it, and you can also add natural talent for a faster re-cast. Also, when she said: she probably meant doing a survival, not literally standing in one place. Edit: Damn 24 hours tho, that's insane. Was 24 straight, or did you take breaks?
  6. Yeah, but we are currently under some sort of quarantine, and warframe can't even poke it's head over the top 10 most played on steam.
  7. Also, i can carry you throw the hole process of you want me to, as an apology for my previous comments. Just hit me up, and i'll be there in a heart bit ;).
  8. First off, you can use viral or corrosive to make things easier. You should also use high crit weapons like the corinth, or maybe something like redeemer. Use viral+heat, or corrosive+cold. If you have hunter munitions, use it.
  9. So let me get this straight, you want kuva liches and kuva missions to be easier, just so you can play the game? I mean it's not that hard, i can easily whipe the floor with every enemie on those missions. Okay sorry that was really toxic, i apologize, but im kinda sick of this "make the game easier so i can play" people. I can offer you my help and give you some advice if you want me to do so.
  10. I like collection frames and skins, that't my main motivation to keep playing.
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