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  1. Cause it helps me with my anxiety problems, and my existential crisis i guess. And the game is good, but a little grindy (not just a little tho).
  2. Strange, this looks like a bug. Maybe the op should try to contact support for help. 奇怪,这看起来像个错误。也许操作人员应尝试与支持人员联系以寻求帮助。
  3. My internet has just committed sepuku, so it's kinda slow rn, and the video is not loading.
  4. The assest may be there, but that gameplay was a mockup. They don't have anything of what they showed during tennocon, and as kuva liches, we will recive a watered down version of it, with a hell of a grindwall as gamplay and content
  5. i think your kinda reading too much into it
  6. Dragon nikana, tatsu, silva and aegis prime, korrudo, guandao and pennant
  7. DE just lost it, it's time to veil out guys. Or maybe they are still drunk. damn this drunk Canadians
  8. 嗨,我正在为此使用google翻译器,所以对不起XD。 所以我想你在谈论航空电子。为了获得更大的容量,您需要升级您的反应堆。您可以通过在dojo中购买新产品(带有railjack资源)或打捞旧货来获得。 hi, i'm using google translator for this, so sorry XD. So i guess your talking about avionics. To get more capacity you need to upgrade your reactor. You can get a new one by purchasing it in your dojo (with railjack resources), or by salvaging reckeges.
  9. Do you perhaps know this person? Also do u have any links/screenshots, or any sources for this? Note: Im not defending DE, im just curious about it.
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