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  1. Yes it's true. And precisely for this, IMHO, Riven and were put into the game. An easy solution to a difficult endgame problem. Instead of adding content - adding mods that allow you to create a competitive element and a kind of "endgame". At the same time, the rivens create a very good source of income for DE. But, as time has shown, this did not solve the endgame problem. Of course. Yes, the pursuit of Riven is still thriving in the game, but there are no fewer complaints about the “content drought”. Because it is still a tool, not a content. And there were serious problems with the "gray platinum". And how many people are doing endless missions now?
  2. I agree. 50 pages of mostly negative reviews. The developers could comment on their decision with at least one message, designate their plans for the future of rivens (specify them), and either offer some form of compensation to the injured players, or explain why they do not consider it necessary to give any compensation. At least, to give at least players to understand that their opinion to developers is not indifferent.
  3. I came across rude guys in groups, but I can't say that there were more of them than normal people. In my opinion, the adequate public is still in the majority. True, my observations cannot be called exact statistics — I am mostly a solo player.
  4. Yes I agree. Placing mods is probably the only worthwhile reason. At the 19-20 rank, there is already enough space. I also do not understand these fears of "power creep")
  5. I stopped at MR 19. Why - I wrote above: I am bored to develop weapons and frames that I don’t like and which I will never use later, just for the sake of rank. I have enough reputation, especially since she doesn’t particularly interest me - I don’t like the open worlds in Warframe. I don't need slots either - I already have all the weapons and all the frames I like. If DE released something extraordinary, I just will selling unnecessary.
  6. Yes, I already understood it, and put it in the "ignore")) Together with 900 of his friends-veterans))
  7. You did not answer my question. Jokes about the "planet Earth" - is difficult to call answer. Ergo - you are just a troll, ignore.
  8. And what does it mean "to do everything"? In general, all weapons and all warframes? What for? I already wrote that it is boring as hell. Personally, I am interested in new content - that is, new enemies, new missions, new quests, new battle mechanics - but not new warframes or new weapons. There are more than enough of them in the game, new warframes do not bring anything new into the game, since their mechanics most often repeat the mechanics of already existing frames, only in a different combination. And where I wrote that I do not like “high level content”? Once again I ask where I wrote that I do not like “cooler content”?)) I am one of those players who left or took a pause in the game, because there is no such content there now. Is this the endgame for you and your 900 friends?
  9. I agree. I do not agree. When I last raised the rank, I realized that this is really the last time) Just for the sake of MRs, spending a lot of time on weapons and warframes, which you will never use later - is boring as hell. Many players stop at MR 16, and I understand why they do it. Interesting. And what then is the endgame for you and your 900 friends of the veterans?
  10. I do not find this a "mutually beneficial" agreement. It’s just a reluctance to give comprehensive information to your players. In order to do this, you do not need to hire a whole staff, a couple of people are enough on the site. This will not affect the development of new content.
  11. Wrong. No one "should" read the wiki at all in such serious matters. Wiki is a fan resource. So basically, anyone can write anything. DE's official resource - is this site, their tweets and devstrims. Patch notes are published where? Here. Announcements of new additions and sales are published where? Here. So if developers are just too lazy to give information about their own game in an accessible and always up-to-date form - sorry, this is entirely the fault of the developers. The player should not rummage through third-party sites and YouTube channels in search of information about rivens. All this should have been posted here, and not in the shaggy 2016 branch. This information should be available to all new (and old) players on this site, and in current form.
  12. Totally agree. IMHO, this is the general trend of the last decade in the gaming industry. Therefore, it is even amusing for me to read in this forum the statements like "I will never play game X, because it was developed by the greedy campaign Y!!") Oh well ...
  13. In my opinion, the introduction of rivens into the game was in generally a mistake. But here is its correction, which we are now seeing ... I can not even call it a "correction." On this forum, the topic has only been discussed in my memory many times (and I started playing relatively recently - in the spring of this year). People offered much more benign ways to solve the problem. This is ignored. Instead of a thoughtful, gradual, respectful to the players process of correction - BAM! “Your rivens are now NOT worth anything. Your time and your platinum are worth NOTHING.” I do not think that this is the best solution. I personally was lucky that now I am, in principle, emotionally completely calm. Because I lost interest in the game during the content drought, and took a break in the game before Fortune. At one time, I enjoyed the Rivens I bought, and I stopped buying them on time. (I just bought them, I hate grind and RNG so I did not roll them with Kuva.) But I was counting with interest on returning to Fortune and again investing my money and my time in this game. Now I doubt this decision. Looks like I'm not rich enough to play "free" games. P.S. Sorry for my english is not my first language.
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