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  1. My complaint isn't primarily the cost, my complaint is that, as a veteran player, I feel that some of my money is being "wasted" on items I don't need or want. Make the Accessories pack come with the armor, sugatra, and some platinum and I'd be far more interested than with the boosters.
  2. I'd happily pay 20 USD for the Prime Accessories pack without the boosters. Come on DE, cut us all a break here. I'm a Rank 16, nearly 17, Founder. I have very little use for an affinity or credit booster. And by "very little" I mean none.
  3. Decided to harass my five pound chihuahua with my founder's headband. Meet Teablossom! She eats Grineer for breakfast, and by Grineer I mean "tiny kibble."
  4. Hello! I hope this post is in the correct forum, but you'll forgive me if it isn't. I've been playing Warframe for nearly a year and I am a very happy customer. DE provides quick support, hotfixes, and responds to player feedback. I'm always impressed and grateful for the hard work done by everyone on the team. However, I'm writing today to express my growing frustration over the lack of colorblind support. While it seemed rather inconsequential once, it is becoming more and more exasperating for me. The new mod system UI is excellent and very quick and easy for me to use, but I can't
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