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  1. So yes and no. On one hand it's good, because you'd burn out on something completely without hesitation, and the player base would ONCE AGAIN be hungry for more and DE wouldn't be able to keep up. The cap in terms of Orb Vallis and POE is definitely a problem, since once you reach the cap you're basically done and any bounty you do won't give you standing. This is fixed by the token system in HoD, since you can stack up on tokens and not have to be halted by a standing cap. HOWEVER, the bad part is that the cap is often WAYYY too low. This is more prevalent with the token system, sin
  2. LOL I didn't even notice that. The new enemies are cool, and at least we encounter them UNLIKE the Orb Vallis, where they added spiders and I feel like you never encounter them in the open world unless you do boss fights.
  3. I'll agree with you on some of it. Bounties are a copy and paste, and the hunting bugs are annoying as hell. I don't know exactly how good the mods are since I really like what I already have. However, the world is smaller horizontally but bigger vertically. Imo the Isolation Vaults are the best part of the update, and are easily replayable (idkw I think it's because of the Orokin aesthetic). However, this isn't just Warframe. This is a trend of ALL open world games. Assassin's Creed to Red Dead Redemption to most recently Ghost of Tsushima, they are focused more on landscape than replay
  4. Ofc, how dare they disgrace sacred Helminth >:(
  5. But something like this seems so out of place. I mean the Helminth looks like a completely different asset compared to the rest of the room... because it is. It bothers me but what are you gonna do y'know?
  6. Depends which one was modeled first, I think it was the Genetrix since the Helminth mouth looks like it was just stuck on the wall. And anyways just because we got it before the update doesn't mean they made one before the other. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the Genetrix is behind the orbiter wall XD
  7. You can clearly see the mouth of the Helminth is the just copy and pasted from the Deimos Genetrix, it's just flipped horizontally. I don't know about you but I feel like an original design that doesn't just look like it was thrown on the wall of the Helminth room would've been a better call. You probably think I'm nitpicking or that I am complaining about something that doesn't matter, but it just feels lazy to me. Hope they change it but they probably won't. :/
  8. Ah so pheromones don't do anything? Ok, that makes more sense. Thanks
  9. So from what I've heard, Pharaoh Predasite's only spawn during Fass, whilst Medjay's only spawn during Vome. But from what I have experiences, this is completely false. No matter what, whenever I use pheromones I only catch Medjay. Regardless of the time, it's only Medjay or Vizier. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if there is a solution to this.
  10. I get Medjay and Vizier no matter what. Never once have I caught a pharaoh predasite. During night and day it's only medjay, so I have no idea what the hell is going on
  11. Please, I'm begging you, reduce the amount of tokens required to buy Seriglass shard. 20 Grandma tokens is way too much. In addition, maybe reduce the amount of tokens needed to get Grandma tokens. Or maybe have seriglass shard drop from something other than just buying it from Grandma.... please fix this.
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