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  1. I'll call the frame "Broken" for the simplicity Passive: While nearby enemy corpses, Broken's cabled reach out to them, sucking out the remains of their life and energy First ability, Posess: Broken grabs an enemy and spikes them with unstable void energy. Corrupted enemy then drops their weapon and melee attacks their allies for a short time before exploding, dealing damage equal to their base health and applying radiation status to survivors. Second ability, Disturbance: Fissures and Bolts of void energy errupt from Broken, summoning Corrupted from the Void to fight for him. Third ability, Erruption: Broken sacrifices a portion of his health to summon a massive blast from within, which damages and immobilizes enemies. Additionally, allies hit by the blast regenerate a percentage of their health and energy Fourth ability, Catastrophe: Every enemy within range suffers a random offensive ability effect of other warframes ( Eg. Chaos, Molecular Prime, Miasma, Spellbind, ect. )
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