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  1. and here i am trying to get this weapon 😛
  2. i wasn't even trying when i got the blazing but these lich ephemeras are a pain
  3. yea that might be true but i didnt want to risk it as it's not clear whether he will
  4. yea thats what i did minus the mods but there is a catch , if u dont make him at least lvl 3 or farm the murmurs with a group , your lich will eventually end up with no territory (at least thats what happened to mine) i took over his territory and there was only 1 node left and i let him kill me because i needed more thrall
  5. yea hopefully but nothing was mentioned other than ''no eta yet'' , not even a this week is our goal or something
  6. im not expecting it this week , as last night during the xbox stream megan said they are still working on the update and no eta just yet
  7. check the latest xbox one stream min 31.45
  8. like 30 min ago i asked megan if she could give an eta for old blood during the xbox stream , she said they are still working on it and there is no eta
  9. sentinel parts arent craftable so u cant see them unless u have the main blueprint
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