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  1. I just have 1 issue. Enemy levels. No matter how cool and easy to use the new system is with all the stances and super balanced stats, if the enemies die as easily as they do right now, nobody will care. why engage in sword fight with each enemy when you can just throw nuke and be done with the whole mission?
  2. new players... what new players? This is meant to be an end game mode... a proper tough challenge with new players not surviving. If you want to fix arbitrations, delete all that revival garbage. You are being judged by Arbiters of Hexis, not accepted into the ranks of space vegans of New Loka. xD
  3. To be honest that would be the only way i would want to level it at all. Conclave and conclave rewards are not significant enough to be humiliated there. I mean why would i trade feeling like an immortal ninja for some conclave ass whipping handed to me xD i am not an FPS player. "incorrecting" is my new favourite word xD
  4. Only today, 3 for the price of 1, resolve power creep, increase player retention and improve company's P&L by releasing skill based, hard content. Do not dumb it down, do not casualize it, make it brutally hard. First 2 weeks of Arbis was a good start until it all went casual. Warframe is a puzzle to be solved and more experienced players who know what Warframe is about love solving puzzles, trying to get through the most challenging content by applying their knowledge. Incidentally solving puzzles is the main feature of Warframe at the beginning as well. The learning curve at the beginning of the game is crazy but rewarding. It is a right of passage. But given the casual content, what is the purpose of doing all that work if there is no hard puzzle to solve in the end? Literally "3 for the price of 1" . Release a good hardcore mission type to resolve 3 issues. The best solution is the one that solves more than one problem at the same time.
  5. 1500 odd hours in game under the belt. Lore wise, this is a very bad idea. It is a betrayal of Umbra and the frames that will be injected with whatever stuff it is. I do not sell any frames given what we learned in Sacrifice. I refuse to trade people. As a lore maniac i will not farm this, and refuse to accept it as cannon. Umbra is in specter mode because he was Vandalized, brutalised, mind raped to be who he is. Does DE really think it is ok to forcefully inject Umbra's memories? DE is attempting to betray their frames as far as i am concerned. From mechanical perspective, it is an interesting gimmick that would be interesting to see once, with the introduction of the warframe... but I have seen it already with Umbra... The frame affected will have to use powers or it's like, meh. The total duration of 1 day is very not worth it given the above. My feedback is -5/10, would not farm myself and would not recommend DE to implement either.
  6. Ok, so not that much MainLine, but much appreciated content 🙂
  7. What are you talking about? this is not meant to be balanced. Saryn can not do stealth missions the same way Ivara does, or tank like Rhino. They are not meant to be balanced. You take the frame thats good for the task and not based on how they look disregarding their abilities. Think you are confusing Warframe with League of Legends.
  8. Thats a non revive from me. If you die, you die. I do not expect to be revived either. This is the closest we have to "git gud" mode. In fact i would prefer the difficulty cranked right up with starting enemies at lvl100 and no chance to revive. Git gud bro
  9. nooooooooooooooo those liset skins are NOT abominations! They are awesome!
  10. Nice! Nova and Ember should be able to cast everything in the air as well. Air cast doesnt break the flow of combat that way
  11. Update looks decent. Ivara's skirt is uglier than Trinity's.. This comment ends here Awooooooo of Saturn Six
  12. what are Accolades? Looks pretty cool but... is it an old mode coming back only to Founders?
  13. there is one "cave" in the north east corner. behind the coil(?) or whatever it's called. Literally a hole in the ground but you need to find it as it wont show up on the map
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