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  1. Anyone reading please feel free to tear this apart / add your own idea. Proposal: Create a reward/weapon/skin/tag/ephemera/etc that is very very cool, but is locked behind an "almost" impossible mission. The reward may or may not be for the clan as well. The reward may or may not be a special part of outfit for operator/frame armour etc. I am thinking of something like MR tests, but much harder. So hard in fact that only the most skilled players will be able to get to it. To counteract special abilities, like whisps ghosting or Lokis switch teleport make No Ability Areas or something of the kind. Complement parkour with high level enemies like lvl150 that can one shot you if you dont dodge, get operator only section... Basically just combine different aspects of the whole game to make players go at this suicide mission again and again. (Need to have amazing reward) To counteract the high mobility of frames / operators, increase the distances to light years between platforms, etc. Make certain focus schools be more effective than others. Like void dash may get you some section but will hinder you in others. The goal is not to rely on RNG at all. but crank the difficulty so high that it's impossible to do. And that will be endgame mission warframe style. Create a bunch of these missions, combine them into a dungeon and you have a full set of endgame missions targeting solely the most skilled players, be they MR10 or MR27.
  2. What are you talking about? this is not meant to be balanced. Saryn can not do stealth missions the same way Ivara does, or tank like Rhino. They are not meant to be balanced. You take the frame thats good for the task and not based on how they look disregarding their abilities. Think you are confusing Warframe with League of Legends.
  3. Thats a non revive from me. If you die, you die. I do not expect to be revived either. This is the closest we have to "git gud" mode. In fact i would prefer the difficulty cranked right up with starting enemies at lvl100 and no chance to revive. Git gud bro
  4. nooooooooooooooo those liset skins are NOT abominations! They are awesome!
  5. Nice! Nova and Ember should be able to cast everything in the air as well. Air cast doesnt break the flow of combat that way
  6. Update looks decent. Ivara's skirt is uglier than Trinity's.. This comment ends here Awooooooo of Saturn Six
  7. what are Accolades? Looks pretty cool but... is it an old mode coming back only to Founders?
  8. there is one "cave" in the north east corner. behind the coil(?) or whatever it's called. Literally a hole in the ground but you need to find it as it wont show up on the map
  9. Yay! I can cover my whole ship in Glyphs now xD how exciting! ... not On other news, Love fortuna so far. Cant wait to see what else is in store!
  10. gotta eat your fish kids. so anyone up for tuna?
  11. Crash? no. Freeze up? Yes. Also the Black Boxes of Bloom. Thats a new issue since the update.
  12. Will these melee changes affect tonfas? We have very few tonfasin general and if those are nerfed may as well delete them from the game... Feel like I am one of the few that still want to believe. On a side note... Maybe you could add more ornate tonfas like Kronen Prime? I am currently using those as an extension to syandana... Turning weapon into fashionframe.
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