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  1. Oi!!! The one day a week when i CAN farm 200k ferrite for the clan for decorations with Khora in Steel Path is now gone.. So.... in this update... The mech is useless, the weapons are ok ish. The new augments may not even have existed... Nobody uses Khora for anything else... So... for once the community got together farming the hardcore mod you nerf the mode and the frames used... How about you BUFF ENEMIES? The whole game can now be done with any frame and weapon... SOLO. How about increasing prices of items in steel essence shop? Make it 50 SE for kuva bundle. How about banning
  2. So this is not the first time i am seeing this happen to people but this has not happened to me. This now hit a friend of mine with 7 years old account at which point i would want to post a warning to all who GRIND warframe. Problem: grinding Steel Path in the most efficient way, with a team or solo and getting 200 ish steel essence within 1h-1.5h sessions, multiple sessions a day DE Solution: permanent IP BAN you until year 2035. Speculation: DE can not distinguish between bots farming steel path overnight while player is AFK or asleep and the real person farming for Steel Essence like t
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