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  1. it seems the mesh is not attached to the bones properly. Her crotch warps out in some stances xD
  2. mod says "BOW"... you type into search bar "BOW" Bramma is first choice.... Bramma cant equip... So.... misrepresentation? False advertising? I am pretty sure that if this was sold for real money this would be illegal given the mod description.
  3. Bonus for Rank 3 of ground only 2,000 TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Did rank 3 with 5200 total points or so with the icon.100/100 progress with 20 minutes left until rollover. 5 minutes before the wave end, some players started doing missions again... somehow... timer reset at zero agian with no issues. Given i got R3 the bonus should have been 10,000 creds. but I only got 2000. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: unknown EXPECTED RESULT: I should have received 10,000 instead of 2,000 as bonus for Rank 3. I have done Rank 1 a wave before and got the correct 2000 points as bonus... OBSERVED RESULT: Duck sent an ingame message saying i got Rank 3 and gave 2000 points. REPRODUCTION RATE: unknown
  4. These are ugly. I don't want to earn any mastery if this is how my badge looks like.
  5. Same... my tactical map is just shimmering green and has no teleport points. and i am level 5 in tactical
  6. Issue with Intrinsics not being credited correctly after the mission. Why and when fix? Thank you :)
  7. There is still a bug with intrinsics... i feel like the game is robbing me of the points i earned during the mission.
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