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  1. There is also another post in general discussion that someone posted just about this several people are having the same feeling about volt being slower/nerfed.
  2. Ah ok thanks for clearing that up 🙂
  3. It was not me that said it is a git gud situation just wondering why you quoted me maybe i missed something?
  4. I think all those suggestions are great except the 4th one about void dash i rather have it like it is now but they could maybe make it like an option to choose in the focus tree or something.
  5. Probably which sucks cause i like most changes but that change i still would like to be able to aimglide with my melee weapons.
  6. But it says right click makes you aim instantly don’t they mean with the weapons? which means melee aimglide is getting removed since you weren’t aiming when aimgliding with melee we were blocking.
  7. What is gonna happen with melee aimglide i prefer aimgliding with my melee out how is it gonna work in melee only sorties or if i only equip melee on my loadout will i still be able to aimglide or is it only for primary and secondary weapons?
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