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  1. What level are you at? Here's a massively over-simplified fix for almost every frame. < level 125: Pillage + Adaptation > level 125: Molt + Brief Respite + Rolling Guard
  2. Are you using his 3 on enemies, not on allies right?
  3. I made this thread while I was level-headed, I wasn't mad; Nor do I think it will be anymore ruined than the Catchmoon was (I see what you said later). I just offered a way to reduce the Nukor's versatility (as mainly a CO buffer), in the event the devs hadn't more-than-likely known this was the main reason other weapons struggled to compete as primers. I personally was using the CM as a high damage secondary (mainly for priority targets), in loadouts where I already had an AoE focused primary/melee. So nothing really to discuss from the community's standpoint, just making an example of how nerfed weapons get power crept too (even when the community thinks the weapon is still strong). Yeah, but not at the same time. You don't put crit mods on the Nukor when you use it as primer. Unlike the days of old with weapons like the Pox, the primer weapons of today can be made just as powerful at killing as they can at debuffing (because they're designed to debuff for the weapon itself). The Cedo, Epitaph, Bubonico, etc... are all that way, just like the Nukor. All of them are S tier weapons, with the only difference being that the Nukor is multi-target at both rolls, not just debuffing.
  4. The "if not" is an unhealthy thought process. Like I.E. the Catchmoon isn't a bad weapon, but the few places I was still using it ceased as soon as I got the Epitaph. Now if it didn't get nerfed, it might still be worth considering... with my point being new and better armaments would have naturally caused its usage to decrease (just like the Cedo and Epitaph are doing with the Nukor). And people forget that unlike the Bramma, Catchmoon, Tonkor, Simulor, etc..., that the Nukor had multiple ways to be used in a loadout. Especially in the endurance runs DE is now encouraging. (Which in my experience is where the bulk of my profile usage stats come from. I can love and use a frame like Xaku all the time, but doing a couple 2 hour resource runs as Nekros will put him well above Xaku.) So if they're framing it like they're nerfing the Nukor to nerf melee, then the perfect nerf already exist to keep it as a strong gun (what the other half of the "Arsenal Divide" is about). And the Pox was nerfed in April 2020, is wasn't just replaced. Add in the changes to status weighting and the cap of 10 debuff stacks, and the Pox's over-status is doubly not needed. People forget the game changed, the Nukor wasn't just added. The Nukor could have been the Kuva Atomos for all it matters, it basically wouldn't have made a difference. The Atomos is over 6 years old, it needed to be power crept. The masses didn't care about the Gaze in the first place. It was a good weapon, but it was effectively a single target one if you looked at the chaining math; So it's not comparable.
  5. Then remove its unique "microwave" effect from counting as a status proc for Condition Overload. This whole "Arsenal Divide" thing is to buff guns, yet here you are nerfing them. You already added the Cedo and Epitaph as great alternatives to the Nukor as debuffing weapons, and you for some reason felt it was needed to nerf CO... again (a large reason people even bother to debuff); So why not instead of reducing the number chains the Nukor does (you know, a mechanic that's also useful for the Nukor itself to get kills), you instead do the perfect nerf of removing what is already a unintended mechanic. Since when you have a mod that requires unique status effects, and a weapon that has an almost exclusive status, you set yourself up for a meta.
  6. Lavos was originally a tank frame (and Warden), but changed after he interacted and combined with the alchemist he was guarding.
  7. Because putting enemies in another dimension is the same thing Grendel and Hydroid do. So why is it fine for Grendel to prevent allies from accessing those enemies, and not Hydroid? You also brought up survival (and made some edits after I quoted you). So if the game considers enemies in Grendels stomach to be dead (without them actually being so, cause he can just throw them up), then that means the game would have to spawn more enemies than it normally would... or else your life support claim makes no sense. The game is more than just defense. And by that logic you should have just as much of a problem with frame like Nidus, Nyx, any frame with Mind Control, etc... because they can prevent wave progression just as easily as Limbo, and similarly their enemies are "still visible and frustrating". Not to mention that in my response to you, I provided an easy solution for this problem you have (one that also maintains Limbo's balance).
  8. So the change to let allies shoot into Hydroid's puddle was unfounded, and with Grendel it wasn't just DE literally making the same mistake again? They are literally the same type of CC, and do not recall hearing information where either increase the amount of enemies that can spawn. And like someone brought up already, the easiest thing to do is to just let people shoot into the rift, but not out of it. Every other complaint I've seen is unfounded (but IMO feel free to rework Rift Surge).
  9. An Inaros with nothing but an arcane grace will not die in the star chart while AFKing; A fully built Inaros will not die in sortie levels no matter how long he AFKs. And I was alluding that Ivara was in Prowl while on a dashwire in some corner, safe from collateral damage and energy drains. And if you're talking about rewards and not affinity, people will AFK with anything. There was an Ember that was in a Kuva Flood today, that AFK'd at spawn. She then proceeded to die and bleedout, and I'm pretty sure she still got the kuva. So your complaint really has no foundation from what I'm seeing, and will forever happen in a grind based game where you can't kick people (Limbo or not). Those 0.5 seconds to roll once don't matter. Especially since you don't have the reaction speed to avoid the portal in the first place, so then 0.5 seconds really doesn't mean anything to you. (Most people don't have this reaction time, but I phrased it this way to show how silly complaining about 0.5 seconds is.) Why would an idle Limbo be making portals? Yes, an exception. Telling you "99" ways that something works and only 1 way that it doesn't, does not a contradiction make. Not to mention that I said DE could easily fix this one thing. But unless there is a massive community uproar, almost never do we get QoL updates like these. ^ This however, is a contradiction. When you find a dollar on the sidewalk you weren't scouring the town for it, you just stumbled upon it. ... Anytime I don't care about dealing damage (such as running to the next MD terminal). Becoming God as any frame that deals damage through abilities (of which that's about half the roster). And any other time you can think that invincibility, energy regen, status immunity, aura immunity, etc... would be useful. And never have I been in a premade that relies on a Limbo casting Banish. Cataclysm is nice, but sometimes I don't want to be stationary with the rift... such as running between excavations. Like I said to the other guy in a purposefully jerk way, if you didn't have the reaction time to avoid the portal in the first place, 0.5 seconds isn't impactful to your level of play. You are definitely the one up-playing things. And one, I don't ever recall at time where a portal disrupted my play, because they are no where near plentiful. And two, how much can it really disrupt when you're given 15 seconds of God mode? Why'd it take however many years for Kubrows to get vacuum? I addressed this above. Even checking only like 20 threads once a day, I see people weekly complaining that there should be some way to never be affected by Volt's speed, Wisp haste mote, etc... and that there might as well be a way to opt out of all buffs. Just because something is forced on you doesn't always mean it's bad... but it is usually indicative that balancing is at play. There are people that say stuff like Warding Halo's augment makes the game too easy, so they never want to have it. I've even had a conversation with a guy that hates abilities like Oberon's renewal. Not because of the buff, but because it makes his frame look slightly green. The vast majority of Limbo is either opt-in, easily opted-out, or limits interactions on par with what a frame like Frost does. No it isn't. Just recently Grendel was the last frame of 2019, and his Feast is waaaay worse than anything Limbo does at limiting interactivity with enemies.
  10. Sans preventing using a data mass on a terminal, rarely is a Limbo in the way of anything that matters, and usually they're making the game more fun by letting me not worry about defending a 2k health operative. And DE has given us plenty of tools to work with/around the Rift. Abilities go through it, you can roll out of his portal, operators/necramechs can't enter the rift, Stasis no longer freezes bullets, etc... That's why it's free. If it happens it happens, you don't have to go looking for it. As much as you try to belittle it, it's a great buff (it also prevents enemy CC and eximus auras, such as energy drains) for any frame that uses abilities to interact with enemies. And you act like it's such a big deal to roll once, just equip Amalgam Barrel Diffusion if you must. DE could easily fix the inability to interact with stuff like terminals, that's no a reason to dis Limbo's kit. Same way there's no reason why Titania can't open friendship doors in Razorwing. And IMO in the same way with frames like Wisp, Trinity, Volt, etc... I think it's stupid when people complain that someone is buffing/supporting them. Unless a Limbo is purposely spamming you with Banish, or Rift Surging enemies needed to complete the mission, a Limbo with a (probably too big) Cataclysm on a MD terminal isn't ruining the game. As a rule, if you play in multiplayer, there will be other players with speed buffs, defense abilities (with mechanics to balance them), etc...
  11. Because that's so out of place in this game? If you remove it from him, it'll just be an Inaros, Grendel, dash wire Ivara, etc... I feel like people remember the couple limbo's that AFK'd while they were MR10 on Hydron, and then forget that this doesn't happen in the rest of the game. Ah yes, this free invincibility and energy regen is so inconveniencing. Please, no more.
  12. IDK why you quoted me... And I think the balancing factor is that this weapon will put the bulk of new players on their ass almost every throw. And IMO quest rewards get a pass on how powerful they are; Just look at the Broken War, it's tied for being the best sword in the game with Pangolin Prime (MR14) and Dakra Prime (MR10). And even then, it might not be as easy as doing a quest, but at MR5 (or even earlier) players can get a Kuva Bramma, Nukor, Chakkhurr, Catchmoon, Tombfinger Primary, Zaws when they used to be meta, etc... MR is meaningless with how DE designs things.
  13. It's 8m, 9m on heavy attack. And there are weapons with as high or higher radius, especially once you include the multiplicative 66% bonus range from Primed Fulmination/Firestorm compared to the additive 3m you get from Volatile Quick Return. Morgha 12m Corinth Prime 9.8m Larkspur 9.6m Staticor 9.6m Grattler 9m Etc...
  14. Why would it be a horrible weapon then...? You're just saying that to inflate your argument. And that is more than likely not level 500 Grineer, unless you're exploiting one of the frames massively bugged with Glaives, like Chroma. Because overkill damage doesn't matter, and it's this thought process that caused DE to hide said stat when they updated the UI. And DPS frames matter because they kill enemies in a 50m radius, not a 7m one. And that is 100% relevant in any content that's relevant.
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