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  1. This may just be be my own opinion, and not a commonly shared gripe, but I find this playstyle extremely un-fun on frames like Ember, Protea, Garuda.... Its very boring to have to get as far away from the action as possible, make sure you camera is aligned perfectly, and then spam a button. I'd much rather be restricted by line-of-sight and have a short range so I have to run around IN the action. That's because once a companion gets irradiated from something like a Kuva Nukor or Toxin lich, the game always considers them hostile and targets them even if the duration has worn off. May
  2. Please no. Drains are never* good, especially so for Oberon styled ones. This also nullifies a good chunk of his passive.
  3. I think he means focus, not affinity. And to that I say Eidolons. But definitely do ESO so you get the exclusive drops too for the daily cap. An Explosive Legerdemain build I assume, otherwise you can do better than Mirage.
  4. I get what you're saying, but this game and consistency overall favors damage reduction heavily. And I'm not one to favor sticking to a frame's theme if the ability is that much worse than the alternative. Like your Gara example would more than likely be a heavy nerf that would also be a buggy mess just like Turbulence.
  5. It was. But after 30 seconds or less they go back to being unalerted. Put on enemy radar and watch the red triangles, or run the test again with new enemies.
  6. From my limited testing, it works how the wiki says. (base*ward)+iron renewal
  7. Because elemental ward reflects the rocket before it can explode, and the initial impact only does ~335 damage. 335*(1-0.827) = 58
  8. They became unaware and took the 8x stealth damage multiplier.
  9. Or you got an accidental crit, orange crit, headshot, stealth damage, you hit with the fan's guaranteed slash proc too, etc... On level 120 corrupt heavy gunners I believe one yellow crit quill bodyshot deals 133 damage per tick mod-less, and with +435% elemental damage.
  10. Just tested it and the slash procs don't scale off of elemental mods. Didn't really see any inconsistencies either.
  11. The whole thing about the restraint gauge is what makes him an imperfect pacifist. A true monk/pacifist/religious devotee would not break their doctrine. If you are against violence, a true pacifist would not fight back even if someone hits you. If you are not supposed to give in to sexual desire, you wouldn't cave just because a nice piece of ass walked by. If you aren't supposed to have worldly desires, you won't start collecting floofs just cause you were really really bored one day. The whole concept of the restraint gauge makes him a imperfect pacifist, a reluctant warrior. So not a
  12. Trinity used to be one of the best room nukers in the game. And anyone can become one now with the Helminth system. Slap Thermal Sunder, Defy, Mark for Death, etc... on any frame. Saryn is supposed to be a room nuker, but there is a build for her that turns her into a tank buster like Chroma. I've never been keen on playable characters in any game having to conform to their intended design, in the case that the community has found a build that works and is fun, especially for PvE. And Baruuk is described as a imperfect/in-training pacifist, he is prone to giving into temptation. The
  13. It's literally a side-grade Ignis, with the same hitbox, range, and everthing. They only removed the infinite enemy punch through, but Sabot Rounds makes that almost a non-factor. If you want a different primary and an Ignis that runs out of ammo, then it's your gun. The gun could use some love to warrant the limited ammo, but it doesn't have a "narrow" hitbox compared to the Ignis like you mention. Just put on Sabot Rounds.
  14. I mean he is a reluctant warrior, the community has just found a way to work around that because no one wants to play a micromanage afk Inaros in this meta or any meta. And I said the weapon part because his 1 turns off when you attack.
  15. There's a lot that can be said, but I don't like all the comparing. Valkyr's 4 also makes her invincible, status immune, CC immune, has life steel, doesn't require a second resource meter, etc..., which definitely pre-melee 3.0 warranted that she didn't need more damage; And shows how bonkers you can make anything look when you put it on paper. Augments aren't equal, nor have they ever been. And while I don't think he needed the augment (if he got better restrain management), he's also the only good exalted melee frame now, so I don't want him to lose it. Being a pacifist is diffe
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