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  1. @Empoleon718 Wukong's rework Old Wukong compared to Limbo was trash, and this includes his passive, abilities, and augments. The only exceptions to this was Defy, Cloud Walker's synergy with the old Zenistar, and his 1 augment with Exodia Contagion (which was removed long before his rework). And even then Defy was garbage because for any relevant content, Inaros did his job infinitely better. No energy reliance, tanking immune to nullification, better abilities, etc... And there are plenty of other tanks that preformed better, but Inaros is the most comparable. Spy missions Before you removed it you said you can't see enemies in the rift. And it's not really clear if Cataclysm can reliably kill camera's still. Can do what he did before He can not. I can no longer cast Cataclysm 100 meters away and leave it to defend as I do other objectives. And the whole draw of cataclysm is damage prevention. Regardless of the fact it follows me, slows enemies, confuses them, heals defense objectives, etc... doesn't matter if the defense objective gets overwhelmed or even worse, one-shot. Banish Banish is only awkward because you have to be on the same plane as your target. It has it's uses, Cataclysm isn't a catch-all that invalidates it. Rift Surge I agree, it's bad largely. Turning off AI This is fine in a game like Warframe, and there are plenty of abilities that do that. So many so that I don't want to list them. Time stop effect Having to be within 10 meters of the enemy is not "skill based" (not to mention not note worthy). It's just needlessly gimping the ability, similar to all the effect/damage falloff you added. The reason Limbo is praised isn't because he "turn's off enemies", its because he makes defense objectives like the stupid sorties operative go play in the kiddy pool, instead of standing in the Kuva defense fire trap and just roast to death over and over. So I can now murder everything with my Zaw without having to be bothered with stupid AI and lopsided scaling.
  2. My qualm with this proposition comes from the fact that Limbo is good, and good at what he does; Regardless of if it fits how engaged you prefer to be. This extents past his ability to defend, and on to how great he is as a spy and loot frame (etc...). As this rework takes away quite a lot of that just to make an off-brand Nova, give-or-take in a couple areas. Why not just call it a new frame, or choose one of the many much worse frames than Limbo to rework (if you aren't just going to improve his current kit)?
  3. Looks like the 60% increase from from a Steel Charge. ^ This is why your damage sucks.
  4. Happens with Arcanes too like Fury and I'd assume Velocity, Acceleration, etc...
  5. Probably just make that energy channel black.
  6. It's the go-to for any status only melees. Albeit melee 3.0 didn't treat them too kindly IMO. It goes on quite a few exalted melees, since they cant use acolyte mods. It's multiplicative with Berserker, so on some melee's it's worth double stacking. Etc...
  7. Primed Fury (No Contest) Primed Shred (Don't look down on punch through) Primed Sure Footed (If you use a lot of self stagger weapons, move this to 2nd) Primed Vigor (Meh 98% of the time)
  8. She's boring only if you're boring. You don't see her played a lot because any CC frame ruins her damage output (and to a lesser extent nuke frames too). And you need wide open tile sets to play optimally, since Mallet requires line-of-sight. After that I'll keep my lips shut, as that keeps her safe lol.
  9. I kinda doubt it. Just recently when they released the Wolf Sledge founders were the only ones able to get the next mastery rank. Even then, the month+ it takes for 6k mastery to be added into this game is nothing, and not worth mentioning. Coming from someone that has mastery for everything but the founder's items.
  10. Ah, I forgot. You are are correct, but for the wrong reason. The reason your build fell off is because of the nerf to slash procs, and the fact corpus now constantly regen shields until they're broken it seems, not shield gating. Slash procs no longer ignore shields, and corpus shields regen until they're broken. But from testing I can still kill up to Europa corpus in the same amount of time if my memory is correct..
  11. That build has never scaled very far, and I don't believe my max range build could comfortably do up to level 30. And it's definitely not an insta-kill, you're luck if the last slash proc kills them. It's like 20 or below at best without support. And that build has always faltered in relic missions. If an enemy gets corrupted while you're in range, Maim will never kill them no matter the level. How long was your break? I suggest using a max range Gauss for Neo and under fissures now. Best frame for it IMO.
  12. I get the "view" part I guess (although there is 3rd party stuff), but why the start? You can start them the instant you zone into to PoE/OV without visiting the hub town anyway.
  13. All abilities ignore shield gating on enemies. If you're talking about the anniversary missions, they're all eximus strongholds. You're not going to mow through things with 50% slash damage resist, or +300% health.
  14. To that extent it's fine. I'm only giving my personal biased opinion as an MR28 player that has tons of tool at my disposal. Adding stuff that has no drawback to how I currently play is great, and I'm sure someone will find it useful. It's just ATM I don't think I would. Because I find Adaptation to be a very powerful mod. And I was trying to show that even if a mod that was equally as powerful as Adaptation ended up being added with that downside, I still wouldn't use it. All movements slowed by 20% isn't going to be worth it to a "Vet" like me. The Good Cold shield - 350% shields is respectable, but 50% DR on top of my 25% is massive, giving me 75% DR. An increase from 1.34x shields, to 4x shields. And the 20% slow to enemies within 10m is just a nice little bonus. The reduced rate in nothing when I'm much more tanky, will almost always have a 1 second delay, and abilities can regen shield for me. The "not for me" Heat shield - Did it. Electricity shield - Did it. Toxin shield - At a certain point you barely need healing in this game thanks to abilities, arcanes, companions, Life Strike, Healing Return, Hema, Hirudo, Basmu, Wind of Purity, etc... So it ends up being less shields, unneeded healthing IMO, and a 8 second shield delay if my shield breaks. The stun is still kinda too small, out of my control, and not all that useful (the same way companion CC abilities are bleh). Cold armor - Ignoring the fact that being slow is really bad... But losing 5% of the bonus armor every damage tick is an unrewarding mechanic just like it is on Magus Firewall. At best I see this mod being used for Inaros/Rhino memes. Etc... Heat armor - Reduced stats for negligible damage and a heat proc. But only after you lose 100 health, and only dealt to enemies currently affected but an ability (not any new cast afterwards). And again rarely do I need to deal more damage to status prone enemies, especially this inconsistently. Toxin armor - Nothing inherently bad, but again I personally don't need anymore sources of healing. Getting back to full has never been the problem, surviving burst damage has. And anything with an Ignis already shreds your booty, I can only imagine an extra 75% damage. Electricity armor - Worthless damage, and if it doesn't deal an electric proc it's totally worthless. Not to mention +150% status duration to self can be really bad.
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