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  1. Support won't help you. You can now buy them from Simarus if you sold/lost them.
  2. For Voidrig I use... It's an older pic, so I recommend Slipstream over "Necramech Efficiency" now. This build is meant for him to be good, regardless of the rest of your arsenal.
  3. This has never happened to me in normal game play, save for literally less than half-a-dozen times with shield lancers. Not to mention this is only what you can do generally with every frame; A third of the roster literally doesn't even care. And almost all knockdowns are easy to read. Ancient - You literally just roll as they round the corner if they're in range. You don't have to wait for the animation, you know they're coded to either instantly hook you, or to rush you with that long-ass arm windup knockdown. Grineer heavy/shield - Are you in melee range? Instantly roll or
  4. Rolling, blocking with melee, Rolling Guard, full-body ability cast, etc... all make you immune to knockdowns. You can also hit the jump button while knocked down (when your frame flashes in its energy color) to half the knockdown duration. A lot of CC effects can prevent enemies from finishing their knockdown animation altogether. And as others have said, most knockdowns have large tells. I don't think anywhere in this game has too many knockdowns... besides Profit Taker and maybe casual tridolons.
  5. Or go the other direction. Have built-in systems that mitigate the downsides of guns (ammo pool is not a downside 95% of the time). Add a mechanic called "Frenzy", where killing an enemy with a melee weapon reloads your guns. Or better yet, make it an extension of the parazon, so it's less confusing to new players and gives older players a sense of achievement in earning that mechanic. Have one where landing ~80% of your shots gives you an instant or an extremely fast reload whenever you empty your magazine. Have multipliers like "headshots give double the percentage". Etc..
  6. If you haven't already, I'd say give Voidrig another shot. His 4, the way he can use an Ayanga, and (to an extent) his 2 are massively powerful, and definitely more powerful than a lot of frames. Even with Xata's Whisper helminth'd, Mesa might not be able to pull off the scores Voidrig was able to get in OV, let alone any other frame
  7. If this is something meant to be game-wide, then I say no, you're trying to make this game into something it's not. It "has" its place in modes like disruption, arbitrations, etc... But all it does is limit choice in a tedious way, and detract from Warframe's horde shooter nature. This has potential, but not in this form. A simple "lol" to you good sir. That may have been their intention (didn't work), but you're crazy if you think Voidrig is "weak".
  8. When was it ever proposed that way? I joined this game a few weeks before ESO launched, but I remember this Devstream, and Rebb is definitely using abilities. https://youtu.be/E96hgup-Ng0?t=1279
  9. Never said it's the most fun, but it's present everywhere. Rescue, sabotage, spy, mobile defense, kuva assault, capture, assassination, defection, hijack, etc... don't require you to kill any mobs to finish the mission efficiently, and most of them don't even have the down time to kill mobs if you felt like it. A couple balance changes to frames and core mechanics won't change this. When I get on a Crewship, it is to destroy the reactor, not kill mobs; The mission already has killing elsewhere. But your mass balancing is not the solution. Simply making bosses prone to all debuffing abi
  10. In my opinion they should, and this is a discussion to see the community’s stance on the matter. Below is my personal reasoning. Auto-mantling - For those that might not know, this is when you jump at a ledge and your frame/operator pulls themselves on top of it. In my three years of heavily playing this game, I can not remember a time where auto-mantling has helped me. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, where it has become so annoying I’m making a forum post. As an operator, the game will queue up a mantle without me knowing, and I will dash forward 200m… Only to be teleported
  11. If you remove SS, I would. When's the last time you saw him in Dsiruption? You don't. Outside of highly important time-limited content, you don't see him, because he has his niche and does it well. And even then he isn't a "must pick". It has since been tuned back, and they do more damage then normal enemies. But I never had problems with them, and if desired, no content requires you to interact with them. Ground enemies in Railjack are no different then the ones you run past in a Sabotage or quick Assassination. It's really not. In the same way players are immune to the CC of
  12. It's not the only thing making him good, same way I'd call you crazy for removing Iron Skin from Rhino. I am in agreeance that Limbo needs a rework, because his 1 and 3 are lacking... not to remove Stasis. Yet rarely is he used. He has one main job, and even then most people only break him out when the defense of a mission is imperative. Those stats are undoubtedly skewed by SS, where you had to defend things with 20k hp (or whatever) for over an hour, with no reasonable way to heal them. After that I see him in about 5-10% for mobile defenses, and then once in a blue moon elsewhere. T
  13. IDK how this is supposed to suggest HM has any more depth/skill than WF then? Warframe is fun even if you aren't chasing loot... Same with Borderlands. In fact I hate grinding loot in Borderlands, so much so I use a save editor to skip that part of the game most of the time. But I'm fine with grinding in WF because there is largely no RNG stats, no save editor, and trade chat covers for the few flaws. What do you think more challenge, difficulty, depth, etc... would bring? Not more variety, but a more narrow meta. Even if WF was ever balanced however you want it, you'd just enf
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