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  1. I have unbound "Secondary/Fire" on my controller because I've run out of buttons, and I've deemed it not all that useful with the occasional help from my keyboard to remedy the few times I need it. But for a while now if it's not bound, it automatically binds itself to right button on my d-pad and overrides whatever happens to be there (my Ability B). And before it just meant I couldn't use my Ability B with a melee weapon equipped, but after the recent update I can never use my Ability B if a melee weapon is in my loadout.
  2. Since it wasn't mentioned in the update notes, I assume these haven't been addressed. But before this update Wisp couldn't roll/dash while using Sol Gate with a controller. And if you unbound Melee Channel from your controller, it automatically becomes bound to the right d-pad Making whatever you have bound to that button impossible to use while wielding a melee weapon.
  3. Can we get a response in terms if there are any plans to let Khora benefit from having 2 sets of Fetch, or Fetch and Vacuum, much like how Animal instinct stacks? While Khora is still a little rough around the edges imo, this is the change that would easily secure her place as one of my favorite frames. Can Umbra be made to use Exalted Blade during his passive, much like he does in the quest? Or at the very least make him redraw it as I transfer into him, as it feels very bad to have to spend time redrawing his 4, as well wasting the energy to do so. It ruins the 'dynamic duo' play style of using both Umbra and the Operator, like the passive seems to facilitate. I'm curious what rewards the Orb fights will offer us outside the realms of Vox Solaris. This is coming from the viewpoint of a player that has unlocked all but 3 focus nodes, and is soon to be complacent with the Arcane collection I have. With Railjack coming, I think a few archwing changes would increase player interest while we wait for the movement changes I believe you announced. Any opinions on... Buffing starter gear, removing collision stun/damage, and adding AW mods to non-AW missions? I love AW, but it suffers from a lack of content, and I think this could raise popularity so that more could be added. With pets 2.0 eventually coming, is there any intention to allow multiple pets to be equip across multiple different loadouts at once (in the meantime)? Not only it it annoying, it is almost demoralizing when you want to change pets in places you can't like Fortuna or the Simulacrum. Often this leaves you without a companion at all, as it's easy to forget. On that same note, the pet mod pool has become very "diluted" with the Fortuna update, especially with Kavats. Is there anyway we can have separately modded claws/weapons for our pets? Making a universal Kubrow one, and Kavat one for example. This would preferable have mods like Bite, Maul, Frost Bite, Sharpened Claws, etc... Is there any intention to add the headshot multiplier to the Catchmoon, and back to the Arca Plasmor? As while they hit a lot of enemies, they quickly fall off as crit weapons that can’t headshot. Are there any changes coming to the Catchmoon projectile? As unlike the Arca Plasmor (which has a small projectile followed by a large wave that bypasses terrain, so long the main projectile doesn’t hit it), the Catchmoon has a large projectile. Which not only gets caught on terrain, it also misses enemies at extremely close range, and hits objects that are no longer there such as open doors and galleon defense pods. With modular weapons I feel like there is a lot of discouragement in experimentation. As many take a long time to create, and if you are unhappy with it, you have to make the entire weapon again with maybe just one part changed. Is there anyway to lock the strike/chamber to a weapon, and allow us to interchange the other parts like grips, links, magazines, etc...? Thus preventing Mastery Rank abuse. I prefer to run Unairu in the Eidolon fights, but I didn't start using it until after the Chimera update. Supposedly the update really messed up how the wisp from this school spawn, messing up their physics and making them glitchy in general I guess. Is there any headway into fixing this? Also a good rework of this node could make it so the buff is granted to the user automatically, and the wisp are then exclusive to teammates.
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