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  1. It still would not pause in open worlds even on solo, maybe that's the issue.
  2. When in doubt, consult Wiki, but here is the gist of it: - find a Siphon (floating thingy with 4 tentacles-braids) - ignore enemies, or clear them up if they are irritating; I do these with invisible Loki, so I just leave them alone - wait for a braid to rise a bit and start vaccuuming - from the direction the braid is facing, a red and black cloud of Kuva will approach, making a distinct sound - shoot it with your amp (or Void Dash through it), that destroys a braid (if you fail this step and Kuva cloud reaches the Siphon, you get one red counter mark, get all marks and you fail) - repeat 3 more times, - finish original mission Hope it helps!
  3. Neat answer above, let me tell you what worked for me. I literally never did a mission in a squad, and am at ~900h at this point. TL;DR - Loki and Octavia, properly modded weapons are at least as important. Starting Warframe does not matter much, with survivability mods and good weapons you can get pretty far.I chose Mag and I got as far as Uranus boss with little to no effort. Then you can for example backtrack to Ceres and farm Frost for defensive abilities, or push to Neptune and get Loki here. By this time you learn to parkour pretty well if you play solo. Ignore survivability, build Loki for duration and efficiency, and enjoy running at full speed undetected pretty much permanently (with invisibility recast probably around every 30s with beginner mods). Now I use InvisibLoki for 99% of missions, including Sorties, as my Kitgun oneshots pretty much all mobs up to level 80-ish. Octavia makes survivals and mobile defences trivial, get her as well. That being said, trivial means you stand there and recast 2 abilities again and again. Easy =/= exciting. For efficiency, get those 2. The only content I don't do regularly are open world bosses, because they take me a bit of time, and my potato laptop likes to crash in 15+ minute missions. That's not a beginner content, you will have a lot of options by then. I also sometimes use Rhino, for example to grind for Khora in Sanctuary Onslaught. Then again, it was more dependent on my melee weapon than frame. Might as well have used Inaros or Nidus. With Loki and Octavia you will be easily able to do (almost) all content, and more importantly have access to (almost) all other frames to find what works for you best. Just remember to mix it up once in a while and have fun, that's the main point.
  4. Hello everyone! I had a [Gram Toxi-critanent] for you, but now the auction is closed! Thank you for participation!
  5. It happened to me once when I spent too long figuring out Lua spy vaults. I didn't kill anything for a long time, and suddenly was given a minute or two to finish up and extract. Needlessly to say, I failed.
  6. The "screen freezes, audio/game goes on" issue was much more frequent since the last main update (and, by the way, was there for at least two years). After this hotfix, two attempts at Earth tileset Capture resulted in crashes after 2 minutes or so. One of the variety above and ctrl-alt-del-able, one requiring PC reset. I was scanning plants, so having scanner continuously on may be an issue, though I doubt it. Not in the mood to purposely crash more times to check triggers, hopefully some hotfix will follow.
  7. Few things found literally last hour (v.25.0.4), all Ropalolyst-related: - in the huge elevator/container room, if you jump on a container that's very low, you can land outside map - Ropalolyst sometimes teleports to one of the generators when out of health in the last phase (attacks once, comes back, has to be hit again, then you can blast him with the laser), - Ropalolyst sometimes gets stuck at generator floor level for few attacks; even though it looks like it hits, if it's too low it can't charge the generator - continuous falling issue still exists, in my case when mis-jumping from main platform to wires leading to last generator (fell few times and was mercifully oneshot)
  8. Hi everyone, it's feedback time! Seems like few steps were taken in the right direction, but more remains to be done. 1) Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts! Great! However, please separate weekly normal and elites, it may be frustrating to be stuck on hard elite and not being able to catch up. 2) Degrindification! Good direction, bad implementation. I am worried that since missing a task will cost more points, player satisfaction will decrease due to disliked tasks being worth more. 3) Changes to Existing Acts! 'With Clanmates / Friends' Act requirements have been removed completely - Great! Change 'Complete 5 Sorties' Elite Weekly to 'Complete 3 Sorties' - Great! Complete any '60 minute Survival' Act reduced to 30 minutes - not really necessary Ayatan Socket requirement for Acts lowered from 5 to 3 - just... just get rid of this please, or swap for finding Ayatan stars ‘10 perfect conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect conservations’ - not necessary ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’ - OK, that was a lot, I appreciate it Increase the Sanctuary Onslaught Acts from 3 rounds to 8 rounds - OK, as long as it is still cumulative please get rid of gilding and 3 forma (or decrease to 1 - three are waste of resources) 4) New Acts! Daily - fine, just hope transmutation one means use mods for transmutation. Or swap it for "recycle X mods". Weekly - I guess I'll finally try a race then. Elite - fine, but it's more of a one-time challenge, and it's VERY easy if there is no level/map restriction. Even an ungilded amp can easily slaughter everything on a lv 30 map, making stealth pointless. 5) The Emissary Looking forward to the Season 2! 6) The Wolf Good to hear thet he'll still hang around, but I hope he'll spawn in the new nerfed version and without the Molotov Brothers, so we can just obliterate him nad move on without much distraction from the mission. He's not in the spotlight anymore, right? (Some of the) Issues remaining: - Rigid scoring system. Petting a kitty is worth as much as finding 5 medallions. 10 (or now 5) bounties is worth the same as 3 capture missions. Better adjustment of prices per task (and more tasks per week) would be appreciated. - Please give us clear start and end time of the Season 2 to spare people stress and hours of "can I skip those" calculations. - Repetition (between weeks). I find it hard to believe that these are the only challenges you came up with during last 2+ months, especially after having over a hundred pages of feedback (counting only the official thread). You can, for example, throw in some Riven challenges. - Prestige system. Will it be remotely worth investing time in? You mention more creds in the initial rewards, what about keeping your players who stopped playnig the minute they got to rank 30? Kuva, void traces, little boosters every 10 ranks, please give us some incentive. - A little more lore, not just "here is a baddie, kill 'im" approach like this time. I hope we learn anything about Nora, because right now us following her feels very random.
  9. Hi everyone! I waited for the Devstream before I posted my opinion in case DE addressed the points I was going to make. They barely touched on the topic of Nightwave (and said nothing about Arbitrations), instead spending half of the time on cosmetics, so my opinion remained pretty much the same. I hope you find my feedback constructive. A little background: I am a solo player (mostly due to both my Internet and PC being what they are) with 670h of play time and I got to the rank 30 in about 8 weeks. Please remember that I am speaking for myself and as much as I sympathize, I can’t fully enter a new player/hardcore veteran mindset. Here is what I think about the Season 1. 1. Daily/weekly missions: Missions should be skill-based. I am OK with Orb/Eidolon hunting tasks, even though I never killed one – it’s fine, I play solo/casual, can’t do them yet, I skipped those missions. I am not OK with missions with friends. I did the “5 sorties in 1 week” (skill) easily, but I couldn’t get the “1 sortie with a friend” (player independent) done. Some people are forced to solo for technical or personal reasons. I’ve seen posts on the Forum by people who physically lack coordination or have no social confidence, who play solo because of other’s criticism of their team play. It was the first time I was 100% locked out of content, and it did not feel good. Missions should be possible (not necessarily easy!) for everyone. More is more. Not the other way around. By introducing less missions, you will make people who can’t do them lose more standing per week. I get that it allows for faster catch-up system, but this is easily fixed by not making people do all the current tasks before you can catch up. Just make the old ones pop up in place of completed one by one. Also, if there is stuff like Ayatans or Perfect Conservations every week, that some people find hard to complete, your version of catch-up may frustrate many players by forcing them to do these things. Some argue that you do these weekly tasks automatically, just by playing. Please remember that everyone likes to do something different. More missions every week with a weekly standing cap, rather than “you should be OK if you miss 35%”, would allow people to actually do what they like more often and reduce burnout. Standing amounts need more variation or missions have to be better adjusted. Killing 150 enemies does not equal deploying a glyph, and 1-hour survival does not equal five sorties in a week. Amounts need to be adjusted to difficulty of a task, and tasks have to be predetermined (more or less), to avoid past missions becoming worth much more or much less when you think back. Have the same amount of standing every week, but distribute it differently. Missions need to be ‘priced’ according to difficulty/time consumed/repeat numbers, and not in a rigid 1-3-5k way. Missions are too repetitive. I am not talking about “Complete 3 missions X”. I am talking about the same mission coming up every other week. Reducing 60 minute survival to 30 is pointless, difficulty was never an issue, as Nightwave is not new content (at least mission and mechanic-wise). Warframe is full of potential simple mission ideas, and I was very disappointed in the lack of variety. One of the ideas I had was to include riven unveiling-like missions. Not the “Headshot a Tusk Ballista while backflipping from a Dargyn five times in one day” kind, but there are so many I would rather do than three mobile defences, a.k.a. listen to Octavia’s 1&4 for 15 minutes. I have a more detailed idea for getting some standing the end of the post, please check it out and let me know what you think. The more variety, the more engaged your players will be. Timer. Please give us a timer for Season 2. I get that this was a test run, but PLEASE give us a timeframe next time. Not knowing how many weeks you have left is one of the top reasons of burnout and fear of missing out. 2. The Wolf encounter. Wolf encounter probability is bad. The Wolf found me four times. Twice during week 4 or 5 (same day!), and twice this week. Once per 2,5 weeks on average, with me playing daily. My solution would be to make Wolf an optional miniboss. For example: you found Fugitives > you captured two > you get a message saying they deployed a distress beacon > you destroy the beacon (or get out of range) > continue mission OR you let it signal the Wolf and he arrives to help the Molotov Brothers. This accomplishes several things: higher spawn rate, no players complaining about being not geared, new players are able to ignore him. A player in a team destroying the beacon on their own may be an issue, but how is it worse than what we have now? I am sure you could find a workaround. Make the season’s Big Bad an opt-in encounter, not an RNG unicorn. Wolf is dumb like a bag of sand. Encounters 1 and 2: speedrunning Lith relic exterminations, Wolf spawns at level +/- 11. I am invisible (Loki). I empty a clip from 6-forma Amprex at point blank range in his face. Takes a full clip to kill him, but he does not even move. Even grunts in Warframe try to shoot at your last location if you are invisible and follow you if you use loud weapons. Thumpers and Dargyns have some kind of Orokin magic in them allowing to ignore your invisibility completely sometimes. Wolf just stands there and tanks. Encounter 3: leveling gear. Still the same blind Wolf (lv 38), with three irritating extras this time. Fighting with level 5 Pangolin Sword is obviously like sculpting marble with a feather, Amp does very little (2-2-2 gilded), I think I saw the health bar move after 15 shots or so. Decided to bail, Wolf does not follow, because blindness. Encounter 4: running Axi relics. Level 48 Wolf dead after 70 Catchmoon rounds (2 forma, no riven). Fight took 2-3 minutes, and consisted of me walking backwards in a circle while invisible, because this time he actually followed me. I let him attack me a little, and honestly it felt like the Molotov Brothers were out-damaging him. He has no interesting mechanics to him, he’s just a bullet sponge, which is not the same as difficulty! Make the Big Bad actually dangerous and unique! Lack of rewards. Wolf is known mostly for dropping Molten Impact (as he did twice for me), and that’s not OK. The fight is not rewarding at all considering how rare it is for most players. I get that he will be a permanent addition, but still. Why in the Clem’s name is he not dropping Wolf Creds? If I had a currency named after me, I’d never leave house without some. Make fighting the Big Bad actually worth our time! 3. Rewards. Rank 1-30 rewards are pretty good. I liked the variety with some mods, some cosmetics. I loved the Kuva. Not much to say here. I would consider reducing the ranks to maybe 25 to reduce burnout and focus a little on the prestige system, but that’s a large, event dynamic-changing step. I was happy with the rewards, but also happy to be done with them. Prestige system is a joke. After I saw it I stopped caring and am actually not sure if I ranked up more than once since rank 30. I stopped doing Nightwave missions altogether, at least consciously. I check the missions on Monday, laugh, and do what I want, not Nora. My solution would be obviously to increase the reward, but also to add some variety. As I recommended earlier to put a cap on weekly standing, I’d remove it for prestige. I think 50 Wolf Creds would be much better, maybe in a Wolf Creds – Kuva – Endo sequence and something fun every 10 ranks. Maybe all 3 or a small booster? Remember people hoping that prestige would give the same rewards as ranks 1-30? Yeah. There is no point in doing the prestige system right now. Wolf Cred shop has no interesting items. Fortunately for current prestige system, there is nothing worthwhile in the shop. If someone played for more than 2 months and did not get the helmets before Nightwave, they probably do not care. I get that auras are nice, and new players need Nitain. I bought the decoration and as many catalysts as I could just not to waste the Creds. I would love either more unique cosmetics, or some kind of a currency exchange. I would, for example like to purchase void traces, as I am always low on those. Shop is mostly for new players (Which is OK! They need this stuff!), but Wolf Creds are pretty useless, at least for me. 4. Lore. Nora who? Unless I missed something at the beginning, we just trust this person with pretty much no explanation. Her rants became a little repetitive after a while, but that doesn’t bother me much. I would love some physical introduction to the character. Like the Corpus raiding her radio station and us helping her relocate in a rescue-like mission. I feel no attachment to her. Wolf’s motivation. There are topics on the Forum already how his story is full of holes. Yes, we don’t know his full story (to quote Nora: “news to me too”), but why would he antagonize the Tenno? He is an escaped convict, and Tenno are people who in three days can destroy for example a Fomorian, that took months to build, while being extremely reluctant and complaining how easy it is all the time. Maybe it’s in Wisp’s lore, but I’d like an enemy with a plan. 5. “Bounty Hunting +” system This is a draft of a proposal for Nightwave task, I’d love to see your feedback. It can be implemented as some capped standing per week or an alternative for catch-up system. The idea is to have few marked enemies every week and to get Season standing for killing some of them. Simply killing would not be very efficient though, unless you do it in a specific way. There would be a set of modifiers, looking for example like this (numbers of course to be discussed): Task: kill 50 Bombards (200 standing) a) with a melee weapon (+100) b) with a polearm (+100) c) with cold damage (+100) d) in a lv. 40+ mission (+100) e) in one mission (+600) Modifiers have to be fulfilled in sequence, so killing 50 bombards with a primary weapon in 1 go will yield you only basic standing. So you can get from 200 to 1200 standing per repeat, as this is meant to be repeatable, but capped. The better you are, the less repeats necessary, but also the basic standing will be earned passively as you play and kill these enemies. Let me know if this is worth discussing here or in a separate topic. TL;DR: Playable, not 100% enjoyable. Needs a lot of work and will still never satisfy everyone. I think that overall it’s a large improvement over old alerts, at least for my caliber of a player. It left me hoping for upgrades rather than despairing over the flaws (of which there are many).
  10. Hi everyone! Adding my voice to the people who mentioned Loki's Invisibility being broken, plus a visual bug: - upon reaching NIghtwave rank 29 I got notification that I got the rank 30 reward (armor). Fortunately, the Umbra Forma landed safely in my inventory.
  11. Hi everyone! Does anyone experience a hard crash looking at Nightwave missions this morning? Happened to me twice just now. Was there a mini-update or something? I saw something tiny being downloaded by launcher (maybe just the new missions). Will test more after work, I don't have time right now to reset my laptop more times. Thanks for the feedback! Update: looks like everything is OK now, may be something on my end.
  12. Hi there! So 5 minutes into game after downloading computer reset itself with a horrible screech in my headphones. I had "sound continues, game freezes" bug since forever, but that was something else. Slightly afraid to re-open Warframe. Might be something you want to look into. Lenovo Y510P, dual GeForce GT750M.
  13. With a few tweaks, this can be really good. a) People already mentioned the Sculptures mission b) Sortie with friends - bad idea. I am a solo player by both choice and necessity, as my Internet is quite bad, but at the same time I regularly solo sorties. c) I'd like to know if ignoring the Hydrolyst and Sortie missions will still easily get you to rank 30 in time
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