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  1. Thank you and I can only ask why these are missed during testing phase ? But I am very thankful you have fixed the GFX bug which has stopped me playing :).
  2. Same GFX problem as others in full screen 4k mode cant get to bottom right of screen. Spent 2 hrs on this update after the repackaging thing to make the game faster and now this, so close to starting back on other games then i get into them and warframe doesn't get a look in for another year or so. I hope you are working on this now its a game breaker cos windowed mode is crap.
  3. Door still stuck I guess no fix until the weekend is over I really think something this big should be showing in Q/A its a show stopper and now I'm off to play other games as will many thousands of other players due to this.
  4. Have you fixed the trading bug 1 side sees all 6 items other just see's one ? I would say that is a massive priority otherwise Plat stops moving as people won't trade ?
  5. Trade is bugged it's a great improvement btw but wen i choose six my trading partner is only seeing 1 so kind of screws with trading hehe!
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