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  1. That's a relief; thanks for the heads up. Back to farming it is.
  2. I didn't do only 30 runs; I had 30 runs which the C rotation reward awarded one of the lowest chance drops (according to the wiki, those are the following mods: Metal Auger, Rime Rounds and Scattering Inferno). I had many other runs that I didn't count, which dropped me relics instead.
  3. This problem happens all the time for me as well
  4. Title. I've been farming Ivara Chassis blueprint from Spy missions for 4 days now, with no luck. Tried on Pavlov (Lua), Bode (Ceres) and Valac (Europa). Got multiple (over 30) rare drops from rotation C drops, but no Chassis. Also, there have been some instances where even with 3 recovered vaults, I got only 2 identified items. I suspect the item might have been accidentally removed from the drop table.
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