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  1. Given the time required to open one relic vs. regular starchart gameplay missions, I do feel like you should consider a multiple relic cracking system for void storms. It would add a lot of replayability to these missions instead of being a content island to farm Sevagoth parts, and it would give a possibility to get rid of 1000+ relic stacks. The ammount of relics selected could increase the overall level of the enemies in these missions to add more risk. If it's hard to implement in co-op, it would be possible in solo by assigning relics to the crewmates? Maybe this could even be r
  2. Thank you for the update on this matter. Don't forget there is still 3000 standing missing from the Feed the Helminth weekly challenge which only awarded 1500 on the 1st week.
  3. What does it mean to have repaired 30 Wreckage? I have fully built my Railjack with all weapons (5 Lavan T3 + 5 Vidar T3 + 5 Zekti T3), plus all T3 Reactors, Shields and Engines. However, this only amounts to 24 wreckage since I held on to my resources and only crafted tier 3 components. It doesn't seem fair for a player who repaired 30 T1 parts to receive the higher compensation, while I would receive the medium compensation.
  4. Can confirm that the same thing happened to me, Wolf Howl is not giving the 50 creds for people who had it previously to this nightwave intermission.
  5. After two weeks after the Old Blood update, I think it's time to recover a topic that did not gain a lot of traction due to the amount of changes that this update required. Now that DE is fixing and adding new features to the Kuva Lich hunt, let's talk about the name kuva weapons get when you claim them. Since each kuva weapon comes from a specific kuva lich, it makes sense to add their information to the weapon. However, i don't think the weapon's name should include the kuva lich's name, as it makes it unnecessarily long when you check other player's loadout: https://imgur.com/RwSzpTF .
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