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  1. nah nah denied. when i checked these new mods it was obvious enough that mods are for a solo players only. Why Nidus players often go rather upset when they play in a group? Players in a group simply kills mobs faster than Nidus can stack mutations. And with these timed effcets of these mods all of us will suffer the same sitatuon as Nidus players. Our buffs from mods will run off rather quick. Aside from glaring issues with how we get these mods, considering their cost endo and credits wise, mechanics behind them, i see a problem here. Let us not forget that our weapon should be able to
  2. i really don't want to pick apart OP so i just say this. melee as it now are good enough. they do their work, i can pick and choose which one to use so overall melee weapons are good. but this is not a reason to give them a gigantic nerf through mods, i think the smater decision would be to leave melee as is and just buff primary and secondary instead. I honestly do not understand this at all, because each every weapon in the game allow players to do starchart and steel path. I mean i use melee for energy regen and i run with primary and secondary most of the time, but what i see in
  3. i use zaw machete for additional energy regen. exergis and mara detron because i like those. i only switched to Nova for SP emissary. 2 hours of any survival easy if you want to, but that's stupid and boring.
  4. yeah, space combat in the space ship. kinda what i expected from RJ. but nope, no fun allowed
  5. sadly it's no longer the case, try Flexia.
  6. mhm... i think there is a rather good chance that farming relics for plat on a star chart in order to just buy new wf is probably faster than do void storms, also your eyes won't bleed as much. as for dead content... RJ was a different type of gameplay, it offered space battles, pure and simple. With the introduction of corpus part of RJ missions i have a feeling that DE are set to make RJ less popular as possible. Corpus part of RJ has so many needless complications and offer the very same missions as on start chart, which kinda undermines RJ as feature of the game as a whole in my
  7. 1)can i use my own RJ or i would still join some other players RJ in the public mission? 2) Why do we need a more complicated void fissure? I mean. Let say i need to open x number of relics and i have a choice. To run Capture ~2 mins a run max and to do a void storm which takes longer. I will unlock one relic in both cases, but the latter takes more time. Why would i ever do that? What is the point? Am i missing something? Just allow to load let say 10 relics per void storm run instead of one, at least it will justify time spent on a run. 3) Quest... meh. Song? meh. When i
  8. Another thing to note. DE dearest do you know what was the major issue for Scarlet Spear operation in space? Our Railjacks served the only purpose, and that purpose was to taxi players from point A to point B. And with RJ 3.0 you guys did exactly the same. As it now RJ is our taxi to Extermination, Mobile defense and Defense missions. But guess what? i can do all these missions without RJ, on a star chart. Shameful display (C).
  9. oh my god... well, in addition what @Pixxel_5 said, i want to add few why questions 1) why i have to run to the exit in a certain missions? DE do you undestand that i hit recall as soon as i leave this area, so why you are you forcing me to go to the extraction? not to mention that if i play public entire squad have to wait there. why? 2) why are forcing us to squad actions? i may assume that game modes such as defence is somehow require it so you force people to run let say a defense in full squad. I mean one person could do that when other players can do other objects, like ra
  10. everytime i see one of these topics i lose a little bit of faith in human race. are people getting more dumb over the years or it is just me getting more bitter and cynical with every day? "why game does not explain to me how to play, and i want a silver platter as well... and a cookie" >_>
  11. Harness. The reason to continue to play RJ solo. RJ is supposed to be my own ship, not a communal one. Just fail to understand why you wanna change things which are not broken.
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