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  1. that assumes i need to do something first. like infuse some ability or what not. this is exactly the same situation as with "kill kuva lich"
  2. long story short Necron gauss rifles and other funny stuff will melt warframes to a green poo, later on necrons will wear cloaks and masks made of skin of operators.
  3. yeah it was fun to look at these stats from Mag/Exergis/Mara Detron/Cyath Zaw POV.
  4. i think you had too much warfame or video games in general.
  5. well i can't post it here because it's slaanesh, but your post kinda have the meaning of that joke.
  6. do you know slaaneshi baneblade joke?
  7. oh really? is there some particular Starchart mission she can't do?
  8. Nyx is one of the best frames in the game but only under certain conditions. tl;dr she is unkillable. You need very good weapons, you need to use operator in order to provide mobility. She can remove armor as well, and she can do that very well. And you can now switch her 1 for something better. If Mag would not exists i would probably main Nyx... or Banshee.
  9. no i distribute it myself, and only because i have to walk all the way to void trader. if i could just warp to void trader i wouldn't even bother with pushing that button. honestly. it would be better idea to allow mr30 provide a normal booster once in a week, current system is not worth it. i am a bad person. ah no dude, we are just players like everybody else, that mr30 means absolutely nothing because game ends at mr6.
  10. tl;dr topic starter want a glorification of his titanic deed of reaching mr30. is my assumption a correct one?
  11. i want sword and pistol combo.
  12. yeap, it's only 7 years as it broken.
  13. depressing is when people find this game hard or challenging. Mastery rank, mission time and any other type measurment that people like to throw are irrelevant. as @Alkarnus already mentioned, it all comes down to mods and builds, because you can do everything in this game with braton, lato and skana. So you can ignore this nonsense like "it is to early for you" or "spent x amount of time in the game", those are baseless and ignorant comments.
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