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  1. yeah, i logged into the game just for that. statement still stands, there is no need for r5 arcanes. exodias are useless, amp arcanes in their current state already make Tridolons a rather trivial encounter. and that's that, i see no use for amps except for Tridolons. no, my point is that at mr4 we unlock a weapon which can carry us over entire starchart and sorties, at mr6 we unlock a weapon which allows to do Tridolons and Orbs, at mr11 we unlock Lanka, and yeah i still consider it to be the best weapon for tridolons. And i think highest mr required for rivens is mr16. After t
  2. it is irrelevant before people even hit mr30. game ends at mr11 fyi. maybe at mr16 if you are into riven things. if some people would achieve it a little bit sooner makes no difference at all. and that bone you say DE should throw at Founders would make absolutely no effect on day to day gameplay. exodia contagion last time i checked made a red crit for 6 digits number. do you want more? what for? same goes for operator arcanes and kitguns arcanes. granted, arcane bolt might enjoy to some buff on the timer though, but not through making it a r5 arcane.
  3. look... mr30 is just a number, don't make it sounds like it is something bigger than that. what concerns me is how DE would implement that relay booster feature, because it can go both ways, extremely good or extremely bad. is it really needed?
  4. except it's not a bug. DE introduced primary kitguns in your stat screen so you can see how you use them. But hence they can't do it properly, as many other things, we have what we have.
  5. you know... when i decided to reach highest mr avaliable at that moment i crafted ALL weapons and frames i could get, bought a booster and grinded all of them in 3 days time at SO/ESO... after that i quit playing for several months due to burn out. so i guess people who take it slow are the ones who do it right. because now i sit 18k affinity away from mr30 and the only benefit that i see is daily rep cap, which helped me a little bit on a new open world area.
  6. that's not what op said. rewards are good, no doubt about that, but does it make MR30 a goal worth chasing? no, not really.
  7. yeah, but all of that hardly matters. umbra formas? yeah it seems cool, but again i can use these here and there, and maybe i will use it on some Prime variants of frames in the future... probably in two years assuming i would still play this product. rivens? emm... pretty much the same, i only use so much weapons which do have some kind of synergy with certain frames and default number of riven slots is enouh to be honest. loadouts? well... i have my main frame, i have 2 frames for tridolons and 1 frame for Orbs and all purpose slot... that's it. And don't get me wrong, MR30 re
  8. how does it matter now? what would change in this game? CoD-style prestige thing which should keep people continue playing? oh please.
  9. yeah you were right, it's primary kitgun indication. well... all i have to do is to build 3 more primary kitguns, gild them and rank out again. Well done DE... goooood job.
  10. it is safe to assume that these gray chambers are for Deimos kitguns. I mean, it's gonna be a reskin like with kavats and kubrows.
  11. but that's about it. gameplay wise, from coop perspective and even difficulty wise, ME3 is still a better game than a Warframe.
  12. *sigh* alright https://i.imgur.com/EAenvXq.png profile screen now looks glossy as.. you know what. also why are those primary kitguns grey? do they give mastery now or this is just yet another bug? a placeholder for infested kitguns i assume? guys, these infested pets are simply kubrows and kavats with a different skin, don't tell me infested kitguns would be yet another reskin with some minor features. p.s. how to post images now?
  13. Ok. Heart of Deimons... I want to congratulate DE, you guys managed to create clearly hostile open world area. When i saw a human skull on some rock i was really impressed by that fact. Day/Night cycle change is fun, introduction of Necramech has been amazing. ok by the list 1) IsoVaults, these are fun. Although i would prefer if T2/T3 would be more obvious to trigger. Secret rooms are nice addition to the bounty. 2) Necramechs. Although it makes a very nice first impression, overall these vehicles are useless for all missions except Isovaults. Necramechs are too slow for n
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