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  1. oh yes, you just set artificial difficulty for yourself because game can't challenge you in any possible way.
  2. Scarlet Spear sigils, any of them, do not work on the operator. Is there a way to fix it? and i mean this:
  3. ... that sounds like ah... oversight? to put it lightly? i mean certain powers scale with melee weapons and certain sets, and you are saying that by adding a melee weapon with infinity melee combo was not your intention? right.
  4. yeah-yeah. i was hoping it would be some additional currency which players can trade for certain goods, but nope it's just... what we see. Sanctuary Onslaught is an exterminate mission with nightmare timer mission modifier. re-use of assets, a good one. - anyway this game is a horde shooter after all and i'm fine with this, it's just shame that a developer only managed to make a single one encounter in the game which actually fun (subjective), but this startchart+ is just... cheap. and it's cheap on many aspects.
  5. *sigh* alright, i watched some videos about this "hard mode". it's basically a starchart in new game+. I wonder how long it took to develop such concept? 2 mins during a coffee break i assume. Basically this piece of content will be played once for mastery, for decoration, whatever, and then forgotten. But hey it's not something new right?
  6. Mhm. I'm pretty sure there is already some reviews on Hard Mode on the youtube, gonna check them out soon. But...ah... level 100 mobs. What is a level 100 mob? It's a trash. They die from a spit in their general direction, which means DE may do this a stupid way. And by stupid way i mean they might buff their shields, armor and health, which would make entire experience of this Steel Path annoyingly slow, boring, poor or to put it simply, bad. Now given that most of the mobs that may cause problems to players have some kind of damage resistance, immunity to powers etc. Chances that DE would do it a stupid way are very high. So, i'm fully expect damage sponges in this Steel Path thingy. And i really hope that i'm wrong, because i can strip armor, buff my damage and somehow counter-act such approach on foot, but i really, really hope that AW missions will not be included into Steel Path. But, again, i also have tiny, little hope that i'm wrong and DE would come with some sort of good game design for this game mode.
  7. the only part of content that kept me occupied for a very long time is actually PoE. Not only Tridolons, but PoE in general. At the same time Fortuna looks like rushed piece of something. Just compare Ghouls and Plague Star with Thermia. So i was really disappointed in Fortuna, well at least we can teleport to LD without triggering a dialogue after how long? 2 years? great. good qol improvement, DE. For a half of decade DE didn't managed to come up with any type of content which would make high level players to login into the game eagerly or at very least on a positive note. Because for me game feels like a chore, which results in: "aight, where is my login reward? mhm. ktnxbye!" New corpus tileset... Jesus H. Christ. They actually managed to remove most convenient defense map in the game and now we have a map with limited LoS, with mobs stuck in the corners and g-d forbid if you have Vauban or Khora on the team. New corpus tileset is also the worst tileset for survival as well. Too much useless space, travel time of mobs is too great. But hey! we still have Outer Terminus! Enjoy. And some personal gripes, like Magnetize being broken for the last 3 months, it's gonna be 4 months on july 5th. After 6 years DE can't fix "skip animation" bug upon joining a mission... Is the game became worse? i don't think so. i see little changes in the game actually(aside from PoE which is imho the best piece of content DE came up with). Game is pretty much the same as it has been since open beta. And don't even begin with but DE did this or DE did that, look at these quests etc. etc. Game does not provide players with goals or challenges, WF as game is full of artificial goals which players set before themselfs, without these artificial goals WF is "i downloaded, i saw, i deleted" type of game. So until DE would somehow change that, game would remain the very same product that hit open beta 7 years ago.
  8. yeap. basically void fissuers with corpus ship maps are just no go if it's survival or defense. i don't remember the name, but in recommended at youtube there was a video from some wf partner i believe. and he said something like "new tileset is great", and on this video he is running survival on corpus ship tileset with protea. the amusing part is the time he spent on the map and how much life support he had left. i beleive it was 4:30 mark with 46% life support left. >_> yeah dude, new corpus tileset is just great. mmmmmhm.
  9. you mean that horrible defense map and tileset with rooms so large that travel time for mobs on survival run is just too great? looks nice though. plays bad, but looks nice.
  10. yeah... can't see emblems, can barely see magnetize bubble, can't see kuva etc. etc. *sigh* exactly what @zueskiee demonstrated.
  11. Kel_Silonius

    End Game

    what? kek. Dude... Mag is third best frame for solo survivals in the game. She melts level 300 in seconds. The only frames which are better is probably Nidus as the first place and Ash as second place. And i mind you unless it's ESO, at which case, yes, there are better options in terms of frames and weapons, but in the long run? Lanka can do a lot, and i mean a lot of damage.
  12. Kel_Silonius

    End Game

    i would say Lanka but i guess to each its own. My primary for Mag in the most cases is Lanka. Exergis comes second and Supra Vandal comes third. Now Lanka has innate PT, best shot combo and 3rd zoom mode buff. Each projectile does ~500k+ red crit damage in the bubble. Which is nice, but on a starchart level such numbers is simply not needed.
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