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  1. This is great but it would be just a bit better if crashing into walls would do the same as Divebomb.
  2. Regarding customisation: - Any updates on the Material picker (i.e. choosing if a channel is metallic, matte, rubber, ect.)? - Any chance we'll ever be able to customize attachments (as well as helmets) individually (as well as change their positions/angle)? This would make mix matching different sets which often have different color channels. - Is a Starchart (meaning the Navigation menu) visual update in the works? The current one is starting to show its age. Regarding Liches: - Changes coming to how Liches are acquired? Current process feels way to artificial
  3. Regarding Railjacks in Relays. Please allow them in all Relays but lock the door behind some sort of requirement (like mastery rank or completing the quest). While I understand why you would add them from Saturn relay onward, having some relays without this QoL change makes it very clunky for more experienced players whilst providing no benefit for newer players.
  4. Black squares have been popping up recently on my screen in certain missions, I do not have any screenshots of my own but they're identical to the ones i found in this old thread (albeit sometimes larger): Black squares covering screen - Performance - Warframe Forums The issue first started when I changed to DirectX12 and was almost permanent when loading into the Cambion Drift. The black squares would pop up in the beginning of the mission (they´re not static, increasing and reducing in size all the time) and desapear after some time, only to return some minutes later. Changing back to D
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