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  1. Okay so I was gonna trade an Omega imprint to someone. I have a female omega kubrow imprint. I was then shown a male omega imprint and told I was wrong. So do I have a glitch or something?? I was legit told I have a female omega kubrow and Ive seen my other friend have one. He showed it to me over a year or two ago. So wtf is it just uncommon to see one or what??? I can try to make and update and get a picture to show if needed.
  2. So just to clarify THIS WAS NOT ON MY ACCOUNT BUT I AM REPORTING THE BUG. Okay so about two to three hours before the plains update my boyfriend was changing the colors of his frames and came up with some cool new combinations. Basically as most people would say he was fashion framing. Anyways we both just got up and its the next day and all his color combinations for the frames are reverted back to what he previously had. I though he was just being upset at the game but he showed me and tbh I helped him make some and its a bit upsetting. Just wanna make this known and wanna know if anyone else suffered this horror. No one likes losing their hard work of fashion framing, I sure as hell dont. Edit: It also #*!%ed with his actual mods set ups from yesterday... Jesus christ warframe can you fix some bugs instead of just throwing new S#&$ at us. I feel like with that whole new some warframes have two energy colors it is #*!%ing with loadouts like it did with my bfs.
  3. Just sitting here watching my boyfriend play warframe and he said a brilliant idea in my opinion. We have Zaw and Kitguns. Next obviously seems like itd be a primary and my boyfriend came up with an idea of it being a bow which not gonna lie Id happily make a badass custom bow. I love bows and tbh I would love to learn to use a bow irl, also bows in warframe dont really seem that popular sadly. ;-; It may make them have a nice comeback and itd give a really unique like spark in warframe. Just my opinion though Im curious though does anyone else think this would be cool.
  4. So Ive been noticing this recently and its not just on my account, Ive seen it on my boyfriends account as well but when you are in a mission and you click on a persons profile like to look at their warframe cuz you cant see it in game or just to look at stats it says host migration then you end up by yourself. I remember clicking on my friends profile to see which of us had a lower hacking time and I ended up all by myself and the rest of the squad was together. Id like to be able to view a person profile without this. I assume it is a bug but Im unsure. I also dont have video proof since I havent ever really recorded it yet. But I can record it later on today possibly.
  5. Thats a good idea but remember not everyone has that launcher or whatever it is you use to get them. I sadly am not high enough 😕 If you read someone already told me that and sent the link to me as well so it wasn't necessary. I also dont know what weapon that is? If its a kitgun its kinda useless to just show the mod set up. Since depending the parts it can differ greatly.
  6. Well. S#&$ thank you though finally got an answer for my question. I dont like going with the rest of the crowd tbh so I have a different kitgun. Id be fine with my usual set up of weapons but this one time he was lvl61 and most of use were upgrading the dex weapons... If its not obvious enough we sucked and died a lot and I think one guy didnt even get the reward cause he died right as we killed him. It took like 10-15 minutes too of just constant tenno form, dead, trying with dex weapons, tenno form, actual dying and it was just ugghhh painful but kinda rewarding.
  7. Understandable. I guess I will be playing Mag more to test it out.
  8. Well going off of the fact he is I guess you can say similar to the stalker I could use it on him.
  9. It sucks I have to go to here cause xbox one's region chat is full of useless, rude and not so helpful people. I just struggled with a Chroma Prime, Nidus, and Nova Prime to take down the Wolf. I was playing as Banshee Prime not thinking he would pop up since Ive only seen him once but he disappeared, literally. Thats a lovely warframe feature for another topic though. Anyways I would love to know if Mags second ability works on the Wolf and itd be nice to know if any other abilities like that work on him.
  10. Again with you and the tanks. I guess you didnt understand my shortened version of why self sustaining tanks are a utility. It also seems you couldnt put two and two together to think of how they are good. First of all a self healing Excalibur, Garuda, Nezha or any other warframe you put life strike on their melee would make acceptional self tanks. With the help of the mod gaurdian derision they would be like a typical tank drawing in the arggo as you had mentioned. Surviving isnt just not being a liability to your team but it means they can focus more on the enemies. I dont understand why you seem so hateful or just not understanding of how self sustaining warframes are beneficial. Basically you dont have to worry about them and depending on their abilities they can put out that dps, cc, debuff or support. Examples: A Trinity, I personally can tank in Trinity and stay alive while doing a ton of damage to the enemies ironically with a melee, my zaw or dual kamas prime to be specific. I can also heal, give a damage reduction, give energy, and depending on my auguments i can give people overshields or take down a few enemy's armor by I believe about 40%. Example: Being a tank with Excalibur. He can self heal, deal damage, cc, and get rid of a hoard of enemies around a struggling ally. Quite useful. Example: I hate the term squishy, a warframe is only squishy if you cannot learn to play them. Anyways Mag. I could tank and deal so much damage with Mag. She is a crowd control, could temporarily stop every enemy around her and her team, can give overshield, shield if it is depleted, and can do a ton of damage. Her second ability isnt just for the enemy inside any enemies that walk into that bubble and you shoot into the damage is amped up and hits them since it is technically spinning in circles. If this doesnt please your understanding there is also Garuda. Takes the damages, heals herself and squad, slash procs enemies, can be a monster with her claws ironically a melee. I could literally make a seperate post explaining almost every single warframe and how they can be a tank and beneficial to a team. A few warframes i do not play well or do not have so thats why I say almost. Hopfeully you get the point though. If they can survival they can use their abilities and more than obviously instead of like a typical tank taking all that damage towards them they can redirect it or temporarily render the enemies useless. Your last sentence was confusing. Please go through and look at what you type to correct the errors they are starting to confuse me and Id rather not misunderstand you. Alright I have mentioned this before, if you do not understand why people love melee aim gliding and how they know and believe it is not useless, you cant really speak on the topic. I personally was more agile with the melee out rather than a gun. I could be everywhere in an area in a short matter of time with my melee. If you arentagile with melee that is fine but others may only be very agile with it. You have to consider that when you actually try to understand why it was good and useful. Currently I enjoy the melee (excluding the channeling, autoblocking, no melee gliding, and how you cannot constantly have the melee out) but the more I was playing it seemed too free. Switching between weapons like that is too open too free and I dont like or understand the logic behind it. There should be some delay. The way the melee was before was a perfect representation of actual combat. You must holster your weapons, with melee you can whip it out in a few short but strong attacks but can put it back instantly and have your guns. Then when you fully pull it out you can do combos and such. That makes sense this current system is confusing to logic in my opinion. Yes the tenno may be fast and such but still no one is that fast. Also I never implied I need to watch all the dev streams to understand I said they do not work with my time and honestly I dont wish to waste my time listening to any idle chat I want straight to the point what is happening with a game I really enjoy and love. I do not know when the devs decided to try and "test" melee 3.0 but I have no memory of testing this. If they supposedly tested this it would greatly appreciated if they allowed the community to test it not a select few.
  11. It can help your team and Im not saying the tank warframes or typical tank warframes I mean like an self sustaining warframe. But any warframe can help a team literally ANY WARFRAME so for you think they are not a utility makes it seem as though you dont pay attention to others while in game and what they actual do. If you think melee is terrible at high levels where they can one shot you Im sorry but your three years on warframe mean nothing. You have no idea how overpowered the melee is in this game. It is beyond usefull. And no I do not watch the devs streams I mainly watch a summarized version when a youtuber makes one. Its a lot easier for me considering I dont have twitch and my time doesnt work with their streams.
  12. dont understand what you mean by a self tank isnt a utility. Im sorry but if you can hold your own ground that is amazing, it means you can stay alive and keep assisiting the team. You can also ya know revive so I dont really understand him being at the bottom of this tier list. Those self sustaining tanks have come to my aid more times that I can count. Just because they are self sustaining doesnt mean they lack skill. Your assumptions kinda seem in a way like you didnt research about it or anything. Honestly the overall problems with melee right now is the blocking is auto which really that takes the fun out of having to block on your own. The devs giving us auto blocking from this community whining most likely is because they are lazy. Im sorry but thats stupid. There is no game that I can really think of that has auto blocking, its understandable if some melees have it or soem exalted weapons but not overall. The melee aim glide was nice and amazing for those who loved to see their customized weapon in front fo them ready to murder the next target. This whole melee channeling is horrible. I wouldnt have such an issue if the button was LT still but being the right analog stick hurts my wrist. I have tried it out on excalibur a few times and tbh its time consuming, not so much as "flows better" as we were told.
  13. I use rage and life strike. Its an easy and very nice combo for the cost of little capacity. I cannot get chromatic blade yet so eh. But I dont sole rely on that. It is one fo those if there is no way to really heal its a quick and efficient way to heal. Having to push in the right analog stick which I have just tried quite a bit hurts my wrist more. I play siege and usin that stick to lean also hurts so I usually dont play a lot. This is the main reason I say this is pointless. The channeling was perfect I coudl tap, regain health and continue kicking so corpus or grineer butt. With this change the channeling button its just inconevniently placed. I enjoyed countless hours of playing warframe but now its gonna be hard enjoying those endless survivals with my excalibur. My boyfriend suggested this and it would be absolutely perfect. If the devs really cared about the feedback and their game itsepf try doing what world of tanks does. Theres a test server or just a simple option for us to test new things. And dont like have a select few use it cause obviously they cant represent everyone. This allows us to give you direct feedback on what you are thinking we will like. This could probably also find and help fix bugs and who knows having that might just bring back the player base more.
  14. So you come here to complain about my "****" post then complain about me ranting, seems weird dont it. The change of channeling is literally just a problem. There is no need to change that. There is no way it "flows better" when I have to toggle the channeling then make sure I push it again just to heal when before they made this ridiculous change all I needed to do was activate my fourth then tap the left trigger and hit B one time or so and Id regain my health. That seems to flow a lot better than having to make sure I push in an analog stick I am not at all used to using like thatal all. Also your assumption of me fearing change seems very irrelevant
  15. First off SutomuDrgn, the game isnt all about dealing damage. Its partcially you cpuld say a strategical game. Considering you can form teams of certain warframes to be more efficient in a mission and such. Either way glidng with melee is not pointless. It was a way to get around while having your melee out and tbh it was quite entertaining, you could also block during it so its not as if you were just spreading your arms asking to be shot at by enemies. Remember dealing damage isnt always the most important thing. Finally towards wizardeiges just because a person has a small amount of posts bexause they do not have much to talk about until it greatly affects them in game means nothing. Just because they dont post a lot does not mean they cannot see the posts of others that seem to always be ignored. Also melee aim gliding as previously said isnt pointless but rather it was quite fun and it had purpose. Also judging from your explination you seem to be using a keybpard and mouse not a 360 controller. There isnt just an L button. Also pushing the right analog stick is uncomfortable and due to soem mods you do not want to forget about it because it is toggled. So making sure you remember to push it again so you dont drain your energy faster that a 30% efficiency valkyr with hysteria is kind of a pain to those who are used to simply tapping LT tp trigger the mod. This entire melee update is horrible. The flow is nice but it is too free in my opinion. If we had an option to have the original set up then Id be completely fine sadly we dont have that ability.
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