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  1. That's besides the point, half the guns in the game could probably be labeled "not that good of a weapon".
  2. I do agree that its amusing that every ship has 4 perfect warframe extraction slots that are exposed to the vacuum of space and are so close together that 4 landing craft could never fit.
  3. Yeah, go ahead and nerf the bramma into the ground. Then literally nobody will be doing liches.
  4. I think that's because the blast used to do self damage, the thought being that you'd want range to keep that AoE from melting off your face.
  5. If any faction is starved for attention, content and lore its the infested.
  6. Pretty sure the reason they're updating the corpus ships is for Railjack. Would kind of defeat the purpose of adding shiny new railjack missions if they look like they were made in 2013. :B
  7. My hopes for pets 2.0? That they actually decide to release it someday. I was incredibly excited when he was talking about adding a pet command wheel, getting rid of stasis, adding in genetic traits and buffing the helminth charger. Then he was absent for like 4 streams and every time chat would ask they'd brush it off because he wasn't present. Then when he is present all he'd do is say that stasis is being removed "soon". Nothing about the actual changes we care about, sounds like the update is so far off I'm not even concerned with it anymore, its one of those backburner features that they'll get to someday in the distant future.
  8. Why would you assume you could bypass a feature in the game? If you want to "delete" your lich kill the damn thing and don't spawn another. The grind isn't that bad, spend a few hours and kill the damn thing, then you'll never have to do it again.
  9. Still won't stop people from crying and moaning about it, also I didn't say the next one would be equally as obnoxious simply that nerfing the bramma isn't going to magically fix the problem. 🤣
  10. If you're playing the game for immersion or role play, you should probably do it solo, I know solo sucks but if other players who play in a way opposed to your preferred style there's not much else you can do. The Bramma might be obnoxious but there are plenty of other "immersion breaking" weapons/frames that make the game barely enjoyable for everyone involved. Even if they nerf the bramma another obnoxious AOE meta will take its place.
  11. Pretty sure the only times the vandal variant has been released was its initial event and once as a Tennocon stream reward or something of that nature.
  12. At least its not the wolf coming in hammering your reproductive organs.
  13. I think they only big change he needs is to remove the requirement to have enemies in his gut to use his 2/3/4. Make it so using them without enemies in your belly just casts the basic low-level versions so you're not locked out of using them at any time. For his 3, make it spit a toxin loogie instead. Then when you have enemies in your belly increase the strength of his powers, so it rewards you for sucking in more enemies at once so you can cast power abilities quickly afterwards. I think the drain wouldn't be so much of an issue if he was powerful for a limited time while your energy ticks down. Also, the damn 8 second sentient escape thing needs to be changed. Its hard to make use of any of his abilities when the sentients just slip out. Then if you try to re-eat them they just escape instantly. They really screwed Grednel vs sentients.
  14. You don't need a built railjack to play railjack missions, as if they're hard. It takes less commitment than killing the profit taker or a Hydrolyst but those are missions and nobody *@##$es about those
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