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  1. Pretty sure the only times the vandal variant has been released was its initial event and once as a Tennocon stream reward or something of that nature.
  2. At least its not the wolf coming in hammering your reproductive organs.
  3. I think they only big change he needs is to remove the requirement to have enemies in his gut to use his 2/3/4. Make it so using them without enemies in your belly just casts the basic low-level versions so you're not locked out of using them at any time. For his 3, make it spit a toxin loogie instead. Then when you have enemies in your belly increase the strength of his powers, so it rewards you for sucking in more enemies at once so you can cast power abilities quickly afterwards. I think the drain wouldn't be so much of an issue if he was powerful for a limited time while your energy ticks down. Also, the damn 8 second sentient escape thing needs to be changed. Its hard to make use of any of his abilities when the sentients just slip out. Then if you try to re-eat them they just escape instantly. They really screwed Grednel vs sentients.
  4. You don't need a built railjack to play railjack missions, as if they're hard. It takes less commitment than killing the profit taker or a Hydrolyst but those are missions and nobody *@##$es about those
  5. Ain't that some bullcrap. I try it, its expired. I go to sleep and it was reactivated. But now its expired... again.
  6. I really want more gun skins, like complete remodels. We've seen a few here or there but damn if Tennogen could do guns... I can only imagine the wacky S#&$ Vulbjorn would come up with. Yeah that'd take a lot more effort because you have to take into account animations and such but damn. I would be in heaven if we could swap the models out on our favorites.
  7. Its interesting that they're separating landing craft from the air support abilities. Wonder how we'll equip them and does that mean they'll be fixing some of the awful ones? (most of them)
  8. Well yeah, you're correct. Its just amusing that a radio personality's super power would be to put her audience to sleep. 😄
  9. I hadn't considered that the reason she calls her listeners "dreamers" is because she's talking to people who she put to sleep.
  10. Yes, actually. lol Most PvE communities I've been a part of don't want the devs to nerf the strong stuff, they want to keep it hidden and enjoy it as long as they can. People here moan about anything that's good, then whine when things do get nerfed.
  11. It was showed on stream that it deploys a little device that broadcasts Nora's radio waves onto the battlefield and it puts the enemies to sleep. I guess not even the Corpus want to listen to her babble about nothing. I figured it was going to be some kind of sonic shockwaves of badassitude that just kill/cripple the enemies with their intensity. But no, the Tenno just flood their com system with Nora's frequency and it puts them to sleep 😄
  12. This is the only PvE game I have played where the community rabidly demand the dev team nerf everything.
  13. I haven't noticed any nerfs.
  14. Yeah, I don't get why folk in the Warframe community thing that its the console manufacturer's greed holding cross-save back in Warframe. There are plenty of other games both free-to-play and otherwise that are cross-play on consoles. Games that have in-game economies with microtransactions and premium currencies. Yet they're allowed to exist on those platforms despite what people think. I don't know why anyone would assume that Warframe is the exception, that Sony and Microsoft are so damn greedy that they refuse to let this one game be cross-save but all the others are okay.
  15. Glaives in general need a massive buff or at least some tweaks/fixes.
  16. Maybe its just me but this is one of the easier ones to complete. Sure there are a couple of animals that are a pain to hit in the right spot but the vast majority of them are easy to take down if you know how to track them.
  17. If a topic is found to be duplicate its often merged with another preexisting thread of the same theme.
  18. I just want a wear and tear slider for the inside. 😞 But I'd be down for some base railjack skins.
  19. I haven't been around forever so I don't know if this is a common complaint but I really don't like how Warframe specters work. The AI is brain-dead, they kinda just follow you around or stand in place if you tell them to. If they get knocked back they're to stupid to return to the waiting point, so they're not even that useful and a weapon emplacement. They hardly use their abilities, some of them completely ignore half of their progenitor frame's kit. They don't use your appearance at all, they're just default and that's no fun at all and for some reason they glow like a Christmas tree. Oh and their weapons completely ignore how you build them, if you wanted to come up with a unique loadout for specific missions they don't comply. Plus they hardly even use anything but their primary, you'd think you could just give them a secondary or melee if you wanted them to use those but no, you have to give them an entire loadout of items they won't use. With the prospect of us getting a command wheel for pets on the horizon I'd hope that specters could benefit from this somehow. Tell them to follow, wait, protect, whatever would be great.
  20. If anything I'll consistently use it for leveling purposes. Being able to start on high level enemies sounds incredibly useful.
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