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  1. Have tried again running sister larvling spawn missions. Im doing ishtar on Venus. All I'm getting Is the cycron. I know about rng and all that but something feels off. Have most of the weapons from larvling, just need envoy and flux. Didn't have anything like this prior to the update. I know updates can unintentionally disrupt certain functions in game that's why i feel something Isn't right. I could be wrong but just feels off to me.
  2. Have just attempted to spawn a sister larvling with tenet envoy weapon but instead got tenet cycron 5 times in a row? I thought there was a mechanism in place to protect against same weapon spawn 1 after the other to save us wasting time. Is this a bug? Also have noticed while mining the diamond shaped guide around target has gone, Is this a bug also?
  3. Yeah this seems sketchy to me. What's your game eh? Links to dodgy sites?
  4. I complained a while ago about uncommon forma being a thing. X3 would definitely ease the annoyance of that a little, or even it just be built already. Maybe even 1 hr build time
  5. This is a petition in regards to ' uncommon forma '. It's a simple YES or NO to uncommon forma not being a thing anymore, and the 2 slots being filled with parts of the warframe/frames of the moment or prime junk from burston, braton, bronco akbronco, fang Paris orthos and lex. There are plenty of parts to choose from. It just feels bad getting uncommon forma, bit like getting the ' wooden spoon' . If you feel the need to write a long essay on why this is wrong please feel free. Same goes for disagreeing with my opinion. But in the end it just feels like a booby prize when a Forma appears with a silver bar below it. Thanks for reading.
  6. Just signed in and noticed nightmare missions were missing from the system map and UI menu. Signed out and in again to see if it was just a glitch but no change. Also changed to steel path to see if that made a difference but it didn't. I'm in the UK but use north American region if it helps for resolving it. Ok they have appeared now.
  7. Having a continuous ' network not respoding ' message. It booted me from the game and kept loading continuously on log in screen. Not able to log in. I'm in uk if it helps
  8. It took me about a year and a half to get all kuva weapons. Dubba stubbas being the last one with at least 200+ runs on cassini capture on Saturn. I did them when i felt like it. There will always be people burning through content as soon as it drops, but I'm not 1 of them and i play ALOT!!!!! Take your time, no rush. Also give it a couple of months and they will reduce the grind.
  9. Was just peruseing the codex and noticed disruption still has no description in regards to how it works for the new players. No biggy just a small oversight being that it's been in the game a couple of years now. Looked for Feedback section but couldn't find it. Thanks for reading.
  10. Who challenged you to do this? With those types of rules? I think Your having the piss taken out of you mate. Someone somewhere is laughing out loud.
  11. Something that makes me smile in the game is hearing the grineer (heavy gunner i think) saying a very laboured "OK, ok"
  12. There is also the bug still with the mire appearing in place of the actual thing your crafting.
  13. It's been happening for ages. I 2nd guess now before people land and just tell them to fast travel to the relevant area. But yeah It's a proper pain.
  14. Haha yeah you know that. I'm thinking maybe it's time for another MR fodder weapon or weapons to fill those uncommon slots. I dunno, just throwing a few ideas out there on slightly improving relic runs rewards. Like I said originally, uncommon forma kinda feels like a booby prize.
  15. Now that right there is constructive feedback.
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