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  1. I run mirage with arca plasmor, kuva brakk and prisma cleavers. I find those weapons fun to play with. Also mirage is fun. Can do steel path solo upto a point with her as well. Good times.
  2. 1. When will the bridge to the unums tower be repaired so we can see What's in the tower. 2. When will the upper corridor opposite cephalon simaris on strata relay be open? 3. What's that strange creature in one of the bubble vats on Uranus? 4. Why is there no toilet on my orbiter? 5. When you open your relic table on your orbiter who is the sad looking guy in the space to the right? 6. If the grineer are so stupid why are their spy mission vaults much more complicated? .......................... And other more curious questions.
  3. Just checked my warframe storage on my disc, says 37.2 GB . I thought the download was meant to chop it down to 22 GB or something. Am i missing something?
  4. Has this been translated from another language by any chance?
  5. I wanna know why aura forma costs 4 forma to build compared to 1 forma on umbra
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