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  1. Yeah i am doing that really casual like but still gotta laugh those stubborn dubba stubbas aint dropping.
  2. So ive killed 24 liches, subsumed the weapons ive wanted to upgrade, and have max ranked all weapons except.................. The dubba stubbas! No word of a lie,the last time i killed a lich was about a year ago. In that time I've easily, EASILY done 300+ runs to spawn a lich. Every weapon appears except the dubba stubbas. I mean WTF!!! I get mainly nukor brakk and seer, plus karak and tonkor, others less so. I'm not annoyed just staggered they have not dropped. Gotta laugh.
  3. Riven transmuter would be a good 125000 buy from cephalon simaris.
  4. Type: Loading into mission as host and mission POI do not load. Discription: Unable to return to dojo to re-start mission meaning exiting psn and rebooting game. Expected result : POI loading so we can at least play ( I'm on ps4)
  5. There is a bug when returning to your orbiter after finishing a mission, I'm not sure what causes it but you get the sound of other players leaving the squad while screen is black, your back on your orbiter by the world state window but the UI disappears, go into the star chart and all nodes have disappeared so you cannot navigate. You have to visit a relay from syndicate window which when you land repeats your last mission end reward screen. This has been happening for a while now. Not all the time, just random. It's like the end of mission crashes somehow.
  6. 100% agree with OP. Did this earlier and it took us 32 mins, corpus hanging about on lower level and not attacking, ospreys being last enemy on the round spawning 175m away so we keep having to chase them to end the round. It was really really really painful and that's 32 mins i wont be getting back!!!!! TBH i dont like moaning about these things as people work really hard to design and create things in this game but this Tile set is a total snooze fest.
  7. There were 4 in our squad. Im not posting because I've just discovered this. It's been an issue for a long time. Play capture fissure missions you have 10 traces pretty much straight away, same with exterminate. Defense can be a bit slower as can interception, but survival it's all over the place. New corpus tile set they struggle to spawn unless everyone is together letting them corrupt. Even on old grineer tile sets it can be an issue. It's just survival seems to drop traces slower than other game modes. All I'm saying is it's not balanced and it needs to be fixed. There should be no reason
  8. So It's Sunday afternoon here in the UK and I'm settling down to some warframe for a few hours. I sign in, look at void fissure missions and (without thinking negatively ) decided to play lith survival. By the second round we are extracting , why? Oh yeah that's right It's a new corpus tile set with minimal spawn rates, and when they do spawn...........................Blah Blah Blah . We all know the problems with this side of fissure missions. Something needs to change somewhere because instead of enjoying a nice session of survival I'm venting on here. Sort it out DE please It's getting very
  9. So it happened again, this time when i hit lvl28, infested operator suit. Already had it but didn't get equivalent 50 creds reward. But you know what its not surprising so please dont bother looking into it as it will amount to nothing. So thanks for reading.
  10. Just reached lvl23 and received the wolf howl emote but already had it from 1st NW but didn't receive the equivalent 50 creds. I know this as i spent all the creds I've received from this current Nightwave on kuva, so when i got the wolf howl emote i had zero creds. I logged out and back in again to see if it changed anything but it didn't. Anyone else had this issue? Also just to point out other duplicates in this current Nightwave reward pool before lvl23 have given the 50 creds each time.
  11. I fully agree with OP, i have the same issue with fissure survival. It's a shame DE take the time to re design corpus ships but do nothing about spawn rates. Same can be said for orb vallas but that's for another discussion. I actually like survival as a game mode but its hard when most people you play with have not much of an idea on ´ enemies corrupting ´ are how traces drop. I dont really find its an issue on grineer missions ,ive just found corpus spawn rates to be awful on new larger maps.
  12. I feel ya tenno, that's why i posted, wanted to see if it was only me thinking this.
  13. It's only since her prime release last week. Prior to that it wasn't similar. Just annoying when your half way through a mission and an octavia prime joins, boots up the rollerball 150m behind you and you think you missed a dropped star. So back track to find....................
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