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  1. how about instead if taking out cyan stars u guys should replace them
  2. Nidus sounds like the perfect fit for you , not too risky and not too easy he is immortal and interactive because u seek casting ur 1 to gain stacks and monitoring them he is one of (if not ) the best frame in the game right now
  3. can we get a QOL change to the ducat kiosk allowing us to organize the prime parts by the most recent ?
  4. the drops are entertainment right ?
  5. Will u ever revamp or rework the PVP mode of the game currently known as ''conclave'' and creating a PVP mode where its competitive and fun to play u can fix everything wrong with conclave and create one PVP mode that everyone will love and play , or will u just keep focusing on the PVE side of the game and forget PVP ever existed ?
  6. I've been playing Garuda for a while now because i like her bloody theme ,and i wish her talons would get thier own stance and a speical ability (as her signature weapon) anyway will you guys consider an animation rework for her i mean she is gore themed but i wish she stabbed with her talons like in her 1st ability?
  7. when will squad players be able to extract alone without triggering extraction for all other players in endless modes ( excavation , survival , free roam ) ?
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