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  1. I'm wondering if we can expect DE to add a clan tier w/ maybe a 60-member capacity--there's a rather large gap between 30 and 100. I'd like to downsize my clan--some don't bother to interact w/ others or contribute resources; but w/ Shadow being the only tier below Storm, I would be cutting a dozen or more of our contributing members, some of whom are buddies w/ the most active ones. There would probably be speed bumps regarding barracks and dojo-remaster contests (i.e., maybe it's not worth the effort on DE's end), but the addition could be neat. I'm okay with keeping the clan at Storm tier--research is still quick, but I'd opt for a 60-member option (oxium decoration costs are poop).
  2. Name: The Shadow Tribe Tier: Storm Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Below is a link to the images provided by our sole decorator--that's not me. A few items aren't even complete because around 3/4 of the members barely/never talk in the clan chat. https://imgur.com/a/Oq5sWZK
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