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  1. Brofisting, bowing, kneeling, pointing, meditating, nodding, shaking hands, or shaking your head 'no' are all perfectly valid things that wouldn't break immersion. Things like a raised fist or saulte may be excellent as well, as these gestures have their roots in war. Things like dancing, elbowing, sitting, and the like could all take place in hubs or in the List, but they have no place in missions. Maybe the fun emotes could cost plat, while the serious in-mission ones would be unlockable. The basic ones, like nodding, pointing, and 'no' should all be immediately available to the player.
  2. Maybe have right click as remote detonation, dealing more damage? Also limit latchers to having 6 out at one time, and it would be perfect.
  3. If you're right, I bet it's an Oracle of Saturn.
  4. The Blitz- Run in, kill everything with as few bullets as possible, then head back to the team to res them.
  5. Try Elara for sensors, tends to be more interesting than the boss battle IMHO if you want fun/ a serious challenge, try Kiste, Ceres if it's cleared of the infested. Way too many bombards. Makes you learn how to roll.
  6. I'm mauvetext now. Back from the dead.
  7. Update 1 in 5 minutes, we decided to restart the Update cycle. Update 1 in 4 minutes. New Tenno Reinforcement: Grate Prime! I think it looks grate, but I'll let you guys decide. Update 1 in 3 minutes. Introducing 'Neat Ninja Points'! Say goodbye to Mastery Ranks! Update 1 in 2 minutes. We're replacing all enemies with ROLLERS! Should make the game easier, right? Update 1 in 1 minute. We replaced all prime parts with control modules, so you don't have to deal with the RNG. Enjoy! Edit: I am become redtext. Now if I can figure out the text size, I'll be enjoying the forums more than usu
  8. I could enjoy a Mk-1 Skana and Mk-1 Lato, and see the other versions buffed big-time...
  9. Edit: Removed the most delayed double post in history.
  10. Such things aren't casual changes. That warrants a .5 or full update, because it changes fundamental mechanics of the game. Its not something you do lightly when making or developing any product.
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