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  1. Please fix the Tombfinger Kitgun having incorrect stats on faster grips. The DPS difference between grips is much larger than normal.
  2. I would simply like for there to be MORE challenges per day and per week. I understand that it isn't desirable for us to burn through this, but it's the first time I've WANTED to do standard things like capture or assassination missions in a long time thanks to nightwaves. It gives me more to do and keeps me on my toes. I think a good amount would be 2 dailies, 9 weeklies, 4 elite weeklies to make sure that players have options, that those who can't do elite can still get appropriately rewarded while working towards it, and allows veteran players to work through it a little faster to get more out of the system. That's an increase of about two ranks per week (61k standing as opposed to the current 43k) but that also means the minimum completion rate is about 50%, which I think is reasonable for people with busy lives due to work, university, etc. who benefit most from this new system.
  3. Thanks for the new Nightwave! Looking forward to it. Still no fix for Tombfinger having incorrect damage values in faster grips.
  4. Best of luck, Steve! Hope the Tombfinger Kitgun values on fast grips get fixed soon. They're way too low and they've been botched since the Catchmoon was fixed back in November.
  5. Still no fix for Tombfinger having excessively low damage values in the two higher RoF grips. It's been four months now. Getting rather frustrating. It's not fun to be limited to weapons that feel like they're slow and have a lot of recoil for them to be effective kitguns.
  6. Still no fix for broken (too low) Tombfinger damage values on Ramble and Gibber. Please DE, it's been 3 months and I don't want to be restricted to using Haymaker or Lovetap to get respectable damage levels from it.
  7. Thanks for the fixes! @[DE]Megan Still no fix for Tombfinger Kitgun having super-low damage values of 60 and 36 with Ramble and Gibber grips, which is well below the stated base of 84.
  8. Happy new year! Still no fix for Tombfinger having incorrect damage values of 60 and 36 on Ramble and Gibber grips (this is below the initially described 84 damage).
  9. Thanks! Still no fix for Tombfinger chamber Kitgun damage values being far too low on the Gibber and Ramble grips.
  10. Still no fix for Tombfinger damage values being too low on high RoF grips.
  11. Still no fix for incorrect Tombfinger damage values on higher RoF grips.
  12. Thanks for the fix! Still no fix for incorrect damage values on Tombfinger with high rate-of-fire grips.
  13. Thanks for the fixes. A thing to ask, though - Will the kitgun damage values be fixed to the intended 84 base on Tombfinger? Currently the values are 36 and 60 for gibber and ramble, respectively. This bug has been present since Update 24.0.7 and was not a problem on the Gibber grip before this.
  14. They were patched to 84 as lowest several hotfixes ago, got borked when catchmoon was fixed.
  15. Mining was impossible because my Kavat kept getting in the way and interrupting my farming. It got to the point where the kavat buff was worth less than unequipping the thing.
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