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  1. Asphyxiants

    New Pet Themed Frame

  2. Asphyxiants

    New Pet Themed Frame

    A new frame revolved around pets/moas. Passive: Every time you ressurect another players pet who couldn't be arsed to that player receives a rag doll effect into a random direction, a magnetic proc and a disarm. Abilities: 1) "I Got U Pup." Ressurects the downed pet in half the time and sends a whisper to the owner saying "don't worry, keep spamming 4 my friend. I got this." 2) "Fine, I'll come to you." You teleport to the pet because it died up on a ledge somewhere. Pets are given a slight debuff called "scowl" which slows them down so they can't run off after that Bombard. 3) "If we're going to keep doing this help me out!" You absorb energy from the pet as a reward for resurrecting this retarded thing and send a whisper to the owner saying "listen, half wit, Google what link mods are." 4) "Stop spamming!" You send a shock pulse out, disabling all UI messages that clutter Warframes UI. Messages such as "XxSephiroth420xX is down!", "XxSephiroth420xX has been revived!" Thoughts?
  3. Asphyxiants

    AFK system?

    Yeah I've been stung with this too. Make sure to move a bit when under and you'll be fine.
  4. Why does the warframe come to the operator and not the opposite? When we first learn we can do this we use it to travel to the Kuva Fortress, to our warframe to retrieve it and push the Queens' teeth in. So why in mechanics does the warframe drag itself to the operator's position?
  5. Asphyxiants

    Should...Should I just come back in a week?

    Adding another to the list; Fishing not giving manifests....All 4 of us and stuck at 2/4 What a mess.
  6. Attempted the new mission chain 6 times now. Bugged mission markers. Running out of enemies before data mass drops and no respawns. Loads of "network not responding" Still haven't completed the first stage but hey, at least I know the script from the un skipable sequence around the table.
  7. Asphyxiants

    Alternate Mission Handlers?

    Vay Hek all day.
  8. Asphyxiants

    What to do if I have a Wukong Rework proposal?

    He's pretty much invincible but is so underwhelming. Anything that makes him interesting to play will work, like Nehza was fixed.
  9. In The War Within we are following Teshin through caves learning our locked away skills. When we reach the part where we have to avoid those gilded ass worms we're given a cut scene when we fail. This very quick scene shows us floating unconscious in the void and then returning back to where we messed up. My question is, was this a simple game mechanic to allow a reset or are we sent to the void and then spat back out? Are we immortal in the lore? DE could have simply made a revive mechanic or had the worm throw us back.
  10. ....why do we not see it used much out on the map? I'll admit I have it but rarely use it either. Maybe it's too powerful to be fun atm? I'm unsure.
  11. Don't spend 3 days grinding this. Spend 3 days doing an activity for plat and just buy him.
  12. I'll start; 1) Handing in the last point of the game in Index seconds before the Rhino with about 60 who's just held them all game, and hearing him rage. 2) Fragor Prime charging attack a random Grinner half way across the plains. 3) Fishing in the plains and getting annoyed at Grineer interruptions, 5 mins later Terry stomps through the nearest camp in the distance.
  13. Asphyxiants

    Mining and fishing during a mission

    Shoot the mining node and hot spots and follow them around until they leave.
  14. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
  15. It's so bizarre that my off handed comment, made with no malice, has triggered a load of people enough to derail your thread. Sorry about that. 😞