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  1. Asphyxiants

    So...the Fomorian event?

    Nice easy Archwing experience. Nice easy catalyst
  2. Asphyxiants

    So...the Fomorian event?

    It seems to have been full for a few days now but nothing has happened? I hear there's a shiny new relay for them to target too.
  3. Asphyxiants

    Hurricane Worries

    Jesus Christ how first world problem can you get? A monumental storm is bearing down on you and you're bothered about "muh game"
  4. Asphyxiants

    Revenant Spin Speed Control?

    Now, it could be an illusion or that fine single malt I've been drinking, but can Danse Macabre's speed be controlled with the camera angle? Setting it away and using a cryopod as reference, look down on Revenant from above. Then spin your camera clockwise, it seems to almost arrest the spin, whilst anti clock wise seems to spin it up. Apologies if this is already known, don't fecking nerf it further DE!
  5. Asphyxiants

    Revenant is a damned mess.

    His thralls can be good if you enthrall a tough enemy. I often like to enthrall a box and have him create others/pillars all over whilst surviving a while.
  6. So there I was, another speed run spy mission with Loki. About 20 missions in and my mind is numb. For one reason or another as I leap and twist my way along the corridors I take a swing at the 2 Grinner standing there having a conversation. Orthos Prime spins silently through the air but i only hit one. Not in any mood to stop I continue on and complete the mission without being detected. Now this had me thinking about that other Grineer I hadn't killed. Can you imagine how messed up that guy now is?! Jim - "Anything planned tonight, Bob?" Bob - "Yeah actually. You know that cute Ballista that's been given me the eye? You know, Jane with the limp? Well I've been working up the courage to.... *Bob violently slices in half* Jim - "B..b...Bob?" Jim had no closure at all. He had no idea a Tenno was there, no alarms went off and no indication of any intrusion or data being stolen. To Jim, Bob just burst in half one day. I still think about Jim.
  7. Asphyxiants


    What the hell is melee 3.0 and should I be aroused?
  8. Also the chat server isn't my friend.
  9. Asphyxiants

    So my doppelganger just appeared...

    You just met "the man in the wall." This was who Rell was locked up with in his Harrow frame and is a personification of the void. Rell was holding him back but growing weaker so we release him from his burden and now we share it out amongst all us Tenno. Some theories suggest the void is actually a malicious entity and has yet to play out further, Rell's autism and isolation on the Zaramin makes him unique in sensing him? Cool lore.
  10. Asphyxiants

    Rhino's In The Index

    Usually Mesa, but yes I have done one at a time when the rhino has 20+ and we're hovering around the 30 second mark it he won't hand in.....
  11. Asphyxiants


    2 people who are determined they're both right, arguing until the bitter end, then dragging it here into the forums..... ...yeah, a basic trade then.
  12. Asphyxiants

    Rhino's In The Index

    The thing is they don't. They just collect collect collect. This makes it slower in the long run.
  13. Asphyxiants

    Rhino's In The Index

    Why are, and without hyperbole, 90% of the Rhino's who go there morons ? Always the same 2 scenarios: 1) They rush around hoarding all the points and refuse to hand in, causing the game to run out if time. 2) They rush around hoarding all the points and keep them until the very end without handing them in. This makes the game far longer and everyone else is having to scrape a few point's here and there to chip away to 100. All the while Rhino is parkouring around like a giant green beacon of uselessness.
  14. Asphyxiants

    A little hope for just killing Lotus in The New War

    Are you defenders all forgetting about that little point where she came down to collect Ballas and tried to laser us? You know, when Umbra had to leap in and pull us out?
  15. Asphyxiants


    I like him Come at me haters.