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  1. Asphyxiants

    This game needs a vote kick function

    There is one already but it's worded slightly differently. It's "abandon mission" or "leave squad." It's actually better than a vote kick as it removes all 3 of the other players and takes you back to ship/Fortuna/Cetus sometimes!
  2. Asphyxiants

    Garuda Locked Behind Heavy Grind

    Suck it up.
  3. Asphyxiants

    This Is What You Are....

    Now that Arbitrations drop statues like rain I feel this is how most of the star chart sees us.
  4. Asphyxiants

    Corpus in Cetus!

    Why should they be killed on site anyway? Remember that we are not a force for good in the star chart, we have assumed to mantle of "bringers of balance" and for the longest time were guided by a sentient to literally just thin all factions down for a future sentient invasion. There's a reason Ballas calls us devils.
  5. Asphyxiants

    What's a good warframe for me?

  6. You can't afk in operator as the void mode only lasts so long and you're squishy as hell when exposed.
  7. Asphyxiants

    What Is The Threshold For Being "AFK"?

    Well, not new frame new set up. From a corrosive build and CC to undertow
  8. Asphyxiants

    Bestish melee weapon?

    Blood Rush/crit build/berserker Hirudo(?) Those fist weapons that heal you a % of crit damage. That's my go to weapon.
  9. Asphyxiants

    What Is The Threshold For Being "AFK"?

    Well as I was trying a new frame, and never come across such an afk filter before I thought I'd ask, strange I know! The fact is I wasn't afk, was using the abilities on the frame, jumping out of Undertow to Zenurik and grab energy. I wasn't alt tabbed out looking at funny cats.
  10. Asphyxiants

    What Is The Threshold For Being "AFK"?

    Never done an Arbitration Interception before huh?
  11. Asphyxiants

    What Is The Threshold For Being "AFK"?

    Never done an Arbitration Interception before huh?
  12. So I was running an Arbitration Interception and after the first few waves we got our S#&$ together and all had a point each. Now, the point I had was relatively quiet with spawns and I was running with an Undertow Hydroid with zero health or shield mods and a lot of range, basically submerged for a long time. So I'm sitting submerged grabbing Grineer that pass up to 40m away and drowning them, my specter shooting the drones. Rotation C arrives and.... "Not eligible due to inactivity" Erm... So what exactly does one do to defeat this? Emote dance between waves? Run to another point and shake hands? Button clicks and occasional movement didn't work.
  13. Same, seemingly only the infested ones.
  14. Asphyxiants

    first person

    Yeah sure, no worries. Let me know how all the bullet jumping feels.