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  1. It's not one riven. It's one riven EACH TIME you get a new one. Ultimately you'll frequently have to sacrifice rivens in order to be able to do these quests. Players might have have the time to do all others and one quest type might repeat itself during Nightwaves. AS you have to finish ALL current Nightwaves to get access to past ones in the upcoming system this will literally lock you out of the ability to play Nightwaves from a former week completely crushing the functionality of the redesigned system unless you sacrifice a reiven whenever you get a new one.
  2. 90 riven limit has been here for YEARS, while more and more weapons got added (even the whole Archgun category!) without DE tackling the issue. Locking players out of Sorties and THEN adding quests forcing them to sell or scrap rivens players would like to do or otherwise miss out on Nightwave rewards adds insult to injury. Yes, we know - loading too many rivens messes with load times, but hell - why not do a page-system with limited results per page (like any online shop does)? Or splitt rivens like you splitt primary, melee, secondary and archguns. People are literally willing to throw money at you for this, instead you introduced quests that feel like middle fingers pointed at veterans and players who like collecting / experimenting / playstyle variety! Please DE, this has been requested for years - and instead of making better you made it worse by tying quests to it that punish those players. At least introduce a workaround to do these quests!
  3. Ahaha, did you make the reference because I posted this a few minutes ago? x)
  4. proof of bug Can a DE employee PM me please, so I can tell you how to reproduce it without allowing people reading it here to abuse it. EDIT: I PM'd Rebecca on reddit how to reproduce it. EDIT II: If you're not a DE employee I won't tell you how to reproduce it in order to avoid exploiting, you can stop PM'ing me everybody.
  5. Talking about reworks and Mirage. She could really use some work now that Wukong is done. Slight of hand is just bad, her 4 is one of the longest casting, low damage, high cost, medicore CC -abilities ingame. The lighting preceived by the player often differ - AND she could use some redistribution of her self-buffs power to have more reliable access to her defensive tools to make her Arbitration viable.
  6. This page is linked wrong in the ingame new section, might want to fix it quickly :)
  7. Question: What Is happening to the Ogris? The sudden announced and uncommented hotfix 24.6.2 revert of the update 24.6.0 rework has left many of us standing in the rain as to what is happening to it - and whether anything will happen at all after some people have invested a lot of platinum into Forma, Catalysts and Rivens for it in response to the update 24.6.0 rework. So far we haven't gotten any official response which left a lot of players confused. Simultaneously the community has had some very constructive discussions about the update 24.6.0 reworks, it's advantages and its shortcomings. It would be really appreciated whether you could say a few words about the Ogris on the upcoming devstream.
  8. Maybe you should read the full conversation before making out of context statements starting with a sarcastic facepalm beign your introduction to the thematic, at least when you want to be more than a troll. In the original post I listed 9 reasons as to why the Arca/Catchmoon (and others) are superior to the Ogris, you cherry picked exactly one and without ever having seen me play made a more eloquently put version of "git gud" out of it. That's not how constructive arguments work. Also - if you can't see the similarities in function between two (or more) weapons that are both focused on low RoF, on high burst area (AoE) damage in medium distance just because one's blast/explosion scales "better" with energy color you should hold your fingers still for a few seconds before shooting another sarcastic out of context response and take your time to rethink the function of these weapons and the role they fill (as multi target, high burst damage weapons, etc.) That's a very DnD-esque, lore based view which doesn't match the actual role crits play in game balancing. Hitting weakspots (e.g. headshot) is about exploiting weaknesses to do extra damage, crits are not. (1) Critical hits are about providing a statistical element of uncertainty in order to tickle the high-risk high reward fantasy. (2) As a part of Warframes mod progression system the (early) uncertainty can be reduced via crit chance mods (Point Strike etc.), (at the opportunity cost of flat damage like 90% mods) to produce more consistent damage (which then again becomes a new risk-reward element for a each new crit tier e.g. 100+x, 200+x, 300+x crit chance etc.) and (3) crits ultimately transform into a tool for leveraging weapon power for those who have a few hundred or thousands of hours into this game (with maxed and primed mods), while not completely locking lower leveled players out of using the same weapon (that's what MR is for). Ultimately >>for players who have unlocked all viable mods<< crit chance is definitely NOT "about exploiting weakness in defenses to do extra damage" (again: that's headshots etc. you're talking about), but function as a lever to balance direct (non-debuff) damage for lategame content. If the Ogris aims to be a weapon that remains post level 80 enemies crit damage WILL have to be buffed, this is not something 100 or even 200 base damage can solve if they're bound to a 5% crit rate.
  9. It feels like you completely missread my post. I've listed the multiple advantages Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon have over explosive weapons like the Ogris, one of these advantages includes the lack of self damage (while guns like Ogris, Penta etc. can blow yourself up). I made the statement to underline that even with a semi trigger (and especially with a base damage reduction from 600 to 400) the Ogris would be (was) FAR below the Catchmoon's or Arca Plasmor power level, meaning that the reasoning "it would have been OP with those changes" didn't make any sense as it was still weak compared to a lot of other weapon choices (witch the Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon being two examples).
  10. Have you met the Catchmoon? Or Arca Plasmor? There's quite a lot of weapons with better damage, larger hitbox, no self damage & crit scaling, faster rate of fire, higher magazine, better inherent damage types, shorter reload and most importantly - no self damage.
  11. @[DE]Megan It has not been a while since the buff & sudden unannounced revert of the Ogris changes, we still lack any sort of explanation why it was handled like this. A lot of us have invested platinum into catalysts, forma and rivens after the original change. We were left standing in the rain after the unannounced revert. It'd be nice if you'd give the chance to understand why it was handled like that. Why it was suddenly reverted without any warning.
  12. I'd be nice if you could explain us why the Ogris was changed and then changed back so soon, it left a lot of people very confused. There's a lot of people who liked the trigger change (from charge to semi). Additionally there have been constructive discussions as to whether it might not be a better concept to [decrease base damage & status, but increase crit rate] instead of [decreasing base damage and increasing range] in order to make it more viable.
  13. @[DE]Megan Can weg get any info on why the Ogris changes were reverted? There has been a lot of wondering in the original hotfix topic as well as reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/b9x6bl/de_could_you_elaborate_why_you_undid_the_ogris/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/badoz8/an_ogris_topic/
  14. The radio silence about the Ogris-issue is really starting to bother me.
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