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  1. A token system is a very good decision. I made a topic about this a few weeks ago. It's the right design philosophy, hopefully it will be expended. Personally - I love the idea of "Upgrade Kits" as token rewards that improve RNG rolled Kuva/RJ-weapons up until their limit. That would actually get me to play frequently again after Lich and RJ loot systems drove me away from Warframe.
  2. I did, true. I still think that killing a level 5 Lich takes gear that requires some time investment. There's no point in nitpicking though. Personally, I feel like getting these players to start experimenting & enjoying Fashion-Frame might earn DE more money in the long run than the few cents they get from a color palette sale (while increasing longevity and player satisfaction!). Not to mention that there's frequently events with free palettes, which I'm pretty sure DE wouldn't do if it really had that much of a negative impact on sales, rather than subtly boosting them. I'm just talking for myself, but when it comes to me - if I start customizing a character I want to do it right.
  3. Considering the time it takes for new players to reach Empyrian I don't think that new players will say "I'd rather play 300 more hours and grind on top", than to pay 2€ for a color and get it immediately. The variety of colors accessible by the market also instantly gets you what you want and more, so it will ultimately be far more efficient to buy colors. Also (at least as my suggestion is intended) the colors in the store are different from the ones gained via missions, so there shouldn't be a conflict if somebody wants a specific color. As for RNG, we've far more than is healthy tbh. I feel like we really need something to progress towards, something that rewards progressing and time investment instead of being just another slot machine. You can "always" get new colors, the amount of RGB combinations is 256*256*256=16777216 possible colors. Even if some are very similar there's still a minor difference. At the very least it serves the satisfaction of collectors to fill new palettes. Even if you have bought multiple color schemes getting a new, slightly different one as a guaranteed drop is far more rewarding than grinding for hours, days, weeks or even months and getting nothing more than a low rolled Kuva weapon or bad RJ Reactor again and again and again once you already got a decent one (though no sane person does this - and those players who do usually get burned out on the game afterwards). The sorting by types is an interesting thought though. Maybe Lichs could drop metalics, Railjack rought colors, etc...
  4. Introduction: With the recent surge of RNG power gated gear (Kuva Weapons, Railjack Gear) a large amount have shared their extreme displeasement with this shift in design philosophy. It's a point that I very much share as it makes a majority of drops feel unrewarding, adds anxiety to build / invest in a non-perfect roll, promotes burnout on grind for hardcore players and leaves casual players with a sense of resignation "I'm never gonna get that anyways, so why try". Compromise & endless potential: I do understand DE's intent to stretch content, though. Rewards are a great incentive to replay content even if it isn't as fun as the first few hours you played it. RNG power creep however has done more harm than good in most games, thus I'll suggest a constructive alternativity instead: Colors. Skins have always been a sought after reward people were willing to grind for - and players felt rewarded getting them. Warframes unique customization system harbors great untapped reward potential here, as not a full skin would have to be build, but a single color can already be used to turn around your characters' optics. The idea: Once per month DE adds a new color scheme. After each Railjack mission / Kuva Lich / (content of DE's choice) players get to select one single color from this scheme as a reward. Those would be 5*18= 90 new rewards each month - or in other words: 90 incentives to replay the same content for collectors, possibly more if it was combined with a token system, yet each run would be feeling rewarding as you unlocked something completely new that expands your options on how to design your frames. The advantages: The system can create an immense amount of content / longevity that's desirable for collectors with close to no effort once the structure / UI is built; generating new colors can be reduced to single button press. As a conclusion DE can reduce / remove RNG rewards without the fear of player running out of content. Which would be a VERY appreciated and pleasant withdrawal from the new, unpopular design philosophy that has plagued Lichs & Railjacks. "Fashionframe is endgame" - it ties in with what veterans already like to do. While it might reduce the amount if color palettes sold, it might very well increase the amount of skins / Tennogen sold as new players get a way to customize their frame and get a desire to do more.
  5. Quest design Once you get out of the starting zone missions always become "Kill 90 fighters and 6 Crewships." + "Kill a guy or generator, maybe both". Especially the first part makes Railjack missions feel very repetitive, as the first 10 to 20 minutes (depending on your gear) are literally always the same type of gameplay. Imagine you had to exterminate every enemy in a Sabotage mission or in a Spy mission (yes, sometimes Lotus calls, but imagine it being ALWAYS). In my eyes it harms the core gameplay of the mode. I'd love to see some variety - e.g. Giant space battles were you face more enemies at once than the amount that currently spawns per wave, but in return there's lesser Crewships. Or station / generator raids that focus more on the station itself (e.g. more SHOOTABLE gunturrets defending it, fighters coming out of it, etc...) & start closer to the base rather than doing a 90 + 6 kill missions here and then another mission 30km over there, it just doesn't feel connected if it's always the same pattern without variation or surprise, it feels repetitive.
  6. Carbide drops seem to be incredibly low. Considering that crafting guns takes a few thousand of these we're looking at months worth of playtime not using special ammunition in order to save up for their guns - and after that most people are likely too burned out to touch the mode again. We either need more Carbide drops or (better) a separation of weapon and ammo crafting. It's insane - and I still have a booster up...
  7. [EDIT] Note that I'mm mainly referring to the hotfix damage nerf. It's insane, before it was a little but much damage against the big ships - but fine for fighters. Now we've missions where you have to destroy 90 freaking fighter that can tnke a ****ton of bullets, do one dodge maneuver after another and can change direction 3 times before your bullets can reach them. I enjoyed the new dogfights when they started even if it was busted that you'd get instakilled through 4 defensive mods, but now Archwing feels like the longest, most miserable game of catch of your life. Archwing weapons should have stayed as it was, just increase the damage resistance on bigger ships against normal basic types.
  8. Title. The pack already is quite expensive to begin with, but the feeling that you're also paying for so much stuff you don't need makes the feeling even worse. I'd love a bundle with just the armors.
  9. We need a system which player without gambling addiction can enjoy. We need a progression system that values your time. Players who love RNG have rivens for lategame. Players who like progressing or collecting deserve their piece of lategame content as well. Allow us to sacrifice unwanted Lichs / Kuva weapons in order to upgrade the elemental bonuses in existing weapons until they maxed out. The amount of progress doesn't have to be much, even 3% (which would be 1% per hours invested or less) would go a long in terms of making Lichs more rewarding and improve their longevity. It'd add a goal for collectors to work towards, to expand their collection of different Kuva weapons, with different elements and max them all out. It'd also mean more Formas/Catalysts sold for DE, everybody wins.
  10. I don't think silencing guns and abilities would be too overpowered considering the current content scaling. Low level enemies die instantly anyways and high level enemies might take a bit longer to shot back, or die to stealth kills more often, but ultimately they'll always be able to attack on sight as usual.
  11. Issues: Survivability. Passive has become redundant with Exilus weapon mods. Ability 3 has suffered from it, too. Ability 4 is extremely bad since the augment nerf in update 22.20. Ability 1 feels outdated and too reliant on its augment. Suggestions: Passive: (Effect added) Banshee gets 25 up to 40% damage reduction based on noise around her (lower is better!). Grants her some improved lategame survivability & enforces her theme. Ability 3: Also silences her allies' weapons and abilities. Makes her new passive more reliable, even with Leeroy Jenkins as a teammate Ability 1: Augment armor reduction is baseline. Augment now changes the hitbox to a 360° pulse. Allows her 1 to scale better and be worth using lategame. Improves her potential as an aggressive support. Synergizes with her 4. Ability 4: Radius increased by 5. Damage scales with enemy level (similar to Vauban 3) Hits refresh the duration of Sonar. Adequate scaling. Synergy with her 3 enforces her role as an active support frame. Extended range helps dealing with expended average map size since Warframe's early days.
  12. Mirage Base health increased by 200. (Context: Ability 3 change!) Ability 1: Re-castable before it ends. Goal: Small QoL change, which reduces the amount of double checking with your remaining ability 1 & 3 buff durations. Also improves synergy with her augment, making it more worthwhile compared to flat ability strength. Ability 3: Maximum damage reduction reduced by 7.5% (95% -> 87.5%). Grants status- and self-damage immunity. Goal: Makes Mirage's defenses more consistent as lighting mechanics don't always act as a player would expect. Better defense against burst damage, worse defense against consistent damage. Ups her explosive game & ability 1 synergy in a minimalist way, without overtuning her numbers. Ability 4: While active Mirage gains full light bonus on ability 3. Casting speed increased by 50%. Goal: Allows switching to offense more reliably. While the ability will still be bad on itself, it gets some degree of consistency and purpose. I believe that those changes should require a manageable amount of work, but could go a very long way when it comes to making her a more reliable frame. Ability 4 and 2 might need a whole rework at some point, but those small tweaks would already go a long way!
  13. Mirage Base health increased by 200. Ability 3: Maximum damage reduction reduced by 7.5% (95% -> 87.5%). Grants status- and self-damage immunity. Makes Mirage's defenses more consistent as lighting mechanics don't always act as a player would expect. Better defense against burst damage, worse defense against consistent damage. Ups her explosive game. Ability 4: While active Mirage gains full light bonus on ability 3. Casting speed increased by 50%. Allows triggering to offense more consistently. While the ability will still be bad on itself, it gets some degree of consistency. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small changes with a big impact on how to make her more reliable.
  14. That makes him essentially a worse version of what he was pre rework due to being less flexible with Bastille and Vortex. Then again, considering how useless and clunky his other abilities are this indeed still seems to be the best way to play him.
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