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  1. thanks for the update and tennogen
  2. IGN: Cara MR: 20 and 1205(steam)hours Current clan: Phantom Vanguard Country: Germany Language: German, English Interested in joining: Quasars Discord ID: OiCara#8263 I started to play Warframe firstly as a casual player just after raid was removed from the game, and remained that way till months ago when I finally got myself interested into endgame contents(such as long hours arbi, 6x3 Eidolon huntings, speedruns attempting, so on and so forth), thus I became really active in the game and ran into a lot of nice friends, which are also in Quasars. Under their advise and my consideration, I decided to apply for Quasars clan. And I'd be happy to join this Clan if you'd have me ^^.
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