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  1. Getting there with the UI improvements, but we shouldn't need a warning for equipping an unowned relic. They just should NOT be there, at all. And if you insist on them being there, do it as a "show unowned" tick box. And yes, that's specifically not a "show only owned". Not showing them needs to be the default. Showing them, vaulted ones that will never return included, just does not add any useful information.
  2. Not having a stance equipped isn't really an option, since it would break so many builds because mod capacity is tied to having a stance equipped. As a quick melee only user, losing mod capacity would be even worse for me than the current "well, guess three quick melee strikes flings me across the map now" situation.
  3. In the interest of balance, let's start with what I like: - Switching between guns and melee is indeed smooth. Now, for what I don't like: -That switching between guns and melee is smooth doesn't matter to me, because I don't do it, nor have I ever intentionally channelled anything. I use guns and abilities, with a quick melee thrown in here and there to either dispatch a swarm or top off health from healing return. Or I would, if you hadn't taken away the ability to not have quick melee lock me into a combo I don't want to be in. I don't want to either get planted to the ground in some flashy animation series, or go careening into the void like some kind of deranged fidget spinner. - The old combo-less quick melee was great for my "melee is not a focus, but it's there when I need it and it's fast and reliable" use case. The current system is not. And before anyone says it: Playing without a stance is not an option. First, the attacks are not the same as the combo-less quick melee with a stance equipped, and secondly having a stance equipped is tied to mod capacity. This could potentially be solved with a "disable combos" toggle. Yes I know, another toggle. I hate suggesting it as much as developers hate seeing it, sorry about that but in this case it would solve 95% of my problems with the system. - Automatic blocking isn't always a good thing. There are times when you actually want to be able to choose to take the hits, like a rage / hunter adrenaline build. - Holstering / sheathing animations being instant takes away value from the holsters I and others paid plat for, but that one is *way* below the lack of combo-less quick melee for me on the list of priorities. TLDR; Some minor annoyances and a major one. Please let us quick melee users have a way to not be locked into combos again.
  4. Thanks, you're right I did in fact mean combo-less. Edited my post.
  5. Completely agree with this, and I'm on the opposite side of the combo fence. I never used them; I have never intentionally blocked or channelled anything. My play style is heavily reliant on my guns and abilities. I absolutely do not want to be either planted to the ground or sent careening into the void like some kind of deranged fidget spinner because I needed to dispatch a couple of guys who were swarming me, or top up my health with a few sweet hits of healing return. Having some experience with UX testing, I'm loathe to suggest the ever popular "just add a toggle", but it really would be my preferred option to be able to entirely disable combos and have the ability to simply have my melee weapons default to their old combo-less quick attack.
  6. Question for Steve, I guess: Since the controller upgrades went live on PC, trigger response has gotten really erratic to the point of any held trigger action being unreliable, both aiming down sights and shooting auto/beam weapons. The game will respond as if the trigger has been let go when it hasn't. With the latest hotfixes on PC, this now also seems to apply to the sticks, making a running frame come to a sudden stop. It also seems to have spread to consoles with the Fortuna pt 2 patch. Any chance of revisiting it?
  7. As long as your Windows is 64 bit and Windows 7 or newer, you're fine and nothing changes for you.
  8. Nice, I'd actually decided not to get the accessories and bought the Chroma one instead, but I might have to go back on that and get Mesa's as well. Slightly worried about the tweet saying it could potentially be farmable later. That's a massive slippery slope to open up. What's next, the prime armors because someone was upset those aren't free? Prime Access items are exclusive and should remain so. If I can't be sure I'm not paying for something that's free in a month, PA is a considerably worse deal than waiting for a platinum discount and just farming the frame and weapons. And yes, that does mean sometimes missing out, since I don't buy every PA either. Deciding to take my chances on an unvaulting or never getting that item is a part of that decision, if I can just wait it out, I have less incentive to buy now.
  9. " Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped. " Can we please have the option to equip them even if we don't need to? For hunting specific animals, it's much faster to equip the lure of what you want and not have the other species show on the map. Also handy for those of us who use Ivara to hunt, as equipping the rifle does literally nothing but add an extra step. Fortunately I already have all 4 equipped and will not be messing with that, but when new lures are added, I'll have to deal with switching through the rifle, which is frankly a mess when using a controller on pc.
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