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  1. Broken Warframe Abilities
    1. Scavenged Assault(charge) - All vanquished enemy ammo (within range) is collected (charge up vacuum) and then blasted out like a blunderbuss, the ammo types determine buffs to accuracy(sniper)/blast(shotgun)/critical(pistol)/damage(rifle)
    2. Scavenged Defense(charge) - All vanquished enemy armor (within range) is collected on your body giving armor buff but decreasing mobility
    3. Master of none - On mission start one randomized ability from the starter frames Mag/Volt/Excaliber  Crush/Speed/Exalted Hammer
    4. Imperfect by Design - A meter builds up every time you Scavenged Assault or Scavenged Defense, when the meter is full, tapping 4 causes the warframe to morph a golden Orokin arm weapon (think the Angel Arm from Trigun), whereas holding 4 charges up perfect golden Orokin armor that absorbs elemental damage into energy buff, and ips damage into health
    Passive - Crosswired - Energy pickups give additional energy but cost health, Health pickups give additonal health, but cost energy

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  2. I started with 8 Forma, went to Upgrade Soma Prime, selected Actions, selected Polarization, selected Forma, Canceled from slot/polarization selection screen.  Now have 7 Forma.

  3. 3 minutes ago, (XB1)Morticalus said:

    Any thoughts on a new Blade and Whip stance along with some buffs to them? Blade and Whip weapons haven't seen a lot of love or use lately.

    +1 to that, I have over 1000 hours in and not one blade and wjip stance yet.


    Blade and whip is very ninja-like too.

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