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  1. I started the Lua quest from the railjack but had to abort. After trying to restart the quest later my railjack had vanished. Cool cool.
  2. I dunno if this is like a weird vet mindset I've yet to adopt, but I've had about a thousand hours of progress so far. My arsenal is massively improved over what I started with, I got cosmetics out the ass, and I've got all the quests completed. I genuinely don't know how making my character weaker would add any new progression to the game, aside from maybe a new grind to get as strong as I'm now. All progression must have an endpoint, otherwise you have an eternal power creep.
  3. I really agree with this post. You can make and customize your loadout however you wish. You can optimize the fun out of the game, or play as gimped as you wish, I see no reason that someone with literally thousands of hours in game shouldn't be able to breeze through most enemies with their strongest weapons and frames modded out the ass.
  4. More like "Don't nerf the fun stuff, make more stuff fun"
  5. When I first started playing in like 2014 I opened the market and saw that everything had a platinum cost. I thought the game was basically a mobile game where you can only advance with real money and quit. I returned in 2018 and I'm glad I got shown the ropes by some more experienced players that time around and stuck to the game. I've since had the same experience of "so the game is P2W/mobile game" with pretty much everyone I've introduced to the game.
  6. The market. That's where I originally quit, and thats where all the new players I've brought into the game, or tried bringing into the game, have at least considered quitting.
  7. Cimpletely seamless integration of Railjacks into the rest of the game. The whole game becomes one giant open world, with the space between missions being traversed with your mount: the Railjack. I genuinely think it would be great for the game, bring the overall experience a bit closer to a traditional mmo but keep the core gameplay as similar as possible to what it is before you get a railjack. Litter the space between planets with cosmetics, weapons, and other loot and I might never have to play anything else ever again. Basically turn Warframe into an open world space game with the old mission setup, and I'll be really happy.
  8. I genuinely don't think TNW will release this year. I'm almost willing to bet TNW is an early 2020 release.
  9. Second Dream was released December 4th 2015 The War Within was released November 12th 2016 Plains of Eidolon was released October 12th 2017 Fortuna was released November 8th 2018 I'm going to guess Empyrean comes out between October 1st and December 5th
  10. Please let us remap the Shazwin buttons.
  11. I'd genuinely murder a family of five if Faven were to make a Hildryn skin
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