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  1. Riven element count

    Wrong thread mate.
  2. Akjagara riven build

    Magnum Force is... not an good mod, high mod cost and inconvenient accuracy loss for a subpar damage increase. There's also not much point increasing raw slash with Maim if you aren't pairing it with viral and increasing status. I'd recommend Hornet Strike, Riven, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Maim, Pistol Pestilence, Frostbite, and last slot is open, if you want more base damage theres http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Augur_Pact, but honestly, you'd probably get better returns from reducing recoil with Steady Hands.
  3. Sold

    I'll grab that arca scisco riven. ninja'd lol
  4. Hunter Munitions Damage %

    Yeah, they kinda double-dip on bleeds. Honestly one of the higher damage returns you can get for them, once you have the basics out of the way.
  5. The New Open World Venus

    Eidolon Sentients are exclusive to PoE (Eidolon is the name of a singular Sentient entity, like Hunhow). The one on the right has a chunk of the tower-flesh from PoE replacing it's head. Venus is going to have a massive variant of the Corpus spider-bot.
  6. You need to capture it to upload it into the sanctuary, once it's in the sanctuary it's just digital information.
  7. Eidolon Hydrolyst Color.

    There'll definitely be something similar in the Ice color pack.
  8. Statuschance before Multishoot Boar Prime

    Yes, you'll need three 60/60s to reach 100% status. OR one of the rare chances to use Shotgun Savvy to reach 100% without messing up your elemental probability.
  9. 10 Hours of Kuva Fortress Survival

    Crazy, but what I really wanna know is how much Kuva did they get? :P
  10. Equipment Forma Count: Profile

    Unfortunately, you really only get MR from each item once, no combination of forma and building second weapons will get you more. That said, I'd totally be all for a forma count in the stats page.
  11. Equipment Forma Count: Profile

    I think you might be misinformed about being informed about forma :P Forma does not increase your mastery rank, you only get mastery from each item once.
  12. Help unveiling riven

    Any particular amount of headshots, and do they need to be in a row or anything? Other then that, just bring an accurate secondary like Lex out onto PoE, maybe slap Hawkeye on it if you need it. (You don't need to use the shotgun, it just needs to be in your loadout)
  13. Acrid Build w/ riven

    Hornet Strike, Riven, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, dual stat element #1, dual stat element #2, Toxic Sequence, and pretty much anything for the last slot. Also to clarify, BD and LT increase status probability through multishot, but they don't directly increase status chance. With your proposed build you'd have 43.97% status chance per projectile.
  14. @DE devs, why many hate the Operators (and how to fix it)

    The Sacrifice is supposedly going to have some heavy Warframe related reveals.
  15. The shield

    Check for a Decaying Dragon Key.