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  1. Wow, you got a direct response, fancy. But yeah... it's the star chart, just harder. That's really all it's supposed to be. If they can solve these problems for the regular star chart, then Steel Path would follow suit anyways.
  2. Luckily your Operator is always a guaranteed part of your loadout, no matter what else you choose to bring. You can also slap one or both Sacrificial mods on nearly any good melee weapon for the bonus damage. The point still remains that the premise of this thread is about being "Obligated" to use the Paracesis, which is incorrect.
  3. They're at the pinnacle of what you can do with generic single target weapons, that's literally all you can expect from them without them being straight up delete buttons like snipers (which is fine for snipers, it's their job). They're there because the game isn't 100% horde based (I still take them into horde content though), and because there are people who legitimately like using simple weapons.
  4. We have half of it. There is a slider that could potentially do the job, but your secondary face can only choose from the same gendered faces as your primary.
  5. You can have either body with any voice, but the face type determines the body type.
  6. There's already a male/female gender toggle, it's just hidden behind male/female faces. Allowing female faces on male bodies and vice versa would be considerably less binary then what we have. And seriously, citing strawmanned theoretical outrage really doesn't do anybody any favors.
  7. 1.4% of Steam Warframe users have the MR30 True Master achievement despite it not being available yet. Never heard of anyone getting banned for it.
  8. Paracesis is a nice bonus, nothing more. It's not required for any Sentient content.
  9. Just so we're clear this would not limit anything, it would explicitly remove a limiter.
  10. Gotta love how the arguments against this are either extremely petty, or just completely missing the mark.
  11. As someone who also uses Umbra almost exclusively, it's certainly odd that that happens to you so frequently, I've only had that happen may a handful of times over the past 2 years. That aside... There isn't even a remote chance that they're going to remove Umbra's passive.
  12. I'd LOVE to be getting Warframe adds on Youtube instead of Trump adds (seriously, Youtube algorithm, what the hell did I search for that gave you that idea) But yeah, time to get around to updating my ad blocker.
  13. It's about as far from meta as you can get while still being a damage mod (other than the impact equivalent of the same mods). That aside, pretty odd that it's the only one in the whole set that isn't offered by Baro. (edit: apparently none of the 120% puncture mods are sold by Baro, no idea why).
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