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  1. Well, you had it right from the beginning 😛
  2. Basically in the end, my answer is that I want all 30 of mastery ranks someday in the future, and I think there's plenty of other places that over the top, convoluted, obstacle courses can be put so that people can do them if they want to without impacting my progression ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I think you're misunderstanding something, the difference between possible and and expected, is that one is a requirement. "Warframe just isn't the type of game to [require] this kind of coordination in actual gameplay."
  4. Well no, this kind of coordination being possible, and it being "expected" are two different things.
  5. Well, whether or not it's going to happen isn't really going to change how opposed to something I am. Warframe just isn't the type of game to expect this kind of coordination in actual gameplay, so it has no place as a mastery test. They aren't there to exclude people based on unrealistic expectations. If Warframe ever becomes the Darksouls of parkour, then sure.
  6. Errr.... Explicitly no. Obstacle courses are just fine exactly where they are, for people to do them if they feel like it.
  7. Yeah, that'd be a no from me, dawg 😛 The only reason I'd ever even attempt this is if Jigsaw from the Saw movies was threatening to kill me if I don't.
  8. rapt0rman

    Gustav Three

    That is inconvenient... And the history nerd in me got a giggle out of "Gustav three"
  9. Current transmutation system is pretty straight forward, and the RNG is to be expected. There's no list of possible choices for regular transmutation, and TBH I don't care either way about the vaulted relics. I have more relics then I'll ever be able to use, and the number only keeps growing. A convenient way to reduce their numbers in bulk would be awesome.
  10. Well yeah, but I'm pretty sure this is about having excess relics.
  11. There's pretty much a guarantee that the infested will get more content (not counting current nightwave) sooner or later. But probably later rather than sooner, as they already have stuff they're working on.
  12. I'm sure it'll happen again sooner or later when they feel it's relevant.
  13. You can do it with Rhino by activating Iron Skin before you find the simaris target, damage to IS doesn't fail the challenge.
  14. Unfortunately the fact that the model is used for Lato Prime means that it'd end up just being a roundabout way to make a "Lato Prime skin" available to the public... which is unlikely to say the least.
  15. A few of those weapons wouldn't really work as zaws, or would be so limited in options that there wouldn't be much point in them being zaws in the first place. Dual swords/daggers could be pretty straightforward though. All that said... I kinda have always wanted a Mewan whipblade... (Incidentally there are Nikana zaws already)
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