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  1. Tennogen has set guidelines. Even if someone made that it wouldn't get accepted.
  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again, it literally doesn't matter in the slightest if you've done the tasks before. They're repeatable tasks. That are made to be repeatable. You WOULDN'T get 10k standing, you'd get the majority of ALL the nightwave standing for the next 10 weeks without doing a thing.
  3. Your warframe/weapon has a set amount of mod points, the mods you place on it will use some of those points (or "drain" them). the total mod drain can't exceed your mod points. So if you have a weapon with 30 mod points, you can't have more then 30 mod drain combined from all the mods equipped. There are ways to increase your warframe/weapons mod points, through catalysts and reactors which double your mod points once, and through forma which change mod slot polarities, which halve mod drain on mods with matching polarities, but double it on mods that don't match.
  4. Very rare chance from the login rewards.
  5. The animation itself doesn't need to change, as it's pretty much just a skin over the underlying code that makes up finishers (though there are finisher animations for other weapons that frankly take longer then just killing an enemy normally, and those could definitely do with an update). Basically, the problem just lies with whatever allows ground finishers to be misaligned in the first place, can't really fix it for just Tatsu.
  6. Important to note that just because it's on the wiki, doesn't mean it's inherently canon. Not referring to Nupita itself of course, but it's more like: "and then everybody jumped around and emoted because that's literally all they could do".
  7. Finishers as a whole are apparently getting reworked with the coming melee changes, so there's that. But yeah, it's a pretty common issue with a lot of ground finishers.
  8. Well, that's certainly an opinion (and isn't really relevant to the suggestion. Or rather the suggestion could potentially reduce that percentage)
  9. Certain deluxe helms, alt helms, prime helms, tennogen helms not following the same color channel scheme as certain skins. Can get pretty frustrating at times... anyways I'm hardly seeing an obsession.
  10. To be fair, it's all skins that don't work on zaws, not just tennogen.
  11. You can reforma any slot any time you want (provided you have a forma) as long as the weapon is at max rank.
  12. The Steam install of Warframe has a seperate download, and requires Steam specific files to run, so copy/pasting won't work. And yeah, you'll need to open via steam. Not sure about the last bit, I doubt it'll be a problem though.
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