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  1. Punch-through punches through nearly everything, including walls and floors.
  2. The British weren't bio-engineering demigods though, the Orokin were way beyond the need for manually breeding slaves. Even if the genetic stock originally came from a regular human, they're clones grown in tubes, there's really no reason for the Orokin to not just remove everything unnecessary or problem causing right from the get-go, weather it's the "whole kit" or just making them sterile. Not to mention controlled hormone production and genetically ingrained temperaments. That said the Orokin were sloppy as hell (resulting in everything that's wrong in the galaxy), or else the Grineer would never have been able to rebel in the first place. As for why the current Grineer have never tried to add new genetic stock, they never actually freed themselves, they just switched servitude from the Orokin to the Twins. somewhat sidenote, TBH, it kind of worries me when people actually take what Tyl Regor says at face value... it's extremely sarcastic.
  3. Upload the images to an image hosting site like imgur.com, and then you can link them from there.
  4. Yes please. Hell, I'd pay plat for the old "literally just a cylinder" Bo skin.
  5. Just to clarify DE isn't "one step away" from this, Tennogen is made in the exact same way as all the other skins in Warframe, the textures are pre-baked and can't be changed on the fly. Anthem was designed from the ground up to utilize their color mechanics, meanwhile Warframe is like 6 years into their first texture overhaul from Phin-bong to PBR rendering, and they've pretty much given up on converting the last few bits.
  6. I swore by vigilante for a long time untill I started using my sentinel as a stat stick, after which keeping up the bonus became a non-issue, now I just use either reg or primed shred depending on the fire rate that I want. Note that at the moment you keep the bonus from your sentinel even when it isn't equipped, kinda cheesy but you'd have to actively work to avoid it so I stopped caring.
  7. I suppose that's a valid concern but it's pretty far from of the intended scope of the changes. Most of the nerfs that they've mentioned effect all melee fairly equally (removal of stacking multiple attack speed mods, stagger on every hit etc.)
  8. We do make potions (apothics, stims, phylaxis and catalysts,) we just use a molecular 3d printer to do it :P
  9. Well, it's not strictly robotic parts, plenty of infested resources are used too. But TBH, resources used is pretty much always gameplay before lore. Beyond that, presumably you only need a surrogate to create the original, after that you just need the raw materials and the Infested's natural cloning abilities.
  10. You have to keep activating abilities to keep getting the bonus
  11. To clarify, Sony's statement by itself doesn't mean anything for Warframe yet, we won't be getting anything like crossplay until both Microsoft and Nintendo do something similar. Also it was Sony's decision... DE has no say in the matter anyways.
  12. TBH that went right out the window with the Kuva Seer.
  13. Uhh... dude, Warframe doesn't use PhysX anymore. It uses it's own proprietary particle system that works on all platforms and graphics cards.
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