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  1. The multishot is always helpful (translates into plain raw damage for the beam but is true multishot for the alt fire), and having a negative that has no effect (as Quanta has no recoil) is a plus, but you could pretty much always do better than magnetic damage. Base damage, multishot, and crit stats, would be the main things you would be looking for. And in the case of elements, toxin or fire would serve you better on a weapon with base electric.
  2. Not a bug, just one of the worst examples of color channel usage DE has made. It's also one of the last items that hasn't received a PBR texture upgrade (going on 5 years now).
  3. If you aren't going to use Tennogen, and don't feel the need to use Steam beyond that, then you just... don't have to. There's no "agenda".
  4. If DE isn't sure either, there's not much we can tell you. But I'd assume it's referring to the potential for someone else to snatch the username before you can.
  5. Well what do ya know, I stand corrected. it also answered your question though.
  6. There's no option to delete your account.
  7. Ammo Drum affects your ammo reserves, not your mag size. And Shedu has no ammo reserves so there's nothing for Ammo Drum to modify.
  8. Hmmm, no idea then, never heard of this issue before, as both the before and after are unintended in both directions. Getting mastery on things you shouldn't be, and now no mastery at all.
  9. Gonna need to troubleshoot anyways because there are some confusing things here. You've never been able to collect mastery from Forma'd items, that's definitely not a new thing. Nor do you get mastery from ranking up a new piece of gear that technically you've had before. So when you say "A new frame that you've never had before" do you mean (for instance) if you've never-ever had a Harrow before, you get him and rank him up and get no mastery (which would indeed be a bug), or if you have had Excalibur before, but you get a brand new Excalibur, rank him up and get no mastery (which would be normal).
  10. Negative 550+760%=4730 4730+1650(lvl 30 rank bonus)=6380
  11. Base stats actually means your stats at rank 0, before you get your rank bonuses. The rank bonuses are additive with modded bonuses.
  12. Part of the old radio chatter from before Nightwave existed.
  13. The second part of my post implies that yes, I indeed do.
  14. Well yeah... it's incomplete still, obviously all the integration that they're planning isn't there yet. TBH I'm still just as sceptical as most about DE's big claims, and frankly even best case scenario phase 3 still won't make it fully integrated. It's going to take years to reach their end goal (especially knowing DE), but I still have faith I guess.
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