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  1. Missed Chance for Warframe: The Movie

    Unfortunately no, DE doesn't have the funds, time, experience, or interest in making movies, as far as I can tell. It's about as much of a missed opportunity as them not becoming rocket scientists instead. A missed opportunity would be something like "Ridley Scott offers to make a Warframe movie for free, and DE turns him down". In theory, someday in the future there might be a Warframe movie, who knows.
  2. Build Zaws for Status or Crit?

    Bit off topic, but a tip about status probability: the sum total of the base damages is equal to 100% of your base damage, and elemental mods apply a percent based off that 100%. Also, physical damage types have 4 times the "probability weight" as elemental damage types. So for instance, x2 60% status/elemental mods on an I/P/S weapon will always give the same ~23.07% chance to proc that combined element, the makeup of your I/P/S only determines what you'll be getting instead the other ~76.93% of the time. You can increase your chances by increasing your elemental damage, or by reducing one of your physical damages (only possible with a riven atm).
  3. Tiberon Build (w/ Riven)

    I'd throw on Infected Clip and Vigilante Armaments (even ignoring the crit bonus, more multishot is great).
  4. Tennogen skin change

    Dunno the details on this particular change, but many changes to Tennogen have been made at the original artist's request, and yes DE does also have the right to make any other changes they feel necessary (though I'm sure that's rare). Edit: According to the artist's steam page:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/111519205 "just some tint mask changes (the cable on the chest now takes color)."
  5. My Gram would greatly appreciate this :P
  6. Concerns about Slash dmg

    This is also why I suggested they should be set close to the current 35%. Most actual slash/status weapons have upwards of 70% slash, they already inherently proc slash more often, and will now have much higher base slash proc damage, provided DE doesn't screw it up (by changing the way slash procs stack), this will be a net buff to actual slash proc weapons. Weapons with forced slash procs are already not really "better" than slash/status weapons at proccing slash, they're simply designed to only need the ones from their stance. And sure, if DE makes more stances that work, I'm all for it. Also final point, arguing inconsistencies about Jat Kusar's jet flames proccing slash is moot when the Lacera which clearly has a physical blade, deals pure electric damage (but still procs the slash that it should, because of the stance). Those kind of issues are obviously not DE's priority.
  7. Concerns about Slash dmg

    Melee weapons like the Jat kusar and Destreza that only have one stance, and that stance has forced slash procs, are designed around those forced slash procs working. Those melee weapons don't have much status chance to speak of in the first place, there would be no point to the forced slash procs at all if they didn't function.
  8. Best way to craft Zaw for mastery?

    If he's just building for mastery he can. Whether you use a long grip or a short grip, you still only get mastery once for the strike.
  9. Multishot, Spread, Accuracy and Hitboxes

    lol whoops, correct on both accounts.
  10. Multishot, Spread, Accuracy and Hitboxes

    Dera/vandal, Miter, Ogris, Opticor, Torrid, Zarr, Penta are some more examples for primaries. For secondaries, Acrid, all the throwing knives, Kulstar, Sonicor- Incidentally, as I was going through the secondaries I remembered the Euphona Prime which despite having 100 accuracy on it's primary slug fire there's SERIOUS deviation at long ranges, even when ADS. BUT that still happens with no multishot at all, so I guess that still isn't evidence on the contrary.
  11. Multishot, Spread, Accuracy and Hitboxes

    Bows don't have "true" 100% accuracy, they have 16.7, obviously I don't know the exact makeup of their accuracy, but it isn't perfect. You can put as much multishot on the 100 accuracy Tonkor as you want, and you will only see one projectile that follows all the same bounces and never deviates. I'm also seeing no deviation on the Lanka.
  12. Multishot, Spread, Accuracy and Hitboxes

    Multishot by itself has no accuracy modifiers, any spread you see is from the weapon, there are plenty where you genuinely can't see the second projectile because it follows the exact same path.
  13. Warframe: The Tenno’s Greatest Trailer Submission

    BTW, I think DE wants you to post this in their contest thread.
  14. Severed Bile Sac

    One of the components to make Pherliac Pods. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Pherliac_Pod
  15. Give us our scythes back

    The thing is, that's just semantics. As far as practical application as a weapon, they're about as similar as swords and greatswords. That is to say... not really similar at all.