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  1. Nami Skyla Blade relic drop is broken

    Unfortunately, it's safe to say that thousands of people have gotten nami skyla prime blades (myself included), you're just experiencing bad luck.
  2. Baro has nothing

    Baro Ki'Teer's inventory, up to 09/08/17 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ufQXlXobakaGEkb5_RdFCRbkbhaohrAvAVK9iPzhOII/edit#gid=1774955198 I don't know who told you that he's always supposed to bring something new, but that's not the case at all.
  3. Aklex Prime refuses to count a Lex Prime as a Component

    He can buy a lato with credits for a temporary secondary.
  4. Rhino vanguard helmet needs PBR update!

    Only glossy textures have gloss with PBR, that's the point, there is no single "PBR" surface, it's purpose is to be able to mimic as many different surfaces as possible. Before everything was glossy no matter what. PBR is specifically designed to allow things like microsurface abrasions to break up solid reflections. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physically_based_rendering Once again, rather than looking at Nova Prime vs tennogen, you need to look at Nova Prime vs regular Nova (and her immortal skin). Basically, HeartCoreGamer's assumption was based on a misunderstanding of what PBR is in the first place. I mean, the only argument he even provided was that she looked "plain".
  5. Rhino vanguard helmet needs PBR update!

    Pretty sure that person is just wrong. If you switch back and forth between her prime and regular body, you can clearly see that her reg has the same old shiny, pvc plastic sheen, while her prime is noticeably more matte. The REAL problem is that her prime has a nerf'd butt mesh... like 10-25% less butt.
  6. Rhino vanguard helmet needs PBR update!

    @Neptlude Nova prime was in fact the first prime to be released already PBR'd
  7. Custom Weapon names

    Ah, a classic, though normally it would be Swordy McSwordface
  8. Enemies becomes Invincible when Shield Ospreys shielded them

    Fairly certain it's an intended feature of sorties.
  9. Arca Titron is Super OP IMO

    Well, being crit/status viable by itself gives it an edge, and it can very reliably proc slash.
  10. Kavat? Kubrow? or Infected Kubrow?

    To be fair, regardless of how they end up building upon the helminth concept in the future, DE has said that it will come with the ability to re-infect.
  11. Arca Titron is Super OP IMO

    Cant tell if this is sarcasm or not, but It's not actually even OP, it's merely just as good as some of the better melee. Honestly it takes hundreds of these threads to get DE to take action about this sort of thing, nothing will get nerfed from this.
  12. I've got this that I'd be willing to trade for the paris riven. (not ranked)
  13. Shield Lancers need a melee attack cooldown

    That could almost work, but it also sounds exploitable. The simplest solution really is just to prevent shield lancers from using shield bash on repeat, either by increasing the time between to just a teeny bit longer than the standard time it takes a warframe to recover, or even a have a secondary attack that they use in between each bash.
  14. Shield Lancers need a melee attack cooldown

    Yes, that's great, there are multiple ways to avoid getting knocked down by shield lancers in the first place, we know, and that's still not what this is about. And you can't block while performing the landing animation after getting knocked off a cliff.
  15. Should Warframe change it's name?

    Unfunny, straightforward answer: No, Warframe should not change it's name.