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  1. The actual problem is that you started out with the mullarky about "public shaming" and then edited it out and back tracked to make it seem like everyone else is being unreasonable, when in fact it's just not a big deal.
  2. Negative.
  3. Always check for an extinguished dragon key.
  4. Yes and yes. Those are pretty much the golden standard builds for both of em (not counting primed target cracker, and possibly the crit chance acolyte mod instead of an element on lexP, which you'll get sooner or later).
  5. Not sure what you're talking about, all warframes have the same running animations.
  6. A) Rivens exist and will be acknowledged whether you like it or not B) Really, try the tenora C) It's, for all intents and purposes, a bad idea to put heavy cal on the supra/vandal. It's true that no matter what it won't reach soma's standards, but heavy cal still won't fix that problem. Really, your whole premise never had anything to do with heavy cal in the first place... Try this: https://goo.gl/ka6k9d Or even: https://goo.gl/6Qe3vT (around 1k less damage than heavy cal... y'know... but no accuracy loss...) @Tyrian3kLol, yeah fixed it already, still waking up.
  7. In that case it should be VERY easy to test, the viral procs would only be lasting 2.4 seconds (30% of 8 seconds) with the riven equipped.
  8. As far as I can tell, it's only for direct procs from status chance (unlike for instance, ash's passive which increases slash duration from all sources). How much is your status duration being reduced by?
  9. Shadow Stalker drops the BP, sentients on Lua Drop the parts. Are you asking because you haven't done the Second Dream, or did you sell it or something? If it's the former, then you should just do it (also you won't get "shadow" stalker to spawn for you unless you've done the quest, he can spawn for your teammates though).
  10. Possibly a silly question, but have you tried the tenora? But either way, pretty much exactly what Tyrian3k said below me.
  11. You don't have to put heavy cal on it.
  12. @BlakranaWell they guaranteed that when they do get around to expanding it, there will be a way to re-inoculate reinfect anyone that you've had the cyst removed from. But yeah, I still keep Nidus infested anyways.
  13. Well what we know right now is the room is referred to as the Infirmary, and is in charge of the "biological functions of the ship". It probably was a regular infirmary at one point, but got converted into... who the hell knows what at the moment. One common misconception I see often is that all those plants and the fish swimming around are infested too, but I'm fairly certain they're actual samples of flora and fauna. He calls you a demon no matter what, but It's more of a fear/respect thing, his quotes to the operator are as follows:
  14. From everything that I've gathered MR doesn't affect the stats, just seems to be random for the sake of random. Negatives increase the allocations of the positives (as you said), and 3 stat rivens have lower allocations then 2 stat ones.
  15. Increasing the levels doesn't balance anything, it further exaggerates the imbalances. I'm NOT saying that warframe shouldn't have more engaging higher-tier content, but it just isn't viable with the current methods available.