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  1. They try, but we are the most harcore playtesters available, We can find issues (and exploit them heavily) in days, that would take them months.
  2. It's a completely civil thread asking about opinions, with no particular misinformation that stands out.
  3. I'd say the second one, the damage is awesome, but actually more for the punchthrough.
  4. It does set your mod points equal to your mastery lever when you forma.
  5. What you're saying is true, but really just not a big of a deal as you're making it seem. The other options are still completely viable.
  6. Simply remove their armor with other means, or just ignore it. Also "inferior" doesn't really mean much, energy siphon is a utility mod, of course it doesn't compete with an offensive mod in offence.
  7. Honestly I don't think CP is overpowered, enemy armor scaling is what's overpowered. If people want to make their own group with all 4 auras dedicated to CP, they can, I really don't care. As you said there's plenty of other ways to remove armor. I use steel charge pretty much exclusively on v polarity auras NVM, CP is a dash polarity, in that case energy siphon get's the slot :P
  8. It's just a different texture on the same mask, the point being that it's just a resource that they reuse every once in a while.
  9. Now that I think about it, corpus spoken language and written language aren't actually one and the same. For instance "the" would still be spelled (t-h-e, directly), but pronounced "pke"
  10. Their spoken language is just directly whatever comes out of the "translation" Basically, corpus, orokin, and even grineer are all just code-languages that key off english.
  11. https://lingojam.com/EnglishtoCorpus Though I don't know how accurate it is, It might just be an algorithm that just makes gibberish that looks corpus. {though sure enough, it translates "the" to "pke"} Tennoscript on the other hand doesn't have a unique language, it's just english spelled out as best it can.http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Orokin_Language Turns out corpus is also just english:http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Corpus_Language
  12. Last time they talked about it, if I recall correctly, our umbra would just have a different starting color for the metal trim instead of gold, it'll still be the same PBR material, and you can still color it gold yourself.
  13. It's pretty much why technocyte can become the infestation, it can invade and "alloy" itself with nearly anything, blurring the line between organic and inorganic materials.
  14. We don't actually know how technocyte or warframes work, warframes could be a technocyte "core" with other material making a shell around it, but I've always assumed that the technocyte strain completely saturates the entire frame, it has metal parts, but it's technocyte-infused metal, to the point that it's essentially 100% technocyte. And Nidus would just be that same concept but with a more infested-like technocyte strain, that visually warps the materials, instead of keeping the original shape.
  15. It should have the value of what ever buffs you had when you cast it. Casting again without the buffs would reset it without the buffs.