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  1. Soma Prime it's the Fang Prime for Primary.

    At this point it probably wouldn't hurt if it got like 10-12% status. Nothing huge.
  2. Make the resource drop rate higher for orokin cells

    Ah, I'll admit I haven't had to farm them in ages.
  3. Make the resource drop rate higher for orokin cells

    That's pretty normal for the "rarer" resources, and you'll at most need maybe 5 orokin cells at a time. You can invest in a drop chance or drop rate booster, that is what they're for. And really, someday in the future you'll have hundreds and won't know what to do with them.
  4. Heavy Calibur or Argon Scope?

    Primed Bane mods :D Naw but really the corrosive build has comparable results if you replace Primed Bane with even just Stormbringer, and the viral/slash has comparable results if you replace Fanged Fusillade with Argon Scope, you can replace bane there too but it'll hurt your damage against the highest of the high health enemies (aka that corrupted eximi heavy gunner). And of course shred is always an option. Yes, obviously face-tanking 145 corrupted heavies for consistent headshots is not a normal scenario :P
  5. Way to do more damage

    Ok I apologize for that last bit, but what if I told you that you'll never need to switch out elements again since viral is literally the best thing you can pair with slash in nearly every scenario? It has the exact same effect on every faction. My main problem with your initial question and your attitude thus far is that: You seem to keep only referring to slash based melee weapons are the only thing that exist, when those are once again really just carrying the weapon by themselves through a large chunk of early-to-mid lvl content regardless of what supplementary elemental procs your using, and a majority of other weapons simply can't do what they do. which is why YES people bother with enemy damage resistances. And people also do bother with things like enemy damage resistances and pairing viral procs with slash procs, when they do the content where you can't get away with spending 30 seconds on a regular corrupted gunner... BTW those are the weak ones, eximi heavy gunners (both grineer and corrupted) are the ones with exponentially higher scaling health, your range, attack speed and healing return would not save you from the time it would take you to kill them. If you don't do that content that's fine, but YES, there are people who can both survive and deal consistantly better damage to much higher lvl enemies. Speaking of pretending they don't exist (I avoid them when I can...) Corpus are much simpler in all this, aside from of course slash/viral, whether you're using just toxic, just electric, just gas, just magnetic, magnetic+toxic, Gas+electric, or magnetic+gas, all those in some way either have damage that's strong against them, or procs that are specifically useful against them, or in many cases both.
  6. Way to do more damage

    Wait so did you actually try switching Gladiator vice for either of those mods I suggested or not, I can't tell? Seriously, for the sake of You'll still have the range, you'll still have two mods dedicated to attack speed, you'll still have healing return, You'll just also have less weak slash procs and take much less time to kill things. Also you wouldn't need to keep switching anything out, viral/slash has the same effects on all factions. Sorry dude, but more then just not understanding how to utilise enemy elemental damage resistances, you don't actually seem to understand how to utilise the procs that you're touting as magnitudes more important, beyond just using them as fodder to feed condition overload and healing return.
  7. Way to do more damage

    Ok, but just hear me out, for the sake of testing, try replacing Gladiator Vice with Organ Shatter and Primed Reach with Vicious Frost. If you really want to keep Primed Reach, G Vice is still the weakest link and really either upping your crit damage to greatly increase slash proc damage, or properly utilizing viral procs (which will also indirectly double slash proc damage) will give much better results, but both together will be exponentially better.
  8. While preemptive feedback can be good, reminder that damage ticks of beam weapons will be closer to what we had before, and the weapons won't perform as they do now.
  9. Most definitely somehow related to the Vessel.
  10. Way to do more damage

    Trust me, I know allll about how amazing slash procs are, but really slash is the only status that can carry a weapon by itself, on a lvl 100+ armored enemy, gas, toxin, blast, magnetic, ect. procs won't help you (not counting a condition overload melee weapon >.<). Even corrosive procs will fail if it doesn't have the damage to back it up, if you remove all the armor on a Corrupted Eximi Heavy Gunner... you remove corrosive's +75% bonus and suddenly your damage drops drastically. Also seriously, slap viral on any slash proc weapon of your choice and check out the results.
  11. Way to do more damage

    To be clear, toxic and gas don't bypass armor. at all. Toxic damage and procs bypass shields, and gas procs bypass shields. Corrosive and slash are simply two different ways to deal with armor, some weapons perform better with one build some weapons perform better with others. Some weapons can't utilise a slash build at all. Obviously high slash status melee weapons (a majority of melee weapons) will perform better with a slash build. If you want a proc to synergise with slash procs, use viral, the proc halves health, while the slash procs deal damage directly to health.
  12. Way to do more damage

    It's more complicated than "statuses are more important then damage". Many damage types have statuses that synergise with that damage type, some damage types synergise with the statuses from other damages, ect. Corrosive: +0% against alloy and +75% against ferrite, proc removes armor. Corrupted Eximi Bombards have alloy armor, Corrupted Eximi Heavy Gunners have ferrite, BUT, CO Heavy Gunners have more than double the base health which scales exponentially higher at higher lvls. With a gun properly modded for corrosive, as you remove the armor from both enemies, you end up killing them in comparably the same time because of the +75% against corrosive.
  13. Way to do more damage

    Considering that melee is only one third of the standard weapon loadout, yes, the people who use the other two thirds bother with it. It's extremely important for pretty much any weapon that can't bulldoze through content. Modding magnetic damage, for magnetic procs, as an extra source of condition overload damage on your melee against Grineer, can still be useful. Modding magnetic damage, on your gun against grineer... will be a massive net loss with no benefit.
  14. best path for my Riven

    It would indeed help to know what weapon it's for.
  15. Please Stop Making Non-cosmetic Item Exclusive

    They already did stop making things exclusive... ages ago... everything they've made since then gets brought back. They aren't going to retroactively release founders gear if that's what you're complaining about.