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  1. Ok good, I don't have to feel bad about finding it hilarious. Banch!
  2. Any chance you guys could take a look at Prisma Grakata and Prisma Gremlin magazines too?
  3. No question for Ankyros/Prime, but for Tekko/Prime, have you only checked through a linked build? Asking because linked builds seem to rarely ever show correct riven stats for variants (still a problem, just a slightly different one)
  4. Everyone gets affinity in both cases, it's the distribution of affinity amongst your own gear that's different depending on who gets the kill (and how they get it). I kinda worded it badly but here's the full version https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Affinity#Acquisition
  5. Should probably note that if weapon leveling is your goal, then you being the one using the nuke frame isn't recommended. When another player gets a kill with a Warframe ability, then you get the affinity evenly split amongst all your gear, if you get a kill with a Warframe ability, all the affinity goes only to your Warframe.
  6. Guys, look at the date. But for what it's worth: Years ago, void traps in general used to not always trigger all (or any of) their linked hidden walls, orbs, etc. Then at some point they changed/fixed it.
  7. Yeah there's a decently good chance that the "park your railjack somewhere safe, and complete the mission in archwing" method will work.
  8. Nope, regular rifles get no damage bonuses from flight speed. Hitscan shotguns (and the Baza) have damage fall off, which is affected by flight speed, but that's not really bonus damage, as you're just getting back damage you lost through distance. Technically all hitscan weapons have damage fall off, but that's at "sniping enemies in open worlds" distances, and also I'm pretty sure most hitscan guns can't equip flight speed anyways outside of rolling it on a riven.
  9. Sprint speed would actually be one of the more straight forward stats to quantify since you can use the in-game marker to track distance in meters (supplemented with the codex scanner or a sniper scope which tracks to the first decimal) and time the run.
  10. Slight clarification on the reply to this^ The elemental bonus on lich weapons is treated as base damage and not an elemental mod, so yeah, you directly increase base damage through Valence.
  11. As far as I'm aware, Ninkondi Is capable of rolling regular crit chance just like any other riven. Crit on Slide is a separate stat.
  12. It's not just harmless, it's beneficial (provided your weapon has the status chance to make use of the change in status probability, which Boar P definitely does) Even aside from the (in this case minor) increase in slash procs, maxing out your viral or corrosive procs on the first or second shot is great.
  13. for future reference, If you were critting at all the numbers would be yellow. Mechanically, a crit is a crit even if your crit dam was all the way in the negatives.
  14. Yeah being a completely unlisted stat, the Wiki could be incorrect about it having crit chance at all, or it's bugged... The prior seems more likely, but 4% is an arbitrary enough number that it would totally make sense coming from DE :P
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