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  1. Intended mechanic, been that way since its introduction (though I believe it was 6 or 7 swings before melee 3.0)
  2. Rubico, Talons, and Lacera were released as a thematic set of Tenno weapons (built in the Tenno research lab no less).
  3. This is just my own interpretation, but the way I saw it is that a new body that an Orokin swaps into to extend their life needs to be specially prepared to be capable of handling the effects of the Orokin soul and the red kuva, ect. Even if they survive being red kuva transferred to the body of a horribly disfigured Ostron peasant, they wouldn't survive the transfer out of it. The second and slightly more obvious interpretation that just occurred to me (and it actually makes it a bit eerier)... They're stuck in the lower city in disfigured bodies completely unable to talk or
  4. I don't know about the newer archguns, but I have a -recoil Dual Decurion riven. Edit: Still tired, for some reason I thought this was actually a thread about -recoil on rivens. On topic, yeah an actual -recoil mod for archguns would be nice. Also yeah, the screenshake from guns even when you have 0 recoil, and screenshake turned off is still pretty bad.
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