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  1. Or it's just a bug because there's literally nothing for DE to gain by stealth nerfing easily accessible, easily testable game mechanics. DE. Will. Tell. You. When they break your favorite toy.
  2. Melee just got nerfed, massively.

    Wait... @Vox_Preliatormight be onto something... Are you sure you aren't just experiencing: "Enemies are not always susceptible to increased melee damage for every melee attack. If the player comes into physical contact with an enemy while attacking it, the damage bonus will be temporarily removed. Attacking from different angles and giving the enemy some distance will help improve the consistency of the attack damage. A complete kill ensures your target cannot recuperate and bring attention to you. Performing an unsuccessful melee stealth kill (which happens often when in a high level area, or when stealth attacking heavily-armoredGrineer) or failing to kill an enemy with a silent ranged attack or ability will alert the enemy after a short moment. Due to that short moment, though, it is possible to execute consecutive stealth attacks by pressing melee key quickly right after previous stealth attack is finished. This is also noteworthy for eliminating pairs or groups of enemies, as enemies within 5 meters of the victim will become cautious (even without seeing the Warframe) for roughly 20 seconds due to the sound of their comrade's death." from http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Stealth? Because if so, that's been in the game since at least the excal rework.
  3. Melee just got nerfed, massively.

    Well sure, but I'm talking about the logic behind game developers actions, depending on the effect is has on game play it might not be a big enough deal to put in the effort to nerf something. The point I was alluding to is that DE would get nothing out of stealth nerfing this, players love crunching their numbers and it's a guarantee that they would figure it out anyway, as shown by the OP. If DE bothers doing this on purpose they'll tell us.
  4. Melee just got nerfed, massively.

    There are much more logical things they could be doing to nerf melee damage, like fixing bloodrush/maiming strike calculations (which are actually broken) resulting in +500% crit chance after a few casual spins. DE will tell you when they do stuff like this.
  5. Melee just got nerfed, massively.

    It's much easier to assume it's a bug until stated otherwise. Or just jump immediately to "stealth nerf" if you must, I'm not your mother.
  6. It's okay guys, multiple weapons can need touch ups at the same time, both hate and seer are equally in dire need of some PBR.
  7. Theres also all that hideous uncolorable grey.
  8. Future Prime Weapons

    Infested weapons are usually either a regular weapon mutated into a new infested weapon, or uniquely engineered. It's more likely for there to be an orokin prime weapon utilizing infested material or a primed weapon taken over by infestation, then for there to be a primed grineer weapon. Infact grineer weapons during the orokin era already exist: prisma. And actually to answer your question, there's a pretty good chance that every single warframe is an orokin designed, infested weapon, with nidus at the forefront of infested tech, with a nearly guaranteed chance of nidus prime at some point. On topic: GRAM PRIME! And also single furis prime... and mire prime?
  9. Link twitch no reward?

    Linking your account is only the first step, you still need to get twitch prime through either paying for, or starting a 30 day free trial of amazon prime. and then claim the reward off of twitch.com If you're outside of the countries that can get amazon prime, you can still link it to the "prime video worldwide" service.
  10. Is this a good riven mod?

    That depends on what "Schaden" is base damage? Hell yeah, lots of viral damage is awesome, and -zoom is actually a good thing on snipers since they are rarely ever needed at long ranges.
  11. Sybaris: Dex or Prime?

    http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Sybaris_Prime/t_30_332000000_128-5-3-132-1-5-137-0-10-140-6-5-159-7-5-265-4-3-626-3-5-630-2-5_137-18-132-19-630-4-626-9-265-7-128-7-140-9-159-9/en/2-0-110 Plenty of room for modifications, for instance If you use viral, you can get away with less status and go for primed cryo rounds, or w/e. http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Sybaris_Prime/t_30_332000000_132-1-5-133-5-5-137-0-10-140-6-5-159-7-5-626-3-5-630-2-5-784-4-10_137-18-132-19-630-4-626-9-784-16-133-11-140-9-159-9/en/2-0-110/
  12. Furis Rivens can't be equipped on Dex Furis ?

    Single and dual weapons have seperate rivens, dex furis uses afuris rivens.
  13. Zakti gas proc.

    I'd hope it's 100% but I'm sure someone will be testing soon enough.
  14. How will you use Prime Shred?

    Good old Bratty P But honestly I'll probably switch back and forth between primed and reg, I like the feel of the moderate fire rate.
  15. Favorite/most used secondary(ies)

    Kraken, Kunai, Twin Gremlins, Spectra, Viper (single) >:D And of course Lex P, Vaykor Marelok, Akstiletto P, Euphona P, Sicarus P, Twin Grakatas, ect. ect. ect. But those are the obvious answers.