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  1. rapt0rman

    Exalteds capacity

    Sacrificial Pressure, Sacrificial Steel, Condition Overload, Berserker, Organ Shatter, Healing Return, Primed Fever Strike, second 90% element For a crit hybrid Chromatic blade build (status chance is taken care of by power str), with just enough room to replace either or both of the elements with status/ele mods for non chromatic builds. Would require even more forma for a non crit build.
  2. Do you have Exodia Contagion on your Zaw? It deals self damage, and (for some reason) EB gets the bonus.
  3. rapt0rman

    Why are the Grineer and Corpus so bad?

    Not disagreeing, but there's a reason Ergo Glast and the Perrin Sequence aren't affiliated with the Corpus, the non morally corrupt leave when they can just like the Grineer.
  4. rapt0rman

    Umbra entering Hellmuth room

    You need to wait a full week for your cyst to fully mature (needs to have the two little tendrils sticking out) to access the Helminth room. That aside, nothing special happens with Umbra in the Helminth room.
  5. rapt0rman

    worst company fail

    For pachinko machines...
  6. rapt0rman

    Boer's booty quest clear

    I think you're going to need to explain yourself better.
  7. rapt0rman

    Facial proportions are bad in this game.

    OK for one thing, the weird comment about the liveleak video is not relevant or comparable to what he said in the slightest... now that that's out of the way... Proportions and features can change over generations, it's happened before and it'll continue to happen.
  8. rapt0rman

    Facial proportions are bad in this game.

    Phenotypes and standards of beauty are pretty much out the window that far in the future with interplanetary expansion.
  9. rapt0rman

    unexplained decrease in weapon damage

    Extinguished Dragon key.
  10. rapt0rman

    Can't Equip Prime cosmetics on Umbra (Excalibur)

    Well... it's not a bug. But you can add your voice to the many feedback threads about this that already exist, though.
  11. Edo and Prisma Edo chest armor seem to have somehow gotten scaled up on Excalibur Umbra. Reg v.s. Umbra Bonus bug that I had been too lazy to report before: Prisma Grakata with the Desert Camo skin still uses the Prisma's mag.
  12. rapt0rman

    Paris Prime vs Dread Slash Damage?

    IMO Hunter Munitions is worth a slot on Dread too, It's not like either have 100% chance to proc slash, they stack together nicely.
  13. rapt0rman

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5

    Nekros "None" skin option: Nyaaaah!
  14. rapt0rman

    Akvasto prime

    Ignore all that and release Akvasto Prime 😄
  15. rapt0rman

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    More clarification: DE doesn't need to jump through anyone else's hoops to justify it XD