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  1. for future reference, If you were critting at all the numbers would be yellow. Mechanically, a crit is a crit even if your crit dam was all the way in the negatives.
  2. Yeah being a completely unlisted stat, the Wiki could be incorrect about it having crit chance at all, or it's bugged... The prior seems more likely, but 4% is an arbitrary enough number that it would totally make sense coming from DE :P
  3. It's how the arcane has worked for the past 6 years... Sure, theoretically DE could, at any time, suddenly decide that its a bug that needs fixing. Until then it's the expected behavior of the arcane.
  4. Also works with odd numbers of shells too, with the last shot just being a regular single one. Incidentally it's also a delay after firing and before reloading, which unfortunately means that negative fire rate mods and rivens on the Tigris are a no-go, even if you're just using the regular ammo capacity. I take that second part back, you can manually reload to bypass the reload delay.
  5. To clarify subtracting 1 from your crit damage: 1x out of your total crit damage represents your non-critical base damage. E.g. if you only had 1x crit damage you would get 0% bonus damage on crits.
  6. FYI it was an unintentional change that they fixed (on PC at least, probably hasn't reached consoles yet). The slam angle, that is.
  7. Your weapon is only rank 12, you don't get the extra capacity back until you pass rank 30 again.
  8. To be fair Geoff has mentioned that he dislikes that bugged interaction too, but IIRC it was given the OK before he was art director and he has opted not to veto it
  9. For armored enemies, either that or some combination of Carnis Mandible, primed faction mod, or Sacrificial Steel. There also shouldn't be much problem just running corrosive still. For Corpus I usually just slap on either one or both toxic mods.
  10. As tempting as it is to have viral+corrosive, TBH I'd just focus on viral, or at least tone down the corrosive so it doesn't dwarf the probability of viral quite so much. The stance has got forced slash procs and all (edit: apparently less so now >.>) Also, as mentioned in the post below, corrosive has no real value against (most) Corpus anyways. Beyond that, OG Kripath's claim to fame was having absurd melee reach with the previous percent based formula (and a decent riven disposition), so yeah it was nerfed sorta.
  11. The extra base damage mods are your weakest links, It looks like you have base damage on your riven too which is fine (a little bit is nice to get the first kill needed to get your arcane and galv buffs up) If you're going for extra base damage (and extra status), Galv Aptitude is excellent on status hoses, not to mention the sleeper status/crit damage mod Hammer Shot.
  12. While not quite running on water, I think it would be pretty neat if water jumping was added as a general parkour thing. It wouldn't have to be easy or convenient, but it would reset your bullet jump and double jump, allowing anyone who's careful enough to cross any body of water or even fight above/on it.
  13. Aint gonna lie, there's a decently high chance that the bonus isn't supposed to be guaranteed, in game description says a chance at maximized ammo efficiency on hit. That said, the description might just be out of date.
  14. Top screenshot is the stats for Kuva Kohm, bottom is the stats for Kohm.
  15. Well... The majority of players likely don't use the Broken Scepter at all, which is why bugs like this can go unnoticed for a while. That said, you did the right thing by submitting a bug report, but if you're submitting a bug report there's no point in also assuming that it's a nerf.
  16. Mod bench always shows the disposition of the base weapon, in this case, regular Kohm.
  17. K Karak is actually my second favorite and I definitely wouldn't say it's lacking in damage, but the K Hind is practically the perfect all-rounder and the K Quartakk is brutal albeit a bit inconvenient.
  18. Glast Gambit reward was pretty much "here's a Warframe blueprint that we don't really know much about", beyond that players have their own ideas which sometimes get repeated enough that it ends up perceived as lore. As far as DE is concerned, every frame is going to get a prime. Incidentally they also apparently have some lore explanation for Nidus anyways (along with a Ballas narrated Prime trailer)
  19. It's no longer energy color dependent, the 4 elements are built into spectral scream.
  20. Only Prime/Infested hybrid I'd accept would be Mire, due to its description and seniority in the game.
  21. Never saw the vid so can't confirm or deny, but to clarify, Ogris has no problem rolling negative impact, but it's normally completely unable to roll puncture (and slash) which would indeed make it a "rare" roll. (And there have been no major changes to which weapons can roll what.) You can check sites like Semlar and Riven.market to get a general idea of what the possible rolls for weapons are.
  22. Well no... it's more like this: (AoE weapons are the square hole)
  23. There is actually a setting, toggle off legacy color pallets in general gameplay options.
  24. It's just badly worded. They have to be falling, as in you need to destroy the Darrygn and then shoot the pilot while he's falling. Alternatively you can just use a frame that forces enemies into the air like Titania, and just use that on the pilots on the ground.
  25. Took me a while to figure it out, but based on the convo, it's about New Game+ (starting over with benefits) TBH, I don't think DE will ever be comfortable with it. They already burned themselves before by having an account reset option for a short time when the game was much, MUCH smaller, and they still had people regretting their decision (*cough* me, younger and dumber). Now the average account has invested magnitudes more into everything, and the potential backlash of the player's own rash decisions just wouldn't be worth it.
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