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  1. BTW, asking for a mod to lock a thread from within the thread is pointless, just use the report function.
  2. I've temporarily lost my faith in DE fixing up older textures. Amphis got grandfathered into a brand new thematic bundle, the rest has great textures... and Amphis still has it's large uncolorable area. They then converted all the old sentinel accessories to PBR... and left all the large uncolorable areas.
  3. A) non-committal answer that doesn't address the problem B) Lets keep real world politics out of this C) the people who want to kill the Lotus are hardly silent
  4. I'm sorry, but the only thing this thread shows is that despite being given ample opportunity, you still chose to stick with skewed data and leading questions. It's already well known that the vocal majority wants to kill the Lotus, even if you hadn't used a manipulative poll the results would have been the same. The amount of people who do want to save the Lotus but won't vote because they're being misrepresented, aren't even the issue (It's certainly insulting to both DE's and my intelligence, but it's not going to affect the poll). It's the amount of people who don't care about the story and will gladly vote to kill the Lotus regardless of the contents of the poll, that are giving you the results you want. "Do you want to kill the lotus: Y/N" and "Is it possible to write an interesting and complex story where the Lotus is saved: Y/N" are two separate issues that are not directly correlated.
  5. You get to choose which weapon you get on the 100, 300, 500, 700 day mark. The wiki mentions that the list is from before update 23.10 which made some changes to how the tribute system works.
  6. I think you've misunderstood what he said. He meant that since Gauss's helmet has no cloth physics, then tennogen cannot remove any cloth physics from Gauss. Tennogen's ability to add helmets with cloth physics was never in question.
  7. Though it's also now hidden in the middle of the thread, you're better off just fixing the main post.
  8. In his defense a mod merged his new thread into the old one. And in ... not his defense, he never fixed it.
  9. I don't actually expect it to change much, but seriously, a less biased poll would help.
  10. rapt0rman

    "Infinite" ammo

    Just in case... Is this happening in fissure missions?
  11. About Bladed Rounds, triggering it isn't a sign that he's zooming, It triggers on any regular kill. Zooming is how you activate it, and I don't think he does.
  12. Just to clarify, Prime Time and the console streams aren't "Devstreams", which is a specific stream about the development of the game as a whole. Doesn't change anything though.
  13. Melees has unique animation sets that just don't interact with Warframe noble/agile/neutral animations. Pretty much because it would be too much work. Primaries and secondaries combined still only have a small handful of grip types (rifles, bows, pistols, throwing blades, ect.) and on top of that, only has one or two animations per type. In comparison, melee has waay more grips, and exponentially more animations.
  14. Used on a fast set (From before I got the riven) a slow set (From after the riven, literally the slowest and highest damage I could get) of both polearms and machetes, I kinda shuffle between all of them but TBH I have a soft spot for the machetes.
  15. It obviously needs fixing, but there's a feedback section for issues (that aren't bugs) like this.
  16. Not a bug, but it is a confusingly labeled cosmetic decoration.
  17. Yeah, combo-stacking mods like Bloodrush and Weeping Wounds don't work on any thrown weapon.
  18. Toggle off "legacy color palettes" in Options>gameplay.
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