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  1. In the simulacrum, you can see the 50% buff at the top right corner (he didn't mention that buff), that's Harrow's 4th with augmented mod Lasting Convenant, which gives at max 50% flat Crit Chance (CC), 200% CC on headshot, increasing duration with every headshot kill. Arcane avenger helps too. Your case: Without CC from Harrow and Arcane Avenger The weapon's CC is only 10%, with 3x combo counter, your CC is 64%, can't even orange Crit. 10 x (1 + 1.8 x 3) = 64, 1.8 is from Blood Rush and Gladiator Rush His case: Headshot with Harrow's 4th His CC is 210% (10 base + 200 from buff, or 10 + 50 without headshot), with 1.5 combo counter, his CC is 777%, sure to red Crit (300% CC is already sure to red Crit) 210 x (1 + 1.8 x 1.5) = 777 Conclusion: just a showoff for noobs who don't know anything about the game (abusing Harrow buff on headshot)
  2. Operator can carry powercell already
  3. Since you have a good riven for it, and using slide build, you should use max Status Chance Keewar for best benefit (because you already have high Crit Chance with Maiming Strike, so using a build with high Crit Chance doesn't help much) with Viral and Slash procs (yes, slash procs stack, so your SC is not wasted). There are 2 main build (both have 10% CC, 36% SC): 1. Max Attack Speed: Seekala + Ekwana II Jai You will have highest AS with this build, but kinda low damage, but it's nice to spam 2. Max DPS (AS x Dmg): Shtung + Ekwana II Jai You will have highest dps with this build, but kinda low AS, but the damage makes up for it 3. Max Dmg (lowest AS): I don't recommend this build, it's slow 4. Others: Just choose the Ekwana II Jai grip, then choose the link with the AS you like Since your riven is 2+0-, I recommend the first build so you don't need to use 2nd AS mod beside Berserker. If you have a perfect 3+1-, I recommend the 2nd build. PM me here if you wanna run a test in game for level 165 Manic Bombard Eximus
  4. @VotumPrime Thanks, but I'm not, many guys at the Arbitration Discord have more than that, they just sold Vitus Essence for stuffs, I just did not
  5. Hey, I would like to join for a scan of Reinforced Orokin Container, will pay 10k. Please invite me if you find it in a mission, note that you can't invite if the mission objective was completed.
  6. This game is good at timegating
  7. Yeah, agree. Kinda annoying for collectors and hoarders. Installed some normal lens on early days, don't want these lens now, but still want to keep the frame/weapons for nostalgia's sake.
  8. Did you get a Hydrolyst Sigil? Same sh*t, but different, but still same. And patchnote didn't even mention Eido sigils, at least, you know that Blazing Step Ephemera EXISTS.
  9. Check her shop everyday, no Norg Mask and Mother's Mask. But when Ticker's Venus Trap announcement, it came out right away, I think Nakak is bugged
  10. 1. Yeah, its terrible at gaining standing, especially if you are laggy. If you have slow reflex, good luck earning standings here. Conclave needs a boost, period. 2. I don't think it's fair, but fine with it either way
  11. Jackal Eximus is not bugged, check my profile for its scans.
  12. Thanks. An event for retired enemies please, make pokedex great again!
  13. I agree that the 1k standings each, is kinda low, should be 5k at least. It also gives ally syndicates possitive standings and enemy syndicates negative standings. And remember those 6 syndicates Stencil cosmetics were released back then? Many who have maxed those 6 syndicates, had to max them again, just for those skins, because they aren't untradeable. I suggest removing the ally and enemy syndicates standings, and make it 5k each, so people can max all 6 syndicates, in case DE decide to add new items to those 6 syndicates.
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