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  1. Thanks. Please bring quick melee back, or have an option for people to do so exclusively. Edit: I got poked by some weirdos for wanting an option for quick melee, thanks
  2. @ZelmenPlease go into your simulacrum, search 'nightwatch', its simple, also read wiki again, they say there are 2 versions of the lancer
  3. There are 11 nightwatch enemies in total, not 10
  4. @RedemptionDenied Go to simulacrum, search nightwatch lancer, you will see 2 entries
  5. I did the misson 10+ times, found none. Also there are 2 entries for Nightwatch Lancer, the standard one, and the powercell carrier one.
  6. Thanks. Also please fix melee slower backswing speed on full melee mode compared to fast melee mode, its been there since time immemorable. Zaw stats are bugged too.
  7. I just did a test with Plague Keewar zaw. According to wiki, keewar has damage distribution: 28% impact, 14% puncture, 33% slash, 25% viral. I went to Hok and craft Plague Keewar + Shtung + Ekwana II Jai, the guilded stats on Hok screen (I already built this, same stats are shown on my weapon too) is: 32.6 impact, 21.6 puncture, 36.6 slash, 30.6 viral translates to percent: 26.9 % impact, 17.8% puncture, 30.1% slash, 25.2% viral This contradicts wiki, and good site like https://semlar.com/zawcalc/698 I did the same test for other zaws too, same result. I haven't heard of any changes about zaws damage distribution, changelog doesnt show too. So this might be a major bug. Hope you guys fix it soon
  8. I built and maxed them all, but only 2 are maxed at profile
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