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  1. To add my own two cents: I think the melee change is good. It has some bugs, that need to be ironed out, but all in all it's a good change What I like about the change a lot: It actually makes me play more naturally with stances. As in, before the change I never used stances, just quick melee. I prefer the flow of a quick few strikes and then be ready to shoot in an instant, without having to press extra buttons. That's what I actually got and I think is the reason why DE made the change. Now I can actually use great stances, like Tempo Royale and it makes sense to pick a proper stance. Before I just used quick melee 99.9% of the time and didn't even know what the stance does. So big plus on that side. On the other. I do hear a lot of bugs related to melee 2.99997 and found some tangential ones myself. But with everything on PC, there will be bugs and DE tries to find the biggest, game breaking ones, on common setups. Don't forget that they are less than 200 people total, who make this very complex game, with unique mechanics everywhere. I call myself lucky, as I haven't experienced too many of them. So my view might be biased, but I hope that stances get a little bit of polish in the next phase, so I can enjoy them even more. All in all also great work on it so far and keep bug fixing!
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