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  1. Archguns still need rebalancing and buffed projectile velocity to be effective in Railjack Archwing mode. This has been an issue from day one of Railjack and nothing has been done about it so far. Further enhanced vacuum range and some sort of loot radar for the Railjack would be awesome and very appreciated by many. Perhaps something that tags drops and makes visible from great distances, with an on/off toggle to avoid cluttering the screen during combat? To echo some other posters, maybe take a break from the next batch of mainline content and focus on fixing current content and bugs for a month or two? Liches could use more polishing, the current Railjack content also needs polishing, there so many bugs that have persisted for a long time now, etc etc. Don't compare Amesha to Catchmoon; it isn't too OP, the other Archwings just happen to suck in Railjack mode, simple as that. The correct answer is to fix what's broken, not break what works so it's as bad as everything else, smh.
  2. We still need a better way of collecting loot in Railjack mode due to the size of the levels and how far apart enemies can spawn. Nobody enjoys spending +10 minutes just looking for loot, and no, the buffed vacuum range wasn't enough. Archgun projectiles are still much too slow and thusly feels awkward and ineffective to use. The same applies to Railjack turrets, if to a lesser degree. Please buff the projectile velocity. Recently the entrance to a Grineer Galleon became inaccessible, making it completely impossible for the rest of the squad to gather the loot and Quellor blueprint that dropped. We were all quite frustrated about that. On that note, please enable full drop sharing for the entire squad regardless if they are inside a station or ship. Some QoL updates for Liches would be grand. Duplicates causing hours of meaningless grind is still an issue. And finally, any word on when the third Orb Mother might be making an appearance? It's been a long while since Fortuna dropped now.
  3. Oh joy, anemic credit rewards that are totally eclipsed by playing even the easiest Dark Sector missions, alongside unimportant dross like Rubedo. Why are Railjack missions giving me these things rather than the materials that I actually need to repair components? Normal missions provide plenty enough credits and non-Railjack materials. --- The buff to vacuuming was nice, but we absolutely could use some sort of loot detection to make gathering all the wide-spread drops less of a time-consuming pain in the neck. Alternatively, some form of loot collection system, like drones or a long-range vacuuming pulse. As a reminder, space is big and so are Railjack missions. --- Finally, please buff Railjack/Archgun projectile velocity. I shouldn't have to chase an enemy and engage them in point blank range combat just to make sure more than 1 in 50 shots from my Imperator Vandal hits the damned target. Some weapons like the Fluctus are almost completely useless because they can't hit anything unless what you're shooting at flies straight at you and doesn't decide to try dodging. It's far more annoying than it is difficult and provides precisely zero enjoyment. As an aside, it also looks weird when you're sitting in the Railjack and watching someone try to shoot down enemies with an Imperator and the projectiles move so slowly it looks more like sprays of golden spaghetti than tracer fire.
  4. I was surprised by the quick buff to archwing/railjack vacuum, but I strongly question how effective such a minor buff is going to be. You could probably stand to increase it by a factor of five or more. At least we can pick up more item types with our archwings now, so that's nice. Also, I see that there's no fixes towards the awful projectile speed for archguns, so I guess it's still a requirement to fight at nearly point blank range...
  5. 1: Why are hitscan archguns no longer hitscan and why in the name of the Holy Prophet of the Void and Profit have archgun projectile speeds not been adjusted to deal with these new much faster and more maneuverable railjack enemies? We should not have to get almost into melee range to reliably hit the enemy, and some weapons coughFluctuscough have such awful projectile speed that it's almost impossible to hit anything that isn't stationary, flying straight at you or a Crew Ship. Please buff archgun projectile velocity, or add a mod (and utility slot) for that purpose. This isn't "difficulty", it's just bloody annoying. 2: If I'm not aboard (or steering? unsure which) the Railjack, I flat out don't get any of the avionics picked up during the mission. This has happened several times now, and I'm assuming it's not intentional. 3: I often get stuck in a seemingly endless void transit into the Dry Dock and cannot leave the ship normally, but have to use Fast Travel or Leave Dojo to do so. If I use Fast Travel, the dry dock is empty until I leave and re-enter the Dojo. Similarly, my loot from the mission usually doesn't appear as available in the Dry Dock upgrade menus until I leave and re-enter (played with a friend and was not the host in any of these instances). 4: Space is big, and the Railjack missions are no exception. The lack of loot radar and vacuum makes picking up all the drops on Railjack missions take almost as long or even longer than completing the actual objectives does. This is not okay. If you could please add vacuum, and if possible, loot radar, or some sort of loot detection sonar pulse, that would be awesome. If no loot radar can be added, maybe make items visible from further away? We shouldn't have to spend 5-10 minutes just flying around picking up drops. It's tedious and boring and some of us would really like to actually play missions, not "find the items scattered randomly across a five kilometer area". 5: Still no new Lich quality of life changes to reduce the grind and useless duplicates... 😞 6: Sentient cores are still unvacuumable, buggy and have UI tags that can be seen from several hundred meters away. Please just make them into normal item drops already. 6: The way Unairu wisps work could really use some polishing. The "item" spawned is currently almost invisible and can be vacuumed away by any random player with Fetch or Vacuum equipped on their companion, making it impossible to actually pick up your buff. This is supposedly an ability meant to buff anyone and not just yourself, but it's incredibly awkward to use for that purpose. Currently it's only really reliable if you play solo. Most people don't play eidolon hunts solo.
  6. Oh, and btw, any plans for reworking Vauban's Minelayer? It's still a terrible ability, and Photon Strike could use some love, too. It struggles to harm grineer at higher levels to the point that it's often more efficient to just use your weapon instead, and that feels kind of pathetic for an orbital death laser.
  7. Nice to see that you're working on the other melee crit mods, I was surprised to see they had been left out, especially poor Ripkas' amalgam mod. Question regarding Ember: According to the ingame description, Immolate has a 10 energy/s channel cost once it hits maximum heat. According to the wiki: "After reaching maximum heat there is a 10 second ramp up time, during which the energy drain increases exponentially, before the drain reaches its maximum value." I've noticed that this doesn't seem to happen ingame. Testing in Simulacrum confirms it. Immolate doesn't hit any caps, even with Efficiency and Duration mods it just keeps increasing the drain until it can empty out +300 energy pools in mere seconds. If this isn't intended behavior, a fix for it would be very nice. Question regarding Kuva Liches: While preventing back-to-back duplicates and allowing us to trade Liches helped mitigate the excessive grind, it still doesn't solve the issue of the duplicates that will inevitably stack up, particularly weapons with lower elemental percentages than we already have. This is especially a problem with kuva weapons with very low percentages, and doubly so with the least popular ones, because few people would be interested in paying remotely enough to justify the time spent grinding that lich. Converting said lich is an alternative, but liches currently do extremely low damage, and as far as I've personally seen, they don't appear to use their abilities, so that is just about a worse solution than almost giving your lich away. Will something be done to address this problem? I've seen several other posters in the hotfix threads ask if Valence transfer (or valence fusion, as some called it if memory serves) could boost your kuva weapon by a (2% or 3%?) percentage so that even useless duplicates may serve some purpose. Also, when we finally have that optimal kuva weapon, any further duplicates of it become useless even with Valence Fusion, so maybe allowing us to dissolve them into kuva could be a good idea? Rivens are an ever-devouring black hole of kuva that can never be sated, so alternative sources for the stuff are always welcome, especially now that Riven slivers are a thing. As it is, the lich system feels unrewarding compared to all the time we need to invest in it.
  8. So, what do we do with all the low-stat weapons that most people probably won't be willing to bother trading for? What about allowing us to boost elemental damage when doing Valence transfers until we hit the 60% cap, even if just by a few percent per transfer? Then there'd be some use for the inevitable duplicates. I read the Workshop thread discussing this particular change, and more than one player pointed out how it doesn't help with the duplicate issue nearly as much as we'd like. Thank you, this is helpful. Does this apply to the Kuva Seer as well, then? It also has impact->explosion mechanics unless I'm totally mistaken. Either way, many thanks for fixing the Kuva Ogris. I've been looking forward to using a high-damage, semi-auto rocket launcher for a while now. 🙂 Ooor you could maybe make ayatan stars behave more like normal items and be vacuumable which would neatly prevent this from being a problem in the first place? Speaking of unvacuumable items, please please please make Sentient Cores vacuumable. Nobody enjoys having a dozen item waypoints on their screens that are visible from almost halfway across the map (this has been an annoyance for a long time now). Aside from that, just being able to pick them up without having to run around in circles like a headless chicken would be great as well.
  9. To be honest, even with the upcoming changes, the grind is going to be borderline soul crushingly time consuming and boring. Please disallow generation of duplicate kuva weapons until we have all currently released kuva weapons owned or at least give the larvling the weapon it will have as a lich so we can opt out on getting duplicate gun (insert number here). Please allow Valence transfer to improve the elemental bonus slightly on every transfer until we hit the maximum of 60%. Nobody wants a dozen or so duplicates of the same gun but with weaker stats uselessly cluttering up their armory. We tenno may love playing Warframe, even if we're whiny little brats about it sometimes, but we do have lives away from our PCs, you know.
  10. No mention about how the Kuva Ogris apparently doesn't do more damage per shot than vanilla Ogris despite the weapon description saying it does? If you're not going to buff the damage to match the claim, can you pretty please at least buff the magazine then?
  11. Fair point. To specify, it does not nuke your sustained DPS. But it absolutely does significantly reduce your burst DPS. Yes, I checked, using the same weapon I used as an example originally (Cyanex). And when you spend more time reloading and getting shot at, this ultimately means less enemies killed and suffering more damage. More importantly, that's not fun, and fun is kind of the whole freaking point of playing a game. For me personally, I wouldn't mind if DE added a damage reduction effect on magazine/reload when equipped in the exilus slot so the sustained DPS remains the same, as long as I get to fire my freaking weapons without constantly reloading for several seconds over and over. And yes, I am quite aware of what these mods would do to weapons like Exergis, which I pointed out in the very first line of text in my first post...
  12. Excepting outliers like Tigris and Exergis, magazine capacity and reload mods would hardly be a major DPS boost on anything, would they? The real reason people want them, I suspect, has a whole lot more to do with wanting to use weapons like Cyanex without having to nuke their DPS just so they can fire their guns without having to spend 2-3 seconds reloading every 2-3 seconds.
  13. So, the Kuva Lich system is pretty cool, but the, heh, Old Grind, as it has been called by some, honestly does feel excessively grindy. Some adjusting would be very welcome. On the Ember rework, I've personally got no complains. Even her 1 actually does something useful now. Overall, I like her better. Vauban, on the other hand... Bastille/Vortex and Photon Strike are great. Good job on those abilities! Tesla Nervos are an improvement, but they need to be faster and should have greater target acquisition range. Right now, they feel slow to react and tend to lag behind. Minelayer, oh dear. It continues to feel useless, redundant or clunky and sometimes all of the above. Aside from the occasional Overdriver, I just don't have any reason to use it. Tesla Nervos and Bastille/Vortex has crowd control covered already, so I'm unsure what I need Tether Coils for. Sure, they have good range and it is kinda funny to watch enemies get yanked around, but they don't seem to really offer anything that TN and B/V doesn't? Flechette Orb is horrible. What exactly is it supposed to do? It deals awful damage and doesn't stun or knock over anything. The instant enemy EHP scaling starts kicking in at higher levels it becomes entirely obsolete and a waste of Energy to use. Is it just a trash mob cleaner? If so, then yeah, I guess it works. Vector Pad is something of a mystery to me. Crowd control by pushing enemies away? Bastille offers much better CC in every way. Personal speed boost? Given that it deploys a static speed pad, I assume it's for use in Defense, Interception and maybe Mobile Defense, but... Bullet jumping and void dashing both allow you to get around in those missions fast enough and offer more three-dimensional mobility, so why should I use it instead? Overdriver is annoying to apply to allies, and a 25% boost makes it inferior to most other damage amplifiers, but at least it does something useful that the rest of Vauban's kit doesn't. In all honesty, Minelayer needs to be reworked again or, preferably in my opinion at least, switched out for something else. Maybe an Exalted Sentinel, similar to Khora's death metal kitty? Homing missiles, freezer rays, shield amplifiers, I dunno. Anything other than the why-should-i-bother-using-any-of-this Minelayer. Please.
  14. Let's be fair here, it had nothing to do with it being "hard". It's because it was a time and resource-wasting sinkhole. Don't have any forma? Well, get to grinding blueprints and then wait 24 hours x 3 for them to build or shell out the plat for a bundle. Don't have anything you want to forma at the moment? Well, sucks to be you, either waste those forma or no reward. Now it's less of a sinkhole.
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