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  1. People have probably suggested something like this a hundred times already, but I'll voice my opinion anyway. Suggestion: When an enemy is open to Parazon Kills, they won't die if their health hits zero, instead they get staggered for 3-6?seconds and die normally when the timer runs out or they get parazon'd, whichever happens first. Parazon kills also need to have a more tangible benefit, or people won't bother with them. More mods and slots would be a start, or maybe something else, I don't know, I'm just a guy on the internet. Maybe being able to use it as a melee weapon, akin to a whip? Could be a neat addition. /shrug But either way, it's nice that the Parazon is getting some attention.
  2. Going to admit that while I didn't expect any such mods to be introduced, the lack of homing or glaive-style (as in, they actually target enemies instead of flying wildly everywhere else coughTetracough) ricocheting bullets (innate or as mods) for at least some guns is still a real disappointment all the same. Akarius and Cyanex are not exactly great homing weapons, unfortunately. Let's hope the buffs work out, but Imma be honest here, it feels like a lot of these changes are only going to make the few good guns better and let the bad ones languish in mediocrity... Admittedly, that's better than awfulness, to be fair, but not still not ideal.
  3. Nice update, and cool quest, if a little short. I liked the music. However... void explosions go BRRRRRRRRRTTTTT!!! More seriously, these... void sinks?, that explode, sometimes spazz out and continuously detonate many, many times per second for several seconds, causing extreme visual clutter and screenshaking if you happen to get stuck in that mess. I'm reasonably certain that's not intended behavior.
  4. Just noticed this particular bug myself. Galvarc fires for an instant and then stops, not even doing scratch damage to anything. I doubt it'll get a fix before the Railjack update, though. :(
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