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  1. Buffs for Braton, Boltor, Soma and Simulor, yay! They desperately needed those. Maybe I'll actually use my Soma Prime and Boltor variants again... Nonsensical nerf on Gorgon and Glaxion, sigh. Can't get everything I guess. At least my precious Amprex didn't get hit with the nerfbat again, though I see Ignis suffered some more. Not surprised Catchmoon got hit hard, though. Even without a riven, a crit-built Catchmoon hits like a truck.
  2. Speaking of which, are we ever going to get any Umbral mods for Primaries and Secondaries, or is that going to remain a Melee-exclusive thing with its Sacrifical set mods?
  3. Speaking of credits, is it deliberate that completing Nightwave Intermission challenges after you hit Level 15 doesn't give you any additional Nora credits, like Nightwave 1 did with Wolf credits? Because right now you're stuck at 10.000/10.000 points after reaching lvl15, so there's no point in doing any of the challenges.
  4. Please, please, let Vacuum and Fetch work on Sentient Cores. The damned things litter the map and throw up waypoint markers visible from hundreds of meters away, adding tons of pointless visual clutter. Not to mention it's just annoying to walk around to manually pick up the cores one by bloody one. Please, DE, make it happen.
  5. Sol Gate still feels underpowered. Even at 200-300% power strength, with all three reservoir buffs AND channeling, the beam doesn't offer much payoff compared to the high energy drain. Without buffs and channeling, it's really just a trash mob cleaner. Allowing it to tick damage (and procs) faster would probably help alleviate this. Or make it into an Exalted weapon and let us mod it? Seconding this. Atmospheric archguns are currently kind of mediocre for what they are supposed to be. Seconding this also, and hard. Or maybe introduce a Prisma/Wraith variant with these features, please? Ogris' strange charge trigger mechanic feels very awkward and misplaced (why does a dumb-fire rocket launcher need to charge? makes no sense). If you insist on the charge trigger, maybe let Ogris lock on to targets and make the rockets homing?
  6. A welcome improvement, but really needs to tick damage and status procs a bit faster. Other Ultimate abilities like Razorwing, Peacemaker, Danse Macabre and Exalted Blade are still noticeably stronger, even when Boosting and having all three motes on for added damage and corrosive procs. I'm not sure if it's just me, but Sol Gate's FX flare effect seems to be completely gone now? I don't think anyone wanted it to disappear entirely.
  7. I'd be fine if you just reverted the trigger type back to Semi Auto again and didn't touch anything else, to be honest. Why does it even have a Charged trigger, it's a freaking dumb-fire rocket launcher, there's literally no reason why it should "charge" shots. At least Lenz has the excuse of being a bow... Now if Ogris' charge trigger allowed you to lock-on to a target, there'd be a reason for it. As it is, it's just really annoying. Can you please give Pax Seeker's projectiles some terrain-only punch-through? Right now most tilesets with all their low-ceilings and small spaces (hallways are especially guilty of this) eat the bolts and they end up doing basically nothing, which really limits the use of this arcane. Phantasma has a similar problem, and the mediocre life time of its homing bomblets is also way too short; in my experience most of projectiles just puff out of existence long before they ever hit anything, which keeps the gun's gimmick from actually being useful, and last I checked projectile speed mods don't affect the damned things either. Please fix?
  8. Throwing canisters at the Exploiter during Phase 2 is a clever mechanic and a wonderful break from the "use Chroma, bring boomstick" meta infesting the Profit-Taker and Eidolon fights, but during Phase 1 it's a pain to aim the damn things at the constantly jerking and moving Exploiter. Maybe just make the vents vulnerable to Heat damage? Or change the canister drop stations into power ups that allow our weapons to melt the frozen vents? Our weapons can already be modded to shoot acid, explosives, space plagues and so on, so I personally wouldn't look twice at being able to temporarily empower them with thermia. Also, let me just express how happy I am that the Exploiter Orb has some good dialogue (I love the way she talks!) and just as importantly, that she actually talks instead of hissing and wheezing like the Profit-Taker. If she didn't have subtitles, I wouldn't know the Profit-Taker was actually saying something rather than making random staticky noises.
  9. Oh great, yet another boss immune to basically everything but raw damage and critical hits. Because we totally don't have enough status/ability-immune bulletsponges already... Come on DE, why do you even have Status procs and Abilities if we're not allowed to use them on anything important? Freaking reduce their potency on bosses if you need to, but stop this silly, arbitrary immunity bs you've got going. Please.
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