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  1. So, does MfD still cap at current enemy health instead of their maximum health? Because last time I checked it in the simulator after the big nerf, it did not do damage off the max health of anything I tried it on.
  2. Just tested out the new Marked for Death in the Simulacrum, and holy yikes the nerf is even worse than I thought. As it is capped to the marked target's current health, not their total health, it means that if you kill a Marked enemy with low health (regardless of how much total health they normally have) the resulting radial damage is effectively nonexistent. If you're playing solo with Excalibur, Inaros, Ash, Ivara or Sleep Equinox, MfD may have some value for softening up the occasional group of enemies (thanks to having abilities that open enemies up for Finishers), since there's
  3. As someone who dislikes both Mind Control and Enthrall, I'm saying yes please to this. Maybe it needs some improvements to synergize properly, be less clunky, etc, but the less mediocre cannon fodder control abilities I have to suffer, the happier I'll be.
  4. Kindly cease and desist. People aren't complaining about anything being too hard, they're complaining about it being too boring. Boring does not equal hard, being irritated with that is not, never has been and never will be the same as wanting these boring missions or objectives to be "easy mode".
  5. You can? This is genuinely news to me. I've never noticed any such noises. To be fair, I am hearing-impaired, but wow, do I hate audio-only indicators of anything in this game. The constant din of gunfire, explosions, enemies yelling and dying, etc doesn't really make it any easier, either. DE, you have stuff for color blind people right? Can you please maybe invent an option to add more visual indicators for hearing-impaired and deaf players? Or an option to make indicator noises (animals, caches, demolysts, etc) louder? Something. Please.
  6. With these Slash Damage/Status Chance mods now in existence, does adding Slash damage mods to a weapon finally increase the damage of its Bleed procs now? As I recall, every other Damage Over Time status effect is boosted by adding the appropriate damage mods, but Slash does not, which is really kind of weird.
  7. Well, this promises to be interesting... Looking forward to playing with this.
  8. DE: Not working as intended, time to nerfhammer Xoris into the bedrock Oh, so no more fun allowed with Atlas and Khora, got it. That's one potato, five forma and +1 hour of grinding XP wasted. Thanks, I hate it. Maybe give these pseudo-Exalted abilities a buff and their own mod space so we don't have to rely on statsticks with rivens and augments to get decent performance out of them? They have to compete with weapons, particularly melees, and unlike abilities, those don't drain energy. Hell, while you're at it you could give Exalted Weapons a look over, the whole point of th
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