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  1. I'ma be honest umbral forma is kinda overkill unless you need to put one back one umbra if you're one of the peeps who accidentally took one off, besides that most builds just forma everything else
  2. Probably gonna save it up for when I really need it
  3. Also @bumbercars cuz I don't want to let this die
  4. Maybe we wouldn't have to ask so much if they'd just give it already
  5. Either I'm making sense, or people just don't care enough to argue since there's views. Interesting.
  6. I mean this isn't a bad thing, it opens up umbras fashion for people who don't want gold cresents and a giant scarf that clips everywhere, and the people who do want it could color it separately like nekros's mortos binds. And if this isn't possible, an answer for everyone who's been asking would be nice, especially since mesa prime got a fix out of popular demand. Where as this keeps getting asked over and over with no response.
  7. I know I'm super late to this but YES, DE PLEASE let us toggle the scarf on umbra it's super restrictive for fashion and it looks really weird with syandanas; not to mention frames like valkyr and nekros have toggle able ornaments, so I don't see why that would be such a bad thing.
  8. Looking to make a good heavy blade build soon and not sure how the two blades compare and I'm torn rn about which I wanna make, since I already have a galatine prime but haven't quite finished para yet.
  9. Out of curiosity, does anyone have some interesting EB builds? Been playing around with my build and looking for some fresh ideas.
  10. Honestly *@##$ing about a system that's not even finished so stupid, give it time for the system to be fully implemented, and then list your complaints.
  11. i feel like since so many people use EB on while mixing in his 1 and 2, radial slash should synergize well with EB and his other abilities and have bonuses for using while in EB. Maybe make radial slash have a base range of 10m and have it scale EB's wave dmg so its a super high dps ability with good crowd nuking. i think also making sure it doesnt totally disrupt the flow of an EB builds so its more of an ADDITION to the frame rather than just saying this is an ability now deal with it, seeing how its currently being thought of as something to be used in conjunction with EB i think it would be good for it to not need a lot of modding for it to be a good ability that does its job of being a quick nonspam nuke to get some breathing room. also i definitely think some sort of energy return like the orbs from kills would be great for during EB to stay topped off/ get energy back after a mistake (fat fingering an ability, or just an energy drain eximus)
  12. This sounds awesome, I actually feel like this would give excal a much better 3rd and a good aoe backup if he gets overwhelmed, so what if in order to keep it from getting spammed the damage ties directly too the amount of enemies nearby, so the dogs output would always be able to deal with the majority of the mob and there would be no point to use I t more than 2 or 3 times since it's effectiveness is tied to nearby enemies hp and the nearby amount . Edit: also having it be a duration based ability would definitely help it fit with his kit due to eb and blind/howl already being duration based
  13. what if while eb is active, range is increased by say 30% and dmg goes up by 160% with incoming damage from enemies building up the burst of projectiles with say 10% charge to the burst per hit so radial slash would be active for a few seconds, explode dealing a huge amount of dps without using a ton of energy so it would be ideal for nuking high level elite enemies.
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