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  1. This is a great post and great distinction. Warframe, even the Steel Path, is not necessarily "challenging" in the way that games like Dark Souls, etc. are. Nor should it be! The game is not meant to be "challenging" in this way. It all depends on how one defines "challenge". The key thing Warframe should aspire to is "Active combat" as you said....or combat that requires player engagement and focus/attention....combat where you will suffer and you will die if you are not focusing and paying attention, managing and dealing with various enemies, variables, etc....You still can and
  2. I really think we should NOT expect to see anything Duviri Paradox related and I think it VERY unlikely they will do another open world at this point. Could be wrong! Just think we should keep expectations realistic to avoid disappointment.
  3. I am REALLY excited about this year's Tennocon since it seems like DE is making a point of showing stuff that they will shortly after deliver. I think they mentioned that whatever the big reveal is will go live to all platforms that same day??? I think they have something pretty significant to show given how secretive they've been. I do not think they will show anything Duviri Paradox related---they have already stated that they strategically decided to make this year the year of The New War and save Duviri for next year. So, something big that is related to New War I am sure! I t
  4. Well damn...that is frustrating! This seems to be the exact issue I am noticing and feel they should/can easily address! Just making these newer enemy models be consistent with the rest of the game and enable dismemberment/gore as well would definitely go a long way...
  5. Oh really? There has been an actual gore downgrade over time?
  6. Yeah again to clarify I don’t think DE needs to necessarily add a ton more gore. I’m just wanting them to slightly improve what they already have and most importantly to have it be implemented more consistently.
  7. Not to be gross, but I wanted to state how much I appreciate the gore effects in Warframe. I am a huge fan of melee/hack and slash action games and Warframe continues to be one of my favorite games ever since I started playing it about two years ago. One big factor that I think makes the combat gameplay and action in Warframe so satisfying compared to it's competitors/similar games is the gore/blood/dismemberment effects. These have a HUGE impact on the visceral quality to the combat, increasing the intensity, immersion and satisfaction to the gameplay loop. Top tier melee combat of
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