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  1. Most of Melee 3.0 has been great. the only odd thing I keep running into is their odd ball key changes to certain things I want to Aim Glide and NOT Drop the (insert thing I have to carry in my other hand) after I bullet jump. I have found this to be very annoying when you dont carry a secondary. I would be perfectly fine with just being stuck with Melee and blocking WHILE Aim Gliding!!! if they would fix this Dont know if this affecting anyone else, but when your using Simaris Scan, you cant instantly switch back to Guns with Q anymore. I have found this also annoying in some small matter. Other then that the Auto Blocking / the Channeling and the Melee on the Fly is pretty key for my play style.
  2. Ok I thought I was clear, guess I wasnt. In the Arsenal Station part, Under Archwing/ Vehicle mode You CANNOT Unequip the Heavygun you put a gravimag on. and Two, It keeps showing up at the end of Every mission status whether OR NOT I have the Heavygun launcher equiped. Sooo Yes I know how to use the gear wheel, and I thought NOT having the launcher ON the gear wheel, would Unequip the Heavygun for my Arsenal. Turns out, Nope its still there, and it is collecting affinity. so your minimum loadout with companion is 5 items gaining affinity. Frame, HeavyGun, Campanion, 1 of 3 weapon types, and your Amp (if its equiped)
  3. Not complaining about being able to use Heavy Guns / Archwing guns at all. But more, I dont need it on all my frames all the time, when Im trying to level up MR fodder weapons. I dont know for certain or not, but I have a feeling that it is absorbing affinity/ XP, like if you were running full Primary,secondary, and melee plus your companion (robot or pet). which if it is, its just for me a minor annoyance that I have to deal with. but I would like an option to unequip it, since its only really needed for higher teir content, and not really needed for anything low level.
  4. I dont need to shoot my gun when slicing works just as well or better with 100% status, but thats not a real benefit for me its a deteriment, cause they still havent fixed the aim glide as well with melee weapons. and when your doing Excav or Mobile Defense and you drop the canister/ codes all the time cause you cant aim glide while holding a melee weapon. You switch to your primary automatically. and have to back track all the time. Its a minor annoyance, over so far a Great melee system! Im just wondering why a patch hasnt come out yet to fix this?
  5. I find that the Dev's didnt think of this... So I like playing Excal every once in awhile, my First frame, I enjoy him. New Melee 3.0 , Love it, its Great! Why does it effect Excal's 4 then??? and is constantly going on in the background while I hold a Primary or secondary weapon? Kinda was expecting a patch by now for it, nope... So Im wondering if it is affecting Valkyr and Wukong at all?
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