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  1. Tacritan

    Prime Vault is Closing Soon!

    You surely must be a star at every party :P Your resistances to jokes is quite high.
  2. Tacritan

    Prime Vault is Closing Soon!

    Well, rip my Edo prime, no more special snowflake :(
  3. Some of the nerfs make no sense at all. And some of the buffs are a damn joke.. The buffs are too small while nerfs too harsh on some guns. Im fine with Lanka nerfs for example, but heck, AKBOLTO?
  4. Tacritan

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    IMO OP is right, as someone who owned 4 full arcane energize sets, farmed for YEARS, doing JV everyday, i feel completely disappointed. Now you browse trade chat and see how Avenger goes down to 50p value or energize going for 100p... Its ridiculous how the only long-term goal in this game can be basically spammed in one day, you can get what, 15+ arcanes in one night in POE? Now how much is it over 24 hours irl? Compare that to old raid system where you had THREE chances per 24hr to get an arcane. And people say that DE is respectful towards their veteran playerbase? yea, I can totally see that. But HEY! those amazing players who never cared to play raids are now really happy, right? because working hard to get stuff is wrong, people should have everything served to them on a silver plate. All i have to say is Thank You DE for wasting my time.
  5. Tacritan

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #106!

    I am with you. This game is going downhill for like a year now. DE keeps disappointing vets.
  6. Tacritan

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Its even better because even less people enjoy conclave and look, we have whole team dedicated to that mode..
  7. Tacritan


    DE NOT putting whole bundles on sale is a bad move and you know it. EVERYONE been asking for bundles, meanwhile we get exactly the same stuff we got last year. Heck, new skins are not even on sale. And no, i'm not complaining because i cannot afford to buy them, i have every damn skin in the game. Its just infuriating seeing how DE does not listen to the playerbase and does SAME MISTAKES.
  8. Tacritan


    Oh yes, thats so generous of them, when people will already buy the separate skins DE will give us BUNDLE sales just so we can buy the same skin once more! Oh my, the generosity!
  9. Tacritan


    " GREAT FASHION FRAME "... yea, great ripoff by not selling whole bundles. I've see that way too many times, happened way too many damn times when someone had to buy whole bundle just to get ONE WEAPON SKIN even tho said person already had warframe skin. DE never stop dissapointing.
  10. The issue is around for like two years now by the way and its still not addressed.
  11. In my case the issue might be the fact that I play Warframe with my spouse on same IP, but heck, why does this "IP BLOCK" thing even exist? Whats even better is that We cannot do ANYTHING about it, its just their wonky system that screwed up. My PC is completely clean, fresh operating system, safe connection, no VPN usage (that might be a bad thing tho). And when you ask support for HELP you get " Sorry, dont care, iz our bot, see you in a week mate, dont forget to use that 75% off platinium you will prob get after breaking your log-in streaks "
  12. Check this out, this is our problem and why it happens so suddenly, like in my case, casually running random missions, then trying to relog, after having issues getting back on (the game would keep telling me that i provide wrong login info, i even changed the password, still the same, can log-in normally on game site ) I restarted the game and launcher does not work anymore, Vpn DOES actually help, but that is not the solution. On my connection Vpn barely works, it does not conenct to any servers. This is their response btw : This problem is due to the IP protection that is enabled for the Warframe Servers. The protection includes an automated response to various internet based attacks on players. Basically, when the system detects malicious traffic, usually related to a botnet on your system or even from the ISP, our system blocks the IP. This way we can protect your account and make sure whatever malicious traffic that was detected does not gain access to it. Unfortunately, it leads to temporary service interruptions until those threats subside and normal traffic is permitted. I will try to give you as much information on it as possible. Unfortunately, we can't tell you how long the block will last since it depends on the nature of the attack also this This is just not right, I'm propably not going to be able to play the game for another week, NEVER seen anything like this in any other game.
  13. And when you message support you get BOT response telling you to WAIT (They can't even state how long) Serious company everyone So far i'm unable to play for two days now. Last time it happened it took like week.
  14. Oh, i'd like to also mention that VPN does NOT work in my case.
  15. Just happened to me, first i relogged, couldn't log back on my account. Then I restarted the client aaaand i keep getting this error for one day now. And its not even the first time it happened for me