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  1. Alright colouring of this skin is MASSIVE disappointment.
  2. That nidus augment seems ridiculously strong. Pair that with hunters munitions and its a monster. As for the skin - way too bulky for my taste.
  3. Exactly, im so glad i spent my last 2 days running around PoE lakes like ret*** farming wisps just to get my last 3 arcane sets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. So I just spent over 200 cetus wisps and god knows how much of rare gems crafting 3 new arcane sets and one day later this happens? Thanks alot. We really need reimbursement script for this.. As usualy, every update people who had to work hard for their stuff get shafted. Not to mention how much time i spent with my clannies farming Kuakas/Condrocs to get pigments just to see this happen. Whats the point of even playing the game and farming new stuff? Your hard work will become irrelevant within couple updates.
  5. You surely must be a star at every party :P Your resistances to jokes is quite high.
  6. Well, rip my Edo prime, no more special snowflake :(
  7. Some of the nerfs make no sense at all. And some of the buffs are a damn joke.. The buffs are too small while nerfs too harsh on some guns. Im fine with Lanka nerfs for example, but heck, AKBOLTO?
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