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  1. Aaaand you ruined it. This is why you should allow us to refund stuff. It absolutely ruins the energy colour of the dragons. The metallic parts should be tied to ACCENTS, not ENERGY. So now the dragons either look like this : Or this : Which means if i want to have normal looking dragons i need to give up on secondary color and overall my energy color, sorry, primary HAS to be gold now...
  2. Hey OP, just get used to Vets getting shafted. Theres no point even running events if you are aiming for rewards. Remember that tedious ambulans fights for Supra vandal? Nope, you could just buy it for ducats a couple months later. As some people mentioned, i'm fine with bringing event "exclusive" weapons back, but darn cosmetics? I see those as "token" of you sticking around for so long. But to be honest that does not even surprise me. Does anyone even remember how they lied to us with their "exclusive items" when they introduced Excal proto armor skin? Advertised as "Your only
  3. Hey there, i'm open for negotiations and your own price suggestions, willing to give a nice discounts if you buy more than one mod. message me here or on discord(preferred) : Avereon#0436 DISCLAIMER : I do not claim to be a riven prices guru, if you think some mods are highly overpriced feel free to leave your price suggestion (But please, DO NOT Lowball with offers lower than half of my suggested price) List of the "Really good mods" (All are maxed) : Okay/Average Primaries (some maxed some not) PANTHERA SOLD BOLTOR SOLD Okay/Average Secondarie
  4. Old players can propably remember DE already nerfed the space program once but they reverted it due to playerbase outrage.
  5. I am sorry but its unpopular sentinel weapon riven. The rolls are not terrible but i doubt you can sell that for more than 30p.
  6. oh, really? Yea i havent seen any as well but i didnt know it's not possible to roll - efficiency. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hey there, the stats i am looking for are : Att speed / Status chance / Melee Damage / Range / Toxin And a GOOD NEGATIVE like channeling, impact, puncture dmg, finisher damage. RANGE is a must have Willing to pay up to 3.000 plat depending in rolls. I am also buying unrolled tonbo rivens for 100 plat each. Have a good day.
  8. Also lets say, maybe 900 kuva from caches in that Assault gamemode?
  9. In Kuva fortress defense we are literally defending huge kuva storage.. Why? Whats the point? Maybe Rework the mission a little bit so we protect Huge kuva extractor? That awards us with kuva every 5 waves, scaling with mission progress? Lets be honest here, did ANYONE here run that kuva defense longer than 5 waves? Currently there is not a single reward that would make this mission worth farming.
  10. Having a trading oriented clan could help. I can help with that ^^ Okina tops 30p, unpopular weapon, not crit nor status viable. Miter 40 tops, unpopular and reroll material Atomos reroll material, max 60 Castanas propably endo, you would be lucky selling it for 20p
  11. Just wait for the fix. Every time baro brings a new weapon the same bug shows up.
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