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  1. I love it. It's great for infinite ability spam - have arcane energize, use dispensary, you can last like 20 minutes with nothing but constant ability nuke, which is able to wreck level hundreds without a reasonable degree of abilit strength. But it's just for fun. I have a couple dozen weapons I can do just as much with.
  2. I agree they should be buffed. If a weapon is at least 75% of a specific physical type, the 120% physical mods* meet or beat the 90% elemental mods. The Tigris Prime, for example, gets more out of 'em. Still, aside from pushing a weapon to proc Slash more often, I've never used them, just because the damage multipliers are higher on elements. If you changed the 120% to 60/60 IPS/status, that would probably pentuple the number of weapons I use them for. *Eidolons drop these, so I assume they're cheap. I've never been a serious runner, but I have like 20 of each. I'd trade
  3. Frost's snow globe will push nearby enemies outside as you cast. It can be used to get enemies off of terminals in Interception missions, or just to push enemies away from a Defense target. (You still shouldn't have bubbles up in more than one location at a time. If it stops people from using their guns, it's a Bad Thing.) Backing on the "ragdolled enemies aren't there", you can cancel an Eximus aura by picking them up with Zephyr's tornadoes, as well as allowing you to capture interception points.
  4. The Buzlok will do it in one magazine, but the flight time on its bullets can be super annoying. The Opticor has a similar problem (charge up time), but gets similar results. Any weapon with high critical damage and accuracy will work, and being designed for a strong single target is gravy. Snipers are the traditional answer, though, because they tend to epitomize that.
  5. You're probably missing a datapad, which looks a lot like one of the lights, and is leaning at a slight angle on one of those round floor parts.
  6. Operators aren't affected by any Warframe abilities that I'm aware of. I'd call it a feature, since it's consistent across the board. It's fairly useful in arbitrations, for exactly that example. Even if a drone is "inside" a cataclysm, it isn't affected (but your Warframe is). So while the 'frame can't hurt them, your operator can still go to town on them.
  7. They archgun deployer and the gravimag are two separate things. You only need one of the former, and you only get it by completing the third bounty for (secret group), which you unlock from reaching rank 5 in Solaris United - old mate. You didn't exactly waste your 20 plat- that gun is still mag'd and you can still use it once you get the deployer, which only comes with one gravimag. However, (Secret group) also allows you to build more gravimags cheaply. I sorta doubt that a support ticket will change anything, but it can't hurt to try.
  8. Any complex elements, or elements involving toxin, cause this to happen. On the PS4 it's just a display bug. Modding works as expected in terms of damage, playing around in the simalcrum will quickly confirm that you deal more damage with the mods than without, even when the bonuses are neutral against that type of health.
  9. Have you checked your foundry? When you kill a lich, their weapon shows up finished for you to claim, so that you don't have more weapons than weapon-slots.
  10. Yup, what you say.Replace (Primed) pressure point, and find an AoE way to apply status. Melee works great, so do shotguns, beam weapons, and certain Warframe powers. A few companion weapons work alright - the new one (Helstrum) is probably the best of the bunch, but since you can't control it you can't rely on it. My default "priming" shot for individuals is the Kuva brakk. Theoretically I use the Nukor to prime groups, but since I too use max range melee it's rarely worthwhile.
  11. Nyx. Mostly because I loved her back when I was single-digit MR and want her to matter. Her first ability doesn't matter. One Eximus aura goes from their side to your side? And might have damage upped by 500% if you spend a mod on it? Wow, I'd definitely notice that. But at least it's thematic. If we could tack on Revenant's spreading thrall ability it'd be marvelous. The second can be handy. Removing exactly 99% (or all, if you prefer) of an enemy's armor with a button press is neat. I guess I wouldn't change it. Chaos is fun. I can reproduce it for 0 energy/no cast time wi
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