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  1. Right above the part you quoted:
  2. This isn't right. If you're the one killing with a weapon, half the XP goes to the weapon used and half to the warframe, regardless of any other circumstances. If you're killing with warframe abilities, all the XP goes to the warframe. If someone else kills an enemy, your warframe gets 25% of the XP and the other 75% is spread equally between all weapons. So if you're levelling one weapon, the fastest way us to bring just it and... Play support. It'll help more than leeching if you still help somehow, even if it's not DPS. If you have multiple weapons, killing stuff with weapons is faster. If you're levelling the warframe, murder (or spy vaults) are always faster. Murder with an exalted weapon/nuke ability will be better than murder with a gun or blade. Spy vaults always spread their experience equally, as far as I know.
  3. I don't want to repeat everyone here, so I've got a few other tricks to mention. As enemy levels go up, so does their accuracy. You need a bigger range to make sure turbulence still deflects bullets past level 60 or so, as that will start to redirect them from farther away. This has the added bonus of making AoE weapons (bombard rockets, etc) less dangerous, as they're likely to explode past the blast radius. Jet stream, the augment for turbulence, increases projectile flight speed by an amount equivalent to your ability strength. For projectile weapons, this also increases range (but not accuracy). With jet stream and a decent amount of strength, you can snipe with gimmick shotguns, like the arca plasmor & the astilla, as well as reducing how much bows and launchers will arc due to gravity. Airburst does pitiful damage, but it's enough to knock out most objects. You can use it with even average range to one-shot most sabotage targets that're made of a dozen tiny things you'd need to shoot. If you have a huge range, you can open every breakable container in a room in one swoop. If you accidentally launch yourself into a wall with her 1, rather than waiting for the momentum to go away you can just wall latch and instantly be fully mobile again. The tornadoes inflict all damage done to them to all enemies in them. This effectively turns every weapon into an AoE weapon, but only for enemies who happen to be caught up in them. Since they're all body-shots, though, this isn't great for crit weapons. It's almost never worth it to guide a tornado to a group of enemies.
  4. Since that video only shows the last second before it failed, I can't tell if there was a reasonable cause for this. But... Anything that will set off a vault's alarms will do it whether or not you're in the vault. If you damage someone inside the vault (such as using an AoE ability near the door, dashing into it with magus lockdown, shooting through it with a punch-through weapon, or Dethcube's vaporize) and they survive to reach a console (like you ran off to kill other dudes, or to reset the alarm before going in), then they will trigger the countdown. Also Warframe has several bugs that could be at fault.
  5. Short version- you won't get a better answer than quick thinking/primed flow/pain threshold; but if you're dedicated to avoiding it use redirection instead of umbral fiber, and regular vitality over Umbral. And use decoy. Longer- Do you have any "free" ways to restore health or energy? Like Zenurik's Energizing Dash or magus repair? Limitless energy makes Quick Thinking much more useful, and free healing makes health better than shields (since it's affected by armor, even if you're only getting the 25-ish % damage reduction of this build). Pain threshold gets rid of QT's stagger, which makes for a decent exilus slot. Loki has the biggest energy pool available, and QT's ~60% damage reduction is more than you'd get anywhere else. Also, do you use other abilities? Decoy can cover for the time between invisibility casts, especially if you seek cover while they're going for the decoy. And, if you DO have endless energy, then radial disarm should prevent damage where there's not cover. Loki doesn't have the armor to make building for armor worth it- he'll never make it to 300 (for 50% DR), and you die too quickly to make arcane guardian worthwhile. Since that means only one umbral mod is worth it, you won't get the set bonus, so you shouldn't bother with them. I'd use shield in place of armor there. Good luck.
  6. Mach Rush is remarkably disappointing. I can go faster for less energy with Zephyr, Speedva, or (except PoE) an operator*; but that's not the sad part. If you jump or turn quickly, Mach Rush ends. You just stop running immediately. This makes it all but worthless for running indoors. It's so sad when you rush to a corner, turn to face the door, and then just stop. *Gauss can move faster in Orb Vallis, but he has to take the long way around. You'll get where you're going faster with void dash & slides.
  7. Specifically, when you slide you enter the Rift Plane, where you can't interact with the "real world" at all. It's useful for avoiding damage & spy- you can run right through corpus laser doors, but you're still totally visible. You also regenerate 2 energy/second while rifted. His 1 puts enemies into the rift plane; his 4 makes a rift bubble around him that slowly collapses; and his 2 freezes enemies that are rifted.
  8. We have Gauss as of three days ago. (I generally bring my Buzlok to Eidolons and get the same response, though UW Oberon is my most common frame nowdays. I've done Mirage-ZhugeP-catchmoon a few times, which works amazingly when it works, but you don't get good teammates with Mirage as the DPS.)
  9. Frame: Frost- walk right in front of you while you're shooting and just stand there, the frame. Snow globe has all this disadvantages of Limbo's Cataclysm, but no boost to energy Regen, stopping enemies takes an augment but only works half the time, it doesn't deal damage, the default color is near invisible in bad lighting, shooting it triggers self-damaging weapons, and they'll vomit out six of those bubbles, which don't go away on their own. And the frame doesn't have the alternate reality gimmicks. AND somehow people think they're helping, despite 95% of their play being indistinguishable from active trolling. Primary- Velocitus (that's the archgun Lanka, right?) Charge time, travel time, no AoE, and you have to worry about both you & the target moving in three dimensions. Secondary- Stug. See above. Melee- machete. See above.
  10. You might have noticed a little round thing that slowly fills up in the bottom-left corner of the screen, starting in this mission. If I remember correctly, it takes about 3 minutes to fill up now. When it's full, hit 5, and it will strip his damage Resistances. Other than that- bring a tanky frame, or one that has some healing. Or bring a friend, it's a co-op mission.
  11. While there are such things as "powerful weapons" in Warframe, it's much less important than "weapons that fit your play style". You can make anything end-game viable with enough forma. Keep the weapons that feel good to play. Ditch the rest (except the akstilletto, because you'll need it to make Aksomati). That said, heat sword, Cronus, dual ether, and fang are all pretty bad, and I can see a better single-sword there. You can find better dual swords & daggers easily, there are tons of that weapon type. For warframes, I agree with the rest of this thread- dump Loki & Hydroid because you have the Prime variants. Keep the rest and drop your regulars as you upgrade. There's a use for _every_ frame.
  12. The thing is, we have gear score- the game calculates your "conclave score" based on your gear & mods, and (when it's an option) does matchmaking based on that. I regularly use this for public spy sorties; I have a loadout just for lowest practical score (unpotato'd Nova & snipetron, subbing in new Mk-1's if the modifier calls for them) so I can reliably rush through while the low MR's are wandering about. There even used to be alerts that required a gear score below a certain value, which... Didn't really make the missions challenging, but would if you didn't think over your build. They were fun, but they also showed that it's not practical to rely on gear score for actual ability.
  13. Are you talking about Kuva Siphons that happen to be in a survival mission? Kuva survival is a different thing. It's the mission in the top-right of the Kuva fortress, and the mission type is literally "Kuva Survival". That said, you do have to run the mission for 30 minutes after you start the alarm. You can pick up life support modules from enemies and turn the life support towers into Kuva harvesters with no problem, though.
  14. I would make all speed boosts quadruple strength. Arbitrations with three boosted speed-buff frames are the best thing I've tried since low-G sorties with Zephyr. After you've had a Sprint speed somewhere north of 5.3 for a few minutes, you'll wonder how you lived without it. I'd let punch-through work on allies/abilities, or at least on Snow Globe. Frost has decent CC, sure, but 95% of the time you can't tell if the player is trolling or just legitimately doesn't realize how much that honeycomb of 5 bubbles is hurting the players who use guns. And Dog help you is you like explosive weapons...
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