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  1. Out of curiosity- do any challenges show up as "recovered" when you look at Nightwave? I've had a lot show up that were already completed (like "forma 3 items" and "kill 500 dudes") that I just didn't get credit for, probably because I had completed them before it appeared as a challenge.
  2. Check your foundry. They come as a blueprint. (I believe they're under the "misc" tab, but if you just search "segment" in all you should find it.)
  3. I'll be the first to admit it's impossible for 5 people to get a relevant sample size experimentally, but... Either it's different for PS4, or everyone I've grouped with has had astonishingly bad & similar luck. Top-level bounties (the ones that advertise enemy levels 50-60) done solo tend to spawn enemies 42-45 for me, and folk joining the groups have said they tried it solo and got the same results.
  4. You can't solo it and get Thumper Domas. The enemies spawn too low of a level. Domas appear occasionally with two players, almost always with three, and always with four. Thumper Bulls will get you there eventually, but the Domas are just better for the effort : reward ratio. Personally, I go recruiting specifically for Doma hunting, then explain what we're doing in party chat (people who join DO get confused sometimes). If it takes too long to get a third, do a public group & be honest about your intentions- as soon as you mention "we'll probably get 20-30k standing in gems in 15 minutes"* most people are on board. *Yeah, I low-ball my estimates.
  5. Power off your PS4. Hit the PS button, go to power, and turn it off/enter rest mode. I've heard that just closing the program works too, but I usually don't want to deal with Glowing Box any more when I'm getting internet errors. About 75% of the time, you'll get some in-game mail from ordis saying "looks like your game crashed unexpectedly, here's the rewards you earned". The other 25%, you're no worse off than you were before. This is only prime parts/mission rewards (as in, the 5/10/etc... minute rewards from a survival), but that's usually the part I care about anyway. Also, if you have spoiler mode available, popping in or out in front of a door sometimes makes the game notice where you are. (Wouldn't it be nice if the doors actually worked? )
  6. For high-level play, I genuinely like how one poorly placed/planned shot can kill you. I believe that 99% of "bad hitbox" errors come from people ignoring the accuracy stat; whether or not this is true it can easily be dealt with by better placement or planning*. If you're killing multiple enemies with one shot, and some of them can kill you in one shot, it's fine if you can kill yourself in one shot. Dying from allies is terrible. Play either type of radiation sortie (without a self-damagint weapon) and you'll notice how trivial it is to avoid getting in other players' line of fire, how massively that improves group effectiveness, and how rarely players do it. What we need it a way to punch through allies/ally abilities. I'd love for it to be the default & sticky grenades work as they do (default on talons/castanas, delayed explosion mod for others); but if that's not possible replacing cautious shot with ally punch through would still be better than nothing. *Yes, you can design a hypothetical where this isn't true. I'm under no obligation to stay polite if your argument is based on a fantasy.
  7. The Kohm doesn't spool up by shooting faster, it spools up by shooting more bullets at once. I agree that each shot needs some effect to make this feel good, but even past the levels where it kills, one blast proc/a handful of radiation/impact procs will do the job, and it's better at that than most weapons. I forma'd my Kohm years before The Great Rebalancing, when it was more a fun shotgun you could make great, than a good shotgun you could make OP. With 5 forma & a riven the base power level isn't even a memory. Previous posters have recommended how to make it better, but... Make your energy colors bright & totally ridiculous. A fireworks gun/confetti cannon will stand out , even in situations where it doesn't do much. And confetti cannon is one thing the Kohm does better than any other weapon. (Although, if you bring this in a situation where players are struggling, they won't be happy regardless of how effective you are. Never have a showy weapon as your most effective weapon in PUGs unless you can take abuse. It's poorly advertised, but matchmaking is done on "conclave score", basically mod ratings. People get stressed when they're useless, and the general population handles this by lashing out at whatever they notice.)
  8. I think the air support modules are a pretty good idea, but nobody will use stims. Wait, we already have those? Nevermind, then.
  9. Does it give some message when you try, like "Ability locked" or "not enough energy", or even a red circle with a diagonal slash? Is there any audio feedback when you try? Or is this literally "I press R1 & Triangle/caress the top of the context pad and nothing happens"? I've had abilities blocked before, but never one ability on one frame consistently through multiple missions. This is strange enough that even an apparently nonsensical error message might help.
  10. It's there for the gammacor & gaze, at least. I don't have an atomos on my guy, but it seems like this is consistent with other secondary beam weapons.
  11. I now suspect this has something to do with my system settings. Peacemaker works normally on my partner's PS4, but continues to function as described on mine. I tried resetting Warframe settings to default then just inverting Y & upping the cursor speed, to no avail. I believe the issue started after the latest hotfix (24.8.1 hotfix #1), but I hadn't used Mesa for at least a week beforehand. It's green, but... Please read the first paragraph, at least. If "the reticule is too dark to see clearly" were enough to make Peacemaker target your entire field of vision, I'd still think that was a bug that should be addressed, for reasons mentioned above. I've updated the thread title to make this more clear. I want the ability to watch what an enemy immune to Peacemaker is doing, without Mesa deciding they're the only one worth shooting at.
  12. First- you don't need T3 void to get forma. They drop from most relics, if you run T1 excavations you'll likely see the option Real Soon. Second- Potato your favorite weapon(s) first. Put an Orokin Catalyst on whatever you like best (Of those you listed, I'd recommend the atterax; once you have combo-crit mods it becomes a top tier weapon, but the others all have upgrades. Hek's a great choice once you have it.) to double the mod capacity. Third- when I said "your favorite weapons", I meant what feels best, not the strongest. You can make any weapon powerful enough to clear the star chart with a potato and some forma. You'll never make your furis fun. If you wanna spend $20 on this game, I think there's a newbie pack you can buy that'll have a pre-catalysted Hek, some useful mods, and 500-ish platinum.
  13. You want Ruinous Extension. It drops from The Jackal about 7.5% of the time, so if you can't farm it yourself I imagine it'd be cheap. Flight speed affects range for weapons that have flight time - all bows, launchers, and shotguns; a smattering of others. Note that this won't affect accuracy at all, so if the previous sentence gave you dreams of using Jetstream & a shotgun to snipe, you need a metric ton of multishot. I agree it's confusing that flight speed's allowed on everything, but it does mean you can have a -99% flight speed riven on any hitscan weapon & you'd only notice on the plains/orb vallis.
  14. It's just a visual thing. If you watch closely, when anyone hits the joint, there's a split-second flash where it shows the real health bar before the full pink bar covers it up again. Once you notice this, you'll be able to track full the health is pretty quickly.
  15. I'd like this fixed, but... You can see the health bar, very briefly, as the damage numbers go up. In less than half a second, it goes back to an all-pink bar, looking much like a full overshield. It looks like a yellowish flash the first few times, but after a couple of minutes it should be as informative as actually seeing the health. It's annoying, but it doesn't change the way I play. If you need more than one magazine to reliably pop a joint, mark the new target once the last one goes down, while everyone's waiting around for the magnetic scream. The whole party will know where to focus fire without checking 2-6 health bars when they could be shooting, Volt knows how to angle the shields, and when you're down to the last one it has a beacon that's clear no matter your position or how many light shows are going on.
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