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  1. 1- Be Amesha. Have as much range and strength as possible. Use your 3 and don't be afraid to drop energy pizzas. Remember that Auras work on Archwings. Really remember to keep your 1 up whenever you're not hunting for energy. 2- a fast-firing weapon with cold and decent status. I use the Phaedra, and don't aim downsight until it procs cold. 3- get directly behind enemies and get close to them. 4- give up and use a railjack. The common threads here are "slow the enemies down" and "make sure you can predict where you need to be shooting". If you can handle either of those, you can hit consistently.
  2. Balla staff zaw Telos Boltace Plague Kripath polearm zaw.
  3. Slowva isn't a good version of a slow-down because she doesn't have much control over the slow. You want to be able to turn it on and off at will. Amesha and Equinox can both do this, and they slow more than slowva. They stack, with Zenurik's slap, too, but that one's on a timer instead of a manual off. My preferred set up is: Loki(with Amesha), rhino, Equinox, Titania. Every focus school has something to offer, so I personally bring Unairu and let everyone do their own thing with it
  4. Reliably, an Ardaza Kavat, Motus Set-up, Harrow's covenant, and a couple of Warframe augments (I know Nidus & Ivara have options). Less reliably, a Smeeta Kavat & Arcanes Avenger. I'm unsure if sticking Proton Jet on a sentinel weapon would work.
  5. Since the previous posters misinterpreted this: Open squads is a count of how many groups are playing that mission right now that have an open slot. This doesn't necessarily mean how many you can join, because it counts groups who have progresses the objective past the point new players can hop in. However, it's still generally true that the bigger this number, the higher your chance of joining a group in progress- if your matchmaking is set to public. If matchmaking is set to anything else (friends only, invite only, solo), you're not gonna have anyone else in your squad unless you organize it. If you really want a squad, pick a mission with some number of open squads. If the mission immediately starts to load, you're joining a group in progress. If it doesn't, keep the mission selected and wait until someone joins up. If you accidentally went alone but want a group, go get a glass of water/make a sandwich and come back - most folk see what you're doing and wait for either a full squad, or at least for someone else to start. The first 2 replies were explaining what it means to have your matchmaking set to public, which is the default. I'd recommend keeping it there.
  6. It's unclear if you meant crit chance or crit damage, and whether you meant ammo max or magazine capacity. Assuming the latter in each case, I'd offer 120 and be willing to pay 200, but I'm PS4 and prices work differently. Ideally, you want status chance, multishot, and a harmless negative. After that + To slash, damage, Crit damage, or toxin are all icing on the cake. What most people care about is status chance >=120%, because that lets you have 100% SC with only 3 of the dual stat mods. Magazine capacity and critical damage are nice, but won't add much to the sale value- the fun of the kohm is from holding down the trigger and throwing out bigger & bigger numbers of pellets forever, and a bigger mag helps, even if it does nothing to burst DPS. Critical damage is always relevant because the type of players who will throw down hundreds on a riven have multiple low-effort methods of making anything orange crit at our disposal. The Kohm has a rather high innate crit multiplier (2.3x), so it's honestly better on the Kohm than most weapons. No amount of crit chance would matter to the Kohm (base chance is too low), but looking at the other values I'm pretty sure that's CD and not CC. Ammo Max is... 100 times better on the Kohm than most weapons, but still basically useless. A status chance >=60% but < 120% is very good, but not excellent. You want to reach 100% status chance so every pellet procs a status, which takes an additional 300%- the 4 60/60 mods and this, or 3 of them and a riven with at least 120%. Since your riven makes 100% SC possible, it's got value. Since you need to devote an extra mod slot to do it, it doesn't make the Kohm into an insane monster and isn't an automatic ticket to top-tier riven prices.
  7. This is exactly why my recommendation is to make cautious shot add punch-through vs allies & ally abilities. Did you actually take a cautious shot, but someone decided to run in front of you to melee them? The enemies are dead before he reaches them, instead of you dying. Did a Frost decide to throw up a bubble that has no tactical explanation? Not my circus, not my monkeys. Did you think you took a cautious shot, but the weapon's low accuracy made it clip a wall? Well... That's not really your fault, but it's something you can work around. You'll be a little more cautious next time.
  8. Most of those options require a certain level of intrinsics to work- like you need rank 5 Gunner for the forward artillery, and rank 3 Gunner for the slingshot. Those can be used by anyone who has the right intrinsics, regardless of their position. A number of basic piloting skills (like "boost" and "dodge") are similarly locked. The commander line doesn't yet exist, and we don't know what to expect when. 100% right. There's a lot you'll need to know to function, even before you get to learning strategies, and the game doesn't tell you much. Here's a rundown of my big 3: In the back of the bottom level of the ship, you'll find 4 forges the access points are the small orange circles. These can be used to make more supplies (notably revolite, the fixit goo for your Omni) in the middle of battle. They each have their own 2 minute cool down. Half their functions are locked behind intrinsics. The intrinsics gained in the mission rewards summary at the end isn't accurate. I've seen several hypotheses as to why, but it's also buggy enough that none of these explain everything. Also your new scrapped parts won't show up immediately. Regardless, if you go back to your orbiter after you finish and then go to your dojo, you'll get what you're gonna get. Direct damage (turrets /archguns) won't kill crewships, although it can knock out their engines and reduce them to 1 hp. The forward artillery will destroy them if it reduces them to 0 hp, but it's awkward to use and has limited ammo. It's more reliable to board them and destroy the reactor, which will make it explode in about 25 seconds.
  9. The above posters are right- efficiency affects the initial cost of casting abilities, and the drain over time. Duration effects drain over time. Almost all the energy cost from the drain, so raising duration & efficiency as evenly as practical will offer a better return than just efficiency. Raising efficiency at the cost of duration only helps if your duration is already very high or efficiency will become very high. Also, I feel I should point out that ability strength scales poorly with mend & maim. Strength affects the damage done by the slash proc as enemies first enter the aura, which will quickly fade into irrelevance. The damage pool (what it releases when you turn maim off) is completely dependant on the health of the enemies killed within the aura. Same with the healing pool - also enemy health scales quickly enough that it's basically a full party full heal after one or two kills, past level 30. This is why Maim builds usually have range > duration >= efficiency >> strength; or range > efficiency>> duration >= strength. The strategy I generally use is turn it on, clear a room normally, move on to the next room, then turn it off to clear that one. This tends to leave all the heavy units and nothing else, since the damage is spread evenly, but they're briefly stunned. Natural Talent can help if you want to cast maim in combat. An argument can be made for a smaller range (so the stun doesn't trigger and wear off before you even see the enemies). I ignore both those entirely valid pieces of advice in favor of adapting my playstyle to work with a max range build.
  10. (PS4)theMycon

    Omni lost

    I'm going to call this resolved. It turns out it was two different bugs. first, everything on my gear wheel that was not in the first 12 items - that is, everything that's not in the starting circle - was dropped from it, locked out, or inaccessible for some other inscrutable reason.. So I manually re-added everything to my gear wheel. However, since I had zero antiserum injectors in slot 15, the Omni kept loading into the "empty" slot 15. I replaced that with some fireworks (something I'll never use), and now the Omni loads properly in the last slot. I'm assuming it was going into a phantom empty slot that I couldn't access because it wasn't in a reachable position in the first place.
  11. Nope. This has been well documented in most of the PS4 bugs forums, with pictures and videos, for about 8 months. This happens literally every time for every Eidolon joint. A Synovia's health is covered by a purple health bar (like the overshields) that's always full. When you shoot it, you can briefly see a yellow (or red) flash of the actual health bar that gives an accurate idea of its health. It doesn't actually affect anything, but for players who can't 1-mag a joint, it's very discouraging because they often don't notice the flash and make the entirely logical assumption that the visible overhealth bar is the actual health bar (rather than a meaningless graphical glitch), and thus that they're not doing real damage. The usual recommendation is to mark your chosen joint so people know where to focus fire, but that's just a workaround for people who visit the forums (which skews towards more powerful players anyway). After more than half a year, I'm 100% behind people posting this anywhere and everywhere until it actually gets Dev attention.
  12. Yes. You can download it, for free, from the PlayStation store. It's even one of the very few games you can play online without PlayStation Plus.
  13. Also, there's a long-standing bug on PS4 where there's a full, pink overshield health bar over top of the normal yellow/red health bar. The former does not go down, and the latter only appears as a brief flash when you hit a synovia. This gives newer Eidolon hunters the impression that they're not doing anything, even with damage numbers showing up, because the joints have a good amount of health.
  14. (PS4)theMycon

    Omni lost

    I died while using the Omni to 'port back from a crewship a few days ago, and it left my inventory. Yes, still mid-mission. I haven't seen it since. I've restarted the game, restarted the PS4, played missions using both my own and other people's Railjacks. I've finished skirmishes, backed out mid-mission, and failed them. I've done non-RJ missions, fiddled with the configuration of my railjack, and joined missions both from my dojo & launched from the Railjack itself. I'm running out of ideas. I'm aware it's supposed to be added to your gear wheel when you launch the missions, but... It ain't. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. For solo farming/really organized groups: stealth kills. For PUGs: find the latest mission where boarders fall like so much wheat before your blade. Kill all the fighters however you like. Have someone in an archwing collect resources so you'll have revolite for days- this can be done while killing fighters, they're not enough XP to really worry about losing out. You can handle the other away team objectives here too, for the same reason. Piss off 3+ crew ships. Let yourself be boarded over and over while you go around killing and repairing. Once you get bored/start to run low on resources, kill the crewships and finish the mission.
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