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  1. The ignore list is your friend. 😉
  2. He's fine, just a bit... boring to play.
  3. A Sporelacer secondary kitgun will serve you well.
  4. I completed it... And so did the 3 randoms I played it with. Just queue up as limbo.
  5. Here's what I do. Go solo and don't stab until I learn the first requiem. Put an Oull in the first slot, the learned requiem in the second slot, run public and stab.
  6. Not sure why we can't build more than one of anything at once. Put a max of five of the same item or something if necessary. But we should be able to build more than one of something at the same time.
  7. *Must have Might want to read some more of that dictionary.
  8. You took a month to answer, and the best you could come up with is this?
  9. Fun, vast, free, confusing at times. Install it, get playing, and I'll be here whenever you get lost or stuck Have fun!
  10. Thanks for quoting some I have on ignore, so I'm reminded of why I ignored them in the first place. 😉
  11. Depends on why you stopped playing in the first place.
  12. The tears of those against the melee nerf (fix). I shall harvest the salt and sprinkle it on my fish & chips.
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