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  1. Agreed. It is annoying. Whether a cooldown is needed or not I don't know. If people want specific items from specific relics, they should form a radshare group. Constantly joining and leaving pub groups until you get what you want is a waste of everyone's time.
  2. Powers & Abilities Nyx was a very powerful Protogenoi Deity, so much as to incur fear in Zeus himself as he didn't want to make her angry. Unparalleled Night Manipulation Circadian Manipulation (nighttime only) Night Inducement Unparalleled Erebokinesis Shadow Manipulation Night Empowerment Advanced Psychokinesis Telekinesis Teleportation Mental Projection Emotion Manipulation Flight Precognition Destiny Perception Protogenoi Physiology Embodiment of the Night Deity Creation Invulnerability Rapid Regeneration Immortality Enhanced Power Plenty to choose from if she gets a rework.
  3. If it's raised to 150, you'll be back asking for it to be raised again.
  4. I only used it for the cc... I'll still use it for the cc.
  5. I've also had this issue during eidolon hunts.
  6. I haven't even noticed the small staggers during eidolons, but it's interesting to see. Those that are stating that it's "unusable" though are exaggerating. Thanks for the tests/vids.
  7. I've been using it in eidolon hunts, I was an hour ago. Don't call me ignorant sunshine... Ignored.
  8. If you get staggered every time you shoot, your nose must be against a wall. Seriously, stop exaggerating.
  9. Well, I did several hunts yesterday, using the same method, behind leg, shooting up. I didn't get staggered once.
  10. Dusk is a retro styled Quake/Blood clone, an FPS. Why would anyone compare it to Warframe? And how on earth does it make Warframe look "bad"?
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