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  1. This much hyperbole really doesn't help your case. 6 days? Killing hardware? Is your keyboard made out of balsa wood and string? I really hope DE are laughing at posts like these.
  2. I'd rather just keep an eye out for the ospreys and stick with a short range cata.
  3. I have a min range Limbo build for excavation, mobile defence ect... Never been yelled at yet.
  4. I'm kinda hoping that DE finds out the current riven limit causes the game to crash and reduces it to 50 or something. Evil? Maybe, but no-one needs more than 90 of the damn things, and anyone stating the limit stops them from playing doesn't really want to play anyway, they want to collect stuff.
  5. 4gb on a PC for gaming simply isn't enough. I mean, the phone I'm browsing this forum on has 8gb of RAM.
  6. You only have 4gb of memory on a PC? Theres your problem.
  7. I, too got the freezing step, haven't built it as I would prefer the shocking step. It also needs a lot of cryotic to build.
  8. I quite enjoyed nightwave, though I did slow down once I hit rank 30. I'll be 46 in June.
  9. I tend to use Itzal for Cosmic Crush too, and wouldn't worry if Blink was nerfed/removed. If there was a universal Archwing mod that pulled in loot, I'd definitely use other Wings.
  10. Everyone is far too young, time to change that! Never mind, can't seem to add a pic from my phone. To be continued...
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