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  1. What graphics card do you have? Warframe is pretty easy to run, so if you can't run it, then the list of games you move onto will be pretty small if you expect them to run better.
  2. The Devs are vague now because when they gave more solid dates and info, and a feature slipped back or something, several players *@##$ed and moaned. I wonder, are you one of those players?
  3. Because when many players of Warframe are actually at risk of being harmed, they moan that the game is too hard, and that it ruins their power-fantasy. They complain the loudest, and stuff gets nerfed back to training-wheels level of difficulty.
  4. Why the hell has my ignore not taken? Edit: That's better.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen... The Warframe forum community in a nutshell. (The OP)
  6. I don't consider Warframe an mmorpg, and everywhere I've checked agrees with that assessment. There are no massively multiplayer elements to the game. There are no roles. But I'll leave you to your opinions.
  7. Where are Warframe and Destiny defined as RPGs?
  8. No it isn't, it's a looter-shooter.
  9. Warframe is not a Role Playing Game.
  10. Ah! The only person who seems to agree with the op is on my ignore list...
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