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  1. I perform a lot of Headshot Kill on mission and check the quick progress view,and it doesn't count And it affecting my performance on my Covenant Skill when I'm using Harrow with "Lasting Covenant" Augment ,and it really doesn't add more duration for the skill. I test with others continuous beam weapon like Flux Rifle,Phage and Glaxion Vandal in Simulacrum,and it's still work and count as Headshot Kill, except Convectrix
  2. Can we have an Arbitration Alert Pop Up in a mission or anywhere we can for anyone who clear all the nodes Just like Invasion Alert Pop Up,or I can check it via Warframe Alert Twitter "I like to finish early or longer if a good or bad Arbitration mission Pop Up while doing Arbitration Alert" I cant check it atm anywhere,have to ask clanmate if they're online
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