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  1. No more to say about it, Just bought them all . GG !
  2. So where is mirage deluxes skin ? Since you guys said couple months ago .
  3. Omg I don't want glassmaker so annoying. Every time ruined my stealth attack mission progress interrupted my mission affinity when it suddenly out awaken those enemies.
  4. Since 11/2020 you intends to create mirage dulex skin until now , so where is the skin ?
  5. Stupid event , look at how much players during AFK in OVE, don't you ever thinking about those players doesn't have Necramech ? How to finish this event without Necramech ? That's stupid . good luck ! ! !
  6. Remove the damn self stagger , no body wants it !!!!! Alright.
  7. So what about ignis solstice skin ? This skin actually gone a whole year . can you make it back ?
  8. Bruh...glyph. Never mind. Can you drop something useful at the game like weapon blueprint or warframe blueprint?
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